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Tues 10 Nov 09 – Episode # 4982

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” A Pink Lemonade For Sweetheart “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 10 Nov 09 – Episode # 4982 ]


Liam is “slightly” annoyed with Nic, but she insists she didn’t answer his calls as her phone is broken [when Gonk & co hot her with tee water pistols]. Nic then “returns fire: - insisting also that she didn’t realise tat Liam had this big celebration planed.

All the while, Aden comes down the stairs, and stays out of view of Nic & Liam. Nic bails, as does [separately] Liam. Aden goes into tee kitchen and has some of tee food that Liam cooked.


Geoff is looking that tee job ads – but thers’ noting there for him. Ruby & Geoff then talk bout their ‘ship – Geoff is keen to wit til tee right time til they sleep t9ogther, and Ruby seem totally ok with that. Charlie arrives, and the trio bail.

Miles is talking to Colleen & Leah neaby, he comments on how he shouldn’t have lost his temper when he was talking to Riley tonight. Miles also mention at he grabbed Riley.


Next day, Nic is in the kitchen when Aden and the Liam enter. She’s cooked breakfast – which is like a peace offering.


Miles looks as through be is just bout to head outside to hang up some washing when Charlie arrives. She asks him questions bout what happened last night at Riley’s house. She then “asks” him to come down to the police station.


As Miles & Charlie entry, Riley’s dad tries to grab Miles. The police stop him – but Riley’s dad insists tat miles will “pay” for what’s happened. Btw, we see that Riley has a bandage on his wrist.

Soon after, Charlie, Riley, his dad & Miles are in interview room when Riley’s dad comment on how he knows this isn't the 1st time Miles had hurt a child -0 namely Trey earlier this year.

Charlie asks Miles question bout what happened, and when Miles admits tat he grabbed Riley lat night, Riley’s dad get VERY vocal. Charley instructs another officer to take Riley & his dad out of the room.

Charlie then asks Miles to tell her everything that happened.


Whilst Nic isn’t surprised when Ruby tell her that Geoff is keen to wait til the time is right to sleep with Ruby. However, Ruby IS surprised that Nic hasn’t slept with Liam. Nic tells Ruby she doesn’t want to define by sex etc anymore.


As Aden & Geoff entry, Geoff tells Aden that he’s really not sure that the t9ime is right to sleep with Ruby. After orderring a ginger beer for himself, aden [jokingly] orders a “pink lemonade for sweetheart” [Geoff] !!!! Aden asks Geoff if he & ruby lobe each other, and when Geoff says that they do, Aden “suggest” tat it’s the right time.


Miles talk to Alf bout what’s happened. Given that Riley’s wrist injury looks worse that what Miles did when he garbed him, Alf wonders if Riley’s dad did the extra damage. Miles disagrees with that theory.


Angelo is keen to have this weekend way with Charlie, but she insists it will depend on this case involving Miles. When she says that, Colleen tells her bout what Miles said t lat night at the diner.


When Nic tells Liam bout how she isn’t in this ‘ship for sex, he say that he’s OK with that. They kiss & hug, but as they hug, the look on Liam’s face suggest tat he’s not rally ok with what Nic has said.


Riley is fixing his pushbike when Charlie speaks to him. She trio to ask him bout waht happened. Hover, when Riley’s dad arrives in the scene, he quickly takes Riley inside the house.


In kitchen, Miles is talking to Leah. He thins tat he is channelling her own anger [bout kirsty] when he set about trying to help out VJ. Miles phonon rings – its Charlie, and his exit kitchen to talk to her.

In the main area, Geoff tell Ruby that he want to sleep with her – tonight!!!!


Nic is raving on bout the formal, but it’s clear that Liam isn’t really interested in what she is saying. Indeed, he all but cuts her off when he says he’s got a guitar lesson to prepare for.


Charley tells Miles tat he will be formally charged with the assault on Riley.


Geoff has his hand over Ruby’s eyes as they enter her room. When Ruby opens her eyes, she sees tat Geoff has put rose petals all over her bed. They kiss – and Geoff takes his shirt off. They get on the bed – but then they hear Irene call out to them.

Geoff quickly puts his shirt on – and when that talk to Irene, she say that her flight was early [for a change’ so she is back a few hours earlier that they expected. Irene wonders to Geoff is there is a new fashion trend in the bay [wearing your shirt inside out and bask to font] or did he just pout his shirt on quickly.

Angelo arrives – and shocks Irene by telling her that Donna has been let out of jail by the courts.


After Miles gets off the phone, he tell Leah & Colleen that he was just been speaking to Gina – she had no choice but to suspend him til this Riley thing is settled.



Hugo, Marsha & Bambang rush into the farm house – Hugo tells Marsha they are being watched

Donna insists to Irene tat she didn’t kill Lou

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Charlie: dark [white birds] knee length dress


Ruby: orange [dark trim] knee length dress


Irene: white [purple floral] top


Aden: red [lightning bolt] t/dark long pants

Aden: green [white crest] t/white [light blue horiz stripes] shorts

Alf: light green [dark check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/ dark blue long pants/police cap

Colleen: red floral blouse/peach top

Colleen: red top

Geoff: white [black & red swirls] t/denim jeans

Geoff: white [dark numbers] t – with grey t beneath

Leah: dark [white latticed diag stripe] dress

Leah: black [with blue on left hand side] thin strap knee length dress

Liam: dark [blue & white check] button up shirt/dark [white unknown motif] t/dark long pants

Liam: red [white check] button up shirt/dark sleeveless jacket/dark long pants

Miles: olive green bus h/dark t/dark long pants

Miles: dark button up shirt/khaki t/denim jeans

Nicole: silver singlet top/denim jeans

Nicole: silver [dark kinda swirls] halter top/yellow halter bikini top/blask leather long pants

Riley: dark [white unknowns motifs] hoodie/grey t/denim jeans

Riley’s dad: dark blue button up shirt/white singlet/denim jeans

Ruby: orange top/dark shorts

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