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Wed 11 Nov 09 – Episode # 4983

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” A Sheep In Lamb’s Clothing “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 11 Nov 09 – Episode # 4983 ]


Its the morn after the events of 4982, and Hugo, Marsha & Bambang are on the patio of the house. They play around for a bit before Hugo suddenly seem to be a bit uneasy – like he’s realised tet he;s getting too attached to Bambang.


Irene & Colleen talk bout Donna – and how a technically has allowed her out of prison.

Irene is then very surprised when Colleen tell her bout what’;s happened to Miles recently.


Although Charlie is sceptical, Angelo insists tat Donna being let out of prison mean that they can start form scratch again at the investigation into Lou’s murder.


Ruby tastes herself – sorry - TESTS herself and tells Geoff that her levels are exactly what they should be.

Both are kinda annoyed bout Irene coming home when she did – given what they’d planned to do last night.

When Ruby wonders, Geoff tell her ta he is holing of telling Irene bout loosing the trawler berth at marina because Irene’s got a lost on her plate at the moment.


Hugo is on the phone with Suzy. he tells her that he will be ready to get on that flight - but he just needs to tie up some loose end here 1st.

after the call ends, Marsha enters te room and insist tat there is smiting outside that Hugo needs to see. he goes outside with her.


Irene arrives home to find Dona on te back patio. Although she does not initially accept it, Irene realises that maybe Donna;s feelings of remorse for whatever happened are genuine. indeed, Irene rally seem to allocate it when Donna says that she never realised how hard prion was on Irene til Donna half went indie.

as they continue to talk, Dona tells Irene that her friends seem all to pity her these days. Donna also insist ta she wants to the police to re-open the investigation into Lou's murder - as Lou deserves justice.


Marsha, Bmabng & Hugo are playing when Hugo sense tat somone else is nearby. when Marsha wonders what is going on, Hugo fains having slightly injured his back.


after Geoff & ruby enter, Geoff is all; but foaming at the mouth when he sees Donna. Irene insist that she has to go to the police station and for Ruby & Geo to keep Donna company. Irene bails.


Irene tells Angelo & charlie that he thinks tat Donna is telling the truth. she tells that the dona wants the case re-opens and taht Irene thinks tat Donna was "broken" by her time in jail.

after Irene bails, Angelo is ken to restart the investigation - esp. now that they can look at things with a fresh perspective.


As they are all working in the garden,. Hugo once more sens that someone else is nearby. he insists ta teh trio should go inside., when they aer, Hugo looks though a window, and insets to Marsh that he think that they are being watched.


Geoff isn't ken tat donna is in the house, and Ruby urges him to keep his cool. it does not help when they sees that Donna is "drinking".


Hugo & marsh talk bout who could be outside. Hugo suggest tat it maybe Bamabnag;ls family - and taht lead to the thoughts tat they shouldn't call the police bout this [which is ironic - see below]


Irene tells Collen bout how she thinks tat prison has truly changed Donna, but Colleen thinks taht Donna is "a sheep in lambs clothing".

Irene is perplexed when Colleen starts talking bout the troubles with the trawler - so she wonders what's going on.


Its night time, and Donna is asleep on the couch., Irene insist that Geoff should have told her bout trawler [loosing its berth]. when Ruby & Geoff tell Irene bout Donna drinking, Irene still isn't angry, indeed, she tells them taht she would be in Donna's shoes - if not for ppl like Annie, Geoff, Belle and others who supports her when she got out of jail etc.


Charlie & Angelo talk bout the Lou murder,. once Angelo is family able to convince Charlie that there is a possibility that Hugo is involved,. she is worried bout Marsha and Bambang. Angelo says tat he has it covered.


Hugo is sneaking around near the house. he sees so-meting dark in te near distance. he snakes up on a parked car and tried to surprised the occupants,. but tat she him coming. the man in the car tells Hugo taht he is Senior Constable Ritcher and that if Hugo has any concerns,. he should contact YC police.

meanwhile, in te house, Marsha looks anxious., she opens a drawer - and sees Hugo's plane ticket adn a note form him form Suzy.



Ally & Rosie turn up at Xavier’s for a date with him on same night!!!!

[Note – it must have been Ruby’s diabetes, or something, that caused the temporary insanity which allowed{?} her to go out with a DROPKICK like Xavier for a while]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Donna: purple wised collar top/denim jeans


Ruby: white [dark unknown motif] t/brown ¾ pants


Bambang: white [black unmown logos etc] jacket/green [blue & white logo] t/bone shorts


Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/ dark blue long pants

Colleen: blue [yellow rectangles etc] blouse

Geoff: white [grey horiz stripes &* dark tri inside circle motif] t/denim jeans

Hugo: grey [dark horiz stripes] t/bone shorts

Irene: red long sleeve blouse/white long pants

Marsha: white [red check] long sleeve blouse/denim shorts

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