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Road Trip

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I was sorting my laptop out and I found this fic, I write it ages ago for a fic contest, but never got to enter it, There's another one as well. But it's worse than this one.

Title: Road Trip

Type of Story: One-shot

Characters: Nic and Geoff (of course)

Rating: G/T

Genre:Fun, Romance, Relationships

Spoilers: Nope

Any Warnings; no none

Summary: I really can't remember,, I maight have to read it over haha,, I know it's about Nic and Geoff going on a road trip.... Lol, Read it, you'll probably find out before I do, (note to self: read over fics before posting them)

Lyric's are the House Rule's, By Christian Kane (I'd take a listen, its amazing!)

“So you’re tired on your feet and you worked all week and you need a place you can let it go.

Where the girls go wild and the boys play hard, and you need a lil more than just the radio.

Well heres your open invitation, just a couple regulations.

Let me warn you son when we come to have fun, we don’t take kindly to serious.

So leave your troubles at the door unless you want some in here.”



“What the heck are you listening too?”

“Kane, you know the guy you seem to think is, kind of a hottie?”

“He sings?”


“Oh, Well its really bugging me.

“Well, I’m sorry this is my car, and all we ever do is listen to your music.”

“But, i thought we came on this trip to get to know each other more?”

“Well we will, as soon as this song’s over!” He smiled

“Fine! I’ll just write in my book.”

“What’s this book of total hotties?”

“Yep. And there is other stuff in it. Clippings photo’s and stuff.”

“Do you have to bring it everywhere?”

“Um, yeah pretty much. It’s like a comfort blanket.”

“Except it’s filled with half naked men.”


“Whatever.” Geoff pushed the button on the CD player and turned it back on.

“Welcome to my house, Buckle up tight.

Everybody sings and drinks and laughs and gets high.

Its country music, a little soul. It’s a rock and roll rodeo.

We don’t tolerate no sitting around.

Everybody’s dancin and groovin and gettin on down.

So before you come in here with some kinda attitude.

You better read the house rules.”

“You done?” Nicole laughed

“Yeah pretty much. But you have to admit, its and awesome song?”

“i suppose it’s not too bad. I not really into country rock or whatever that is.”

“Well, I’ve got two of his CD’s we can get you converted.” Geoff laughed

“Looking forward to it already” Nic joked

“Right so getting to know each other better. Ok, so what kind of music do you like?”

“There’s quite a lot. I like everything really. But I love Beyonce. And Pink! And obviously you like. Kane, What else?”


“Is that it?”

“Pretty much. Nickelback and Kane.”

“Ok, Wow you don’t get out much do ya?”

“Who’s in your little book there?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” she said playfully

“I’ll tell you if you tell me.”

“You have a book?”

“More like a list.”

“Ok, well you go first.”

“No i asked you first” He protested

“Fine. Well there’s Randy Orton, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padelacki, John Cena, Cam Gigandet, Umm, Channing Tatum. Yep that’s pretty much it. Your turn.”

“Wow you spat them out quickly.” He laughed “Right, I have to think.”

“Come on, it can’t be that hard!”

“Ok. Maria Kanellis, Mickie James and Vanessa Hudgens.”

“Is that it?”

“Yeah pretty much. I mean there all fit, so who needs more.”

“I have like fifty and you have three?”

“Well do you count?”

“I suppose.”

“Well then I have four. And I wouldn’t trade you for anyone!”

“Not even Maria? Come I see your eyes light up when she comes down the ramp.”

“Nope your perfect! I know you trade me in a second for anyone in that list of yours.” He chuckled

“No, I love you. Yeah there all super hot, but so are you and i doubt any of them are as great as you” She kissed him.


“You’re very welcome. But if i get any offers i might not be able to turn them down, but I will come back” she giggled

“I’m sure”

“So where exactly are we going?”

“I dunno, I’m just drivin. There’s a lake up here. We could go for a swim.”

“Im a lake?”

“Yes Nic, A lake. They do water sports and stuff too.”

“Cool, like jet skies and stuff?”


“Cool, we should so do that! Where are we sleeping tonight?”

“We could get a motel. Or we could sleep in the car?”

“Somewhere isolated?” she asked seductively

“Yeah. Somewhere in the bush were no one can find us.”

“Ok, I like that idea! And it saves us money!”

“Whatever you want princess.”

“So if I wanted to sleep in a five star hotel?”

“Well within price range.” He chuckled

They pulled up at a water sports resort sort of thing; it was just really a big lake. It was in a beautiful place. The surroundings were so natural, there was a pretty pink flower all around them, Geoff picked some up and put it behind Nicole’s ear. They took a walk around for a bit before coming back and paying to go on a jet ski. Geoff sat on the front with Nicole holding him tightly, He started it and they took off, the water splashed their faces as the raced around the lake.

When they had finished they went back to the hut were the got their lifejackets to hand them back in. “Cassie?” Nic said stunned

“Oh hey.”

