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Mon 23 Nov 09 – Episode # 4991

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” The 2nd Letter From Belle To Aden “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon 24 Nov 09 – Episode # 4991 ]


Everyone is in shock tat Angelo punch Hugo like that. charlie bails with ANgelo whilst Alf seem more concerned with how Hugo broke up with Martha.


As Charlie & Angelo enter, watson tells that they have a lead on Orson’s whereabouts.

After charley & Angelo enter tee office,. Charlie was a go at angle – insisting he is blinded by this obsessions with Hugo.

Watson arrives an tee door – Charlie leaves tee office to speak with Watson. Angelo look at tee blood on his hand from tee punch.


As Rach tend to Hugo‘s wonds, she wonders bout the break up. Hugo say it’s the bet ting for everyone.

Nearby, trey’s dad speak to Tony – he “slightly” shock tony by seeing that he has a contact, signing over 75% of the gym to trey’s dad.


Iren & Doona talk about recent events, donna is pleased police have a lead on orson's whereabouts. Doona is worried – and Irene suggest that Doona can stay at her place anytime.

Aden enters and Irene comet on how he seem to be eating here a lot, he insist he's got a lot of info to learn [OH&S etc] for his new job at the Sands resort, Irene think that he is avoiding home to avoid Nic. Aden tell her ta Nic is very weird these days – someti8mnes up, other times down. Iren sugetstat he should straight out talk to Nic bout this.


Next day, Nic enters and when Alf asks, she tell him things didn’t really go well with breakfast with ,miles this morns. when Alf asks suggest Nic should be in the city with Liam enjoying the end of school, she say it’s not really her


Hugo is on the phone –sorting out flight details,. He want to pay in cash. He is interrupted and end tee call.

Charlie arrives [that’s;’ the interruption]. Hugo say at he doesn’t what to press charges. When charley is hone, hugo starts packing a suitcase.


Tony stalk to Rach bout tey's dad. Whilst tony says trey's dad is glint talk to him later about his plans, Rach says workmen with plans in their hands in the gym.


Charlie talk to Angelo that Hugo isn’t pressing charges, they also talk about the Hugo –marsh break up, before charley answers her phone and exits the office.


Hugo enter, and when Alf see him, alf gives Hugo “a piece of his mind” bout the break up.


Nic is keen to talk to and bout he’s so mush. She tells him tat she can come but anytime – since she has a key. They satt5 to talk.


As Tony & trey's dad talk, tony isn’t so sure of his new partner's plans, but trey’s dad think the gym is a goldmine.


Watson is at the scene of an accident. So are other police and ambulance officers,. Orson is very injured. Watson phones Charley and informs her of the sitch.


When off the phone, angle & charlie are both more the slightly worried tat Orson has been “bumped off” for what he knows.


Donna tells Irene she is leaving town – and she fears she will be next [after what happened to Orson – he's unconscious, not dead btw]. Donna comet to Irene on how donna completely misjudged Irene.

Nic talk to Irene bout Aden – wondering why he's so up & down with her. Irene has a kinda knowing look on face.


Iren gives Aden another letter tat Bell wrote to him. Iren says Belle told Iren to give this to Aden when Irene felt time is right.


Tony and Rach [holding harry] talk about Hugo & Marsha and tony;s new business partner, tony seem to think things will go well with gym.


Hugo is on phone =- confirming the flight plan he is on is taking a seemingly unusual route [many stopover etc]. hugo insist at he will have the cash required for flight morrow.


Charlie & Angelo talk about how Orson had a coninary before he crashed his car,. When Charlie leaves the room, Angelo has a flashback to eelier in the ep [when charley exit office to speak to Watson] when they did that, Angelo put a sample of Hugo’s blood [from his hand] into a specimen jar. Back to present day, and Angelo puts jar in a envelope marked to Bill Stevens.



Look like Ruby & Geoff are set to get intimate

Someone tells Nic tat Liam is giving Poppy more that just guitar lessons

Nic admits that she is in love with Aden

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nic : silver [white trim] thin strap top/denim jeans


Donna : dark blouse/white top/dark long pants


Rachel : grey blouse/blue top/denim jeans


Aden: dark [green alien like motif] t/denim jeans

Aden: grey [dark Scouts like crest] t/denim jeans

Alf : blue shirt/bone long pants

Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt/dark long pants

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Charlie : light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/ dark blue long pants

Donna : dark blouse/dark long pants

Harry : white jumpsuit/white [blue trim] beanie

Hugo : dark [white check] button up shirt/dark long pants/grey [white crest] t

Hugo : grey [white check] shirt/light blue singlet/dark long pants

Irene : dark blue top/dark long pants

Irene : grey [dark swirls] top

Orson : white [dark check] shirt

Rachel : dark top/dark long pants

Tony : dark t/dark long pants

Tony : mustard l/s shirt/dark long pants

Trey’s dad : dark jacket/white park vert stripes] shirt/

Trey's dad : white [dark vert stripes] button up shirt/dark long pants

Watson : light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/ dark blue long pants/police cap

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