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Mon 16 Nov 09 – Episode # 4986

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” I Wanted To See The World ...... “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon 16 Nov 09 – Episode # 4986 ]


as Alf talk bout various ting [incl te various SChollies kids braking things at te van park] he realises tat Miles is distracted by what;s happening in his life - the whole Riley thing. indeed, when tehy talk bout what Morag has had to say, they coomst on how she said tat mikles does not have a legal leg to stand on [ie to stop te article].


Xavier Tell Gin tat he remembers her crying herself to sleep when Xavier's dad left her. Gina commnst on how its kinda good that Xavier is being so protective. she hugs him - but insist tat he should apologise to Trey's dad.


Romeo gets of te pone - that;s another job he hasn't scored. Tray;s dad comment bout how he could have a job, if he decide to have his old one back,. but Romeo still isn't keen on that.

Xavier speak to Trey's dad - he apologises for ris recent behaviour.


Leah, Coleen & Alf are looking out to sea, by the scene is kinda hazy. Miles then sees Oly runnng away form him.

Miles taht wakes up from his kinda nightmare.


NEXT DAY, Charlie sees Riley's dad. she wonders why he didn't bring Riley down to te station as planned recently. Riley;s das insist ta he couldn't becasue of his search for work. Charlie is anoye - and they reschedule.


when Romeo ask, Alf gives him the jobs section of the paper. Alf & Miles talk;k bout the various thongs tat need doing at the van park - and then Mile semm to pep up a bit, insisting ta he will get straight ton that. miles bails.


Colleen talk t Leah in kitsch-en. colleen think to all of this that Miles is going through is because he is missing Kirsty.

Leah & Coleen go into mian area where they talk to Alf - he seem to agree with Coleen's Kirsty theory.


Miles sits on a bench in te mall. he opens his backpack. there's LOTS of money [enough for the blackmail] in their.


after Romeo gets another job knock back, he bails fom te house. as he does that,. Gina enters,. she tells to Mils - telling him that the students of SBH think ta he is one of, if not their VERY fave teacake. they are looking fwd to him beuing at the formal..


Gina speak to Romeo. he isn't ken to go back to his old job [with Trey's dad]. he alops does not really have that many actual skills. Gina suggest ta a bright boy like Romeo should go back to school.


on te back patio, Riley's dad asks Miles if he has te money. they are distract though when Leah call out to Miles. Miles goes into the house. Leah wishes tat she hadn't spoken et to Miles bout VJ's bullying problems, so she blames herelf for what happened.


Leah speak to Charlie bout that investigating into whats happen to Miles. when Leah schoolmates on the distinct shoelaces tat Riley has, charlie says that local shoe shop has sold many of those recently. Charlie insist ta she is doing all she can to help Miles.


Trey's dad, Gina & Xavier are chatting when Romeo arrives. he;s not keen t be around Trey's dad so he bails. Xavier goes after him - and Romeo tells him bout how he is thinking bout go back to school.


Miles & Romeo talk bout what;s been happening with VJ. Romeo cost that if you are being bullied, you HAVE to outsmart your opponent [ie brains to overcome brawn]


Charlie is esp. interested with Trey's dad says ta Riley's dad has been down at his local pub bragging bout what he;s ben doing - re Miles. Trey's dad lso comment tat Riley's dad is known fopr pulling compensations scams.


Xavier almost can't believe it when he sees ta Romeo is her - and real;ly going thru with his plan.

Romeo finds Gina and speak to her. when she asks why he left school bepfre, he tells tat he wanted to see the world - and now he has [seen the world]. Rome tell Gina ta he is keen to knuckle down and study etc.


Charlie speaks to Miles. she insists That they will do all they can to bring Riley & his dad to Justice, but Miles isn't confidant.


Miles offers Riley;s dad a job at van park - but he knocks that back. Miles than says ta he just KNOWS ta ht Riley's dad hit etc Riley - and saw the dollar signs in what happened tween Miles & Riley. Riley;s dad "suggest" ta miles tat there's;s no way he is stopping THAT newspaper article now.



Nic & Liam are in totally 2 difrent places on their 'ship, incl Nic who wants to mean sometime hen they sleep together

the headline of the Coastal News is "are our kids safe?" [with a pic of Miles]

Riley's dad arrives home when Charlie is talking to Riley

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Charlie : white [green trim] singlet top/daenim shorts/white head band


Leah : blue wide strap knee dress


Gina : white top/silver jacket/dark long apnts


Alf : dark blue [grey check] shirt

Alf : white pdark check] shirt/bione long pants/wide brim hat

Alf: brown &* white shirt/bine long pants

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/ dark blue long pants/police cap

Colleen : red floral blouse/dark top

colleen : white [dark wiirls?] blouse

Gina: red blouse/dark [white trim] top/dark long pants

Leah : yellow knee dress

Miles : dark shorts

Miles : khaki [dark trim & a man's face] t/denim jeans

Miles: grey shirt/ black [with black & white photo of a reasonably old looking man] t//dark long pants

Oliver : dark [red sleeves] t/whiote [dark swirls"] shorts

Rily's dad : grey shirt/denim shorts

Romeo : dark sleeveless jacket/white [dark unknown motif]/dark long pants

Romeo : olive green t/dark long apnts

Romeo: dark [blue trim] wetsuit

Trey's dad: yellow & red lifeguard polo

Trey’s dad: blue l/s shirt/denim jeans

Xavier : SBH uniform

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