“What are you doing here?” Geoff asked

“I’m helping out a friend. I come down here sometimes to visit Lucy. Her Dad owns this place.”

“Oh! Are you heading into SummerBay?”

“I don’t know! I might take a trip down. What are you’s doing out here?”

“A road trip thing. We just decided to take a drive.”

“Cool, how is everyone?”

“There ok! Belle is, Umm, She’s not well.” Nic couldn’t find the words to say

“What’s wrong?”

“She’s got cancer. A rare kind. She doesn’t have much longer.” Tears filled Nicole’s eyes.

“God! I got her wedding invitation but I couldn’t make it! God i feel so awful!”

“Don’t, you weren’t to know!”

“I’ll have to get down to SummerBay!”

“You should, she’d like to see you! Well we better get going. Bye”

“Bye” Cassie hugged Nic and Geoff as they left.

They climbed back into the car. As Nicole got in she stood on something. “Geoff? Really?” She held up a twilight book.

“That’s Annie’s!”

“Uh huh!”

“I’m Serious! As if I’d read that!” He scoffed

“Why is Annie reading it? I didn’t think she’d be into that.”

“Neither did I, But all her friends were reading it, so she wanted to see what all the fuss was about”

“Okay.” Nicole placed the book back were she found it. She reached into her pocket and retrieved and bright pink lipgloss.

“Can you not go anywhere without lipgloss?” Geoff asked

“Nope, Don’t you want my lips to be nice and soft when I kiss you?”

“I suppose” he said slightly amused

“Ok, so are we going to find a spot to sleep tonight?”

“Yeah, Are you ok with sleeping in the bush?”

“Were going to be in the car, aren’t we? I’m so not sleeping on the ground!”

“Yes Nic, We’ll be in the car!”

“Well then yes! I’m fine with it”

Geoff drove deep into the bush until he found the perfect spot, It was quiet and private.

He parked the car and got to gather some fire wood to cook on.

“Geoff what are you doing?”

“Well we need to cook”

“There’s a shop up there can’t we just buy food?”

“I suppose that would be handier” he laughed

“And anyway you can’t start fire” she giggled

“One time Nicole! And the wood was wet”

“Still! You couldn’t light it”

“whatever, Come on if you want food.” They hopped back in the car and drove a few mile up the road until they came to a garage. They jumped out and entered. Nicole raced round the store and grabbed a load of crisps and sweet.

“Nic calm down will you!”

“I’m hungry” She smiled

“Do you want something hot?”

“What have they?”

“Sausage rolls. Some sort of thing with bacon in it and soup.”

“Get a few sausage rolls.”

As Geoff went to get the sausage rolls, Nicole made her way to the drinks, she was about to lift a few smaller bottler when Geoff came up beside and lifted two of the two litre bottles of coke. “I’m thinking you might get thirsty”

“That’s probably cheaper anyway.” They went to the tills and placed the items down.

“Flip me are you’s to having a party?” The girl asked

“Em, Nope I’m just a bit hungry” Nicole laughed

“A bit?” the girl looked at all the food

They paid for their items and made their way back to the car. Geoff carried everything apart form the sausage rolls, which Nicole had already started to eat. “Wanna bit?” she held one up in front of Geoff who took a bite.

They went back to the spot they had previously found.

“This is nice!”

“I know!”

“I mean the food you know” Nicole said giggling “Only joking”

“so what do you wanna do?” Geoff said in a sexy voice

“I can think of a few things” Nicole said as she slid onto Geoff’s knee.

“I’m hungry.” Nicole said.

“I’m exhausted” Geoff said wiping sweat from his forehead.

“Lovely!” Nicole laughed “I have something to tell you.”

“What?” Geoff asked confused

“Well, I’m, I’m pregnant!”

“What? For real? But we only just”

“You remember when we first got back together?”

“Oh. Wow! I don’t mean to be, but well are you sure it’s mine?”

“Yes, I’m sure!”

“Oh my god Nicole! I’m sorry but after Claudia i had to ask.”

“Don’t worry it’s defiantly yours!” She smiled

“Good! How far on are you?”

“About 8 weeks.”

“God, I’m going to be a Dad, For real this time.”

“Are you ok with it?”

“Yeah i think I’ll be ok.”

“Good, What about Annie?”

“I think she’ll be fine too, it will be a shock, but it can’t go any worse than when i told her about Claudia.”

“If it’s a boy, I want to name it Roman.” She sad slightly sad

“That’s nice. Nic don’t worry, it will know its grandpa!”

“I can’t believe were gonna be parents. I thought I’d be freaking out now. But I’m not, I guess I’m ready. Seeing everything Belle’s going through. It kinda makes you think. You can’t waste anytime!”

Sorry it's so bad! I did write it a long time ago, And I have probably gotten better by then! haha

Let me know what you think anyway


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