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Tues 17 Nov 09 – Episode # 4987

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” More Reasons To HATE [times infinity and then some] Kirsty “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 17 Nov 09 – Episode # 4987 ]


Miles talk to Charlie bout Riley’s dad. She suggests to him she might be able to use tee blackmails threat as leverage against Riley’s dad. Charlie also insists she’ll get DOCS to investigate what’s going on.


Aden is talking to Reg – who works at Sands resort. Sound like an informal job interview. Reg suggest has a job going – if Aden will do him a favour.


Aden isn’t all the keen when Nic tells him tat that girl he is to go to tee formal with [reg’s daughter] is a tad “full on” i.e. has a habit of stalking guys she goes out with.

Aden heads of to bed, and when Nic is keen to get romantic with Liam, he tells her tat he is of to bed too.


Next day, Colleen & leach are looking at the front page stri9ry of tee paper “are our kids safe?” with a pic of Miles on tee cover too. Colleen mentions that story mention the allegation s against miles to do with trey. Miles enters – but bails soon after [when he hares them talking bout tee story]. Monet’s later, VJ also bails.


VJ speck to Riley. He urges riley to tell tee truth bout Miles. When he says he won’t, VJ grabs rily; s school bag – and chuck it in the water. VJ then runs way room Riley.


Nic is talking to the shirtless Aden, who seems annoyed that Liam isn’t ken to taken Nic to the normal. Aden tells Lima this – but he isn’t keen on being there with all those teens. Liam bails.


VJ see [from kinda afar] Riehl’s dad having a go at riley for damaging his mobile [i.e. “do you keno how much this cost?]’ riley looks really scared of his dad.


Alf & miles are talking when Leah & VJ arrive. BJ tells them bout the encounter near the surf club [in the previous scene]


Miles & Charlie arrive and talk to Riley. They wonder how/why he now has a big bruise on his face.


Nic talks to Aden bout the formal. She isn’t keen on going it she doesn’t go with lima– as it wouldn’t fell right.


As Charlie & miles talk to riley, he insist it’s his fault his dad gets angry – when he does things wrong etc. Riley's dad arrives. Charley tell him the charges against miles are now dropped, and she wants Riley’s dad to accompany her to the station.


In the kitsch, colleen comets on how riley is still accountable she what hie did to miles, but miles is aggravated by that – insisting with a dad like Riley’s, tat riley never had a chance. Miles just hopes tat all this will be over soon.


Miles speak to Gina, who has to do something for a moment. She suggests he looks at the just printed yearbook whilst he waits. Miles sees a pic of Kristy in the yearbook – asn throw that book ait the wall, and kick some chairs. Gina re-enters the room, and gives miles a comforting hug.


Aden talks to Lima – about how he should take Nic to the formal. When Lima still insult keen, Aden insist that Liam will “pay” if he hurts Nic, Aden bails.


Alf tri to talk to Miles bout Riley – but Miles commit on ho he can’t, i.e. mils can’t even solve his own troubles, so he’ll be no good to Riley.

Gina arrives – and she insists miles hold take stress leave toil the end of the year. If not, she’ll have to tell the department bout what happened today with the yearbook.


Liam & Nic have a BIG D&M/clash bout where’s their ‘ship is. She isn’t ken on sleeping with him yet, but he; s not that ken on Nic being on the same bed as him night after night without any action happening. Nic bails – and so doe Aden. Before Aden does, he says “nice one, rock star”

[Note – that line was almost my title for this ep]


Nic kinda rants to Aden bout how she wants it to mean something when she sleeps with Liam. When Nic is done, Aden hugs her.


Nic & Aden enters, and Nic insist to Liam tat the more he wants sex, the more she will dig her heel in. Lima then shocks Nic – when he sys he LOVES her.



Nicole & Aden slow dance at formal

Suzy is back in town

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: dark mottled night gown/shark nightdress


Leah: white [dark trim] wide strap top/dark long pants


Aden: blue [white “suburban Spartans”] t/white [red & blue daig stripes] shorts


Aden: dark long pants

Aden: dark long sleeve button up shirt/dark long pants

Alf: bone [light brown check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/ dark blue long pants/police cap

Colleen: blue & brown [tropical village] blouse. /red top

Gina: grey jacket/white [dark trim] top/bone long pants

Liam: dark [white check] button up shirt/dark long pants

Liam: white [dark check] button up shirt/dark long pants

Miles: khaki [dark trim & a man’; face] t/denim jeans

Miles: olive green button up shirt/grey t/brown long pants

Nicole: black [white dots] halter neck way low cut 1 piece swimsuit/dark knee length skirt

Nicole: blask & white swirls knee length dress /dark long pants

Nicole: dark [silver various lengths vert stripes] suing top/dark long pants

Reg [sands resort]: dark long sleeve button up shirt

Riley: blue long sleeve primary school button up shirt/grey shorts

Riley: grey [dark unknown motif] t/grey shorts

Riley’s dad: olive green button up shirt/denim jeans

VJ: blue long sleeve primary school button up shirt/grey shorts

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