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Wed 18 Nov 09 – Episode # 4988

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Formal Flashback “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 18 Nov 09 – Episode # 4988 ]


Nic is definitely “thrown “by Liam seeing that he loves her. She also insist tat she still wants to sleep with him when it feels right [i.e. not right now]


Hugo & marsh are talking – with Bambang aslope nearby. Marsha tells Hugo tat she is going to take Bambang clothes shopping borrow, but he say that he can’t join them. Hugo ads that he has a dive booked then.

Marsha thanks she heard something. Hugo goes to tee kitchen to see – and when he goes back into longue room, he says there’s no one outside but the cops.


Next day, Aden & Nic talk about how Liam told Nic he loves her. Aden tells Nic that he hopes she didn’t fall for that – and slept with him. Nic tells him she didn’t.

Talk turns to the formal – and how Nic thinks tat Katy [the sand resorts guys’ daughter] is going to eat Aden alive tonight.


Poppy [the redhead music student of Liam’s form a recent ep] enters and speak to Liam. Liam wonders if she is still keen on having guitar lessons. She says she is – so they agree to start up aging later today.


Nic enters and wonder who a bunch of flowers are for. Mile tells her that they are for Nic – and to read the card. They are from Roman – for her exams etc.

They tack bout the formal. Nic comments how things are complicated right now tween her & Liam. She also asks Mile to be her date tight for the formal. He accepts.


Marsh comments to Bambang bout all the cool clothes that she has just bought him. Martha then sees Hugo from afar. She calls out but he doesn’t hear her. When he is out of Marsha’s sight, Hugo is surprised when Suzy pulls up beside him in a car. She “suggests “that he get in – he does.

Soon after, in a suburban street somewhere, Suzy & Hugo talk in her car. She insists he comes back to Indonesia with her. She also suggest tat if Marsha know the REAL Hugo, she wouldnklt be too happy with him.


Liam is giving Poppy a guitar lesson when Aden arrives home. Aden “suggests “that he & Liam should talk in kitchen. Aden then has a go at Liam for flirting etc with poppy. Liam denies this - but Aden so isn’t convinced.


Marsha tell Hugo that she saw him at yabby creek t9oday., he say the dive was cancelled and that he was in YC to pick up some dive gear etc. hey realise that one of bam bang’s toys in back at their other place. Hugo bails =- to go and get it.


There are lotsa teens at the formal. Aden & Katy arrives =- and when Nic arrives, Katy badmouths her to Aden, which he isn’t impressed about.

The line of Leah & Miles also tell Nic how great her dress etc is.


Hugo fins that toy on the couch. He then takes interest in a wedding pic of JnM.


Liam & Poppy talk bout their fave musicains – incl Dave Grohl. Liam wishes that he could be inspired again – and write god songs etc/. Poppy insist at it will come back to him when time is right.


Everyone gets together for a pic of the senior class. Nearby, Leah talks to miles – bout the whole him taking stress leave or else ting. They are talk about Aden & Nic who age dancing together – both Leah & miles comments on how it looks like they are giving a great time.

Naturally, Katy [Aden’s date] isn’t have a god time. She thinks bout cutting in but doesn’t.


Marsha is getting worried bout Hugo. She leaves an msg on his phone – wonder where he is.


Hugo is deep in thought – it looks - as he continue to ok at THAT wedding days pic of JnM.


After miles bails, nice tells Aden that she isn’t in love with Liam. Nic then realises her fave song is playing so ashen & Aden start to dance. Mont later though, a slow song comes on – and they start to dance to that too. With Aden’s arms round Nic. Aden then has a flashback of he & belle at the formal lat year. He quickly bails form the room. Nic is keen to follow Aden, but 2 tings stop her – a catty commit form Katy and Liam’s arrival.


Liam & nice enter and although he is keen to celebrate their ‘ship, its calr to all [but Liam] that it’s Aden that Nic wants.


Marsh looks in Hugo’s backpack... He finds a little red box – with a ring in it.


Aden is holding Bell’s necklace when Nic speak to him. She wonders what happened tonight, but he suggest she should be with her b/f. Nic does leave Aden alone – whilst he contemplates thoughts of Belle and seemingly betraying her by liking Nic.



Someone trashes the gym

Tony tells Rachel that it’s now better to walk away [form gym etc]

Marsha suggest to Rach that she think Hugo will propose

Somonme is hanging around outside the Bach house – ruby & Geoff are startled by this.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Katy: dark maxi dress/dark [gold & silver vert stripes – all very paso doble] crop jacket


Nicole: silver strapless knee length dress


Poppy [aka redhead music student] : dark sleeveless jacket/dark [fluro green splotches] maxi dress


Aden: dark suit/white button up shirt/dark tie

Aden: black [white “cult” t/red, blue & white shorts

Alf: olive green button up shirt/bone long pants

Bambang: white [darkle swirls] PJs

Bambang: blue [white “surfer”] t/dark long pants

Hugo: 2 tone brown [white check] button up shirt/brown long pants

Hugo: dark long pants/ grey [black eagle] t/

Leah: dark low cut dress

Liam: dark suit/white button up shirt

Liam: olive green button up shirt/re [dark hioriz stripes & ocean wave motif] t/denim jeans

Liam: dark [white check] button up shirt/dark long pants

Marsha: 2 tone blue [red floral motifs] low cut v neck knee length dress

Marsha: white [zebra stripes] low cut v neck maxi dress

Miles: apple green button up shirt/white [blask &^ white photo] t/dark long pants

Miles: dark suit/white button up shirt/silver tie

Nicole: dark nightdress

Nicole: yellow low cut v neck knee length dress

Nicole: black & white swirls knee length dress /dark long pants

Suzy: dark top

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