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I'd Come For You

Guest tessalove

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Story Title: I'd Come For You

Type of story: One-shot (Song fic)

Main Characters:Nicole, Aden, Liam

Rating: T

Genre: Drama, Hurt, friendship.

Does story include spoilers: Nope

Any warnings: There is violence in it

Summary: Nicole is isolated because of her boyfriend, he's changed and he is hurting her. I hate writing summaries, Im no good at it lol, Just read it Teehee!!

Song is "I'd come for you" By Nickelback.

I hope you like it!

Just One more moment, that's all that's needed.

Like wounded soldiers in need of healing.

Time to be honest, this time I'm bleeding

Please don't dwell on it, cause I didn't mean it

I told Aden to get out of my life because he interfered, I thought he was trying to ruin my relationship, I thought Liam was the one, but I was wrong, I was really wrong, He’s different, He’s changed from when I first met him, he’s violent and controlling and he won’t even let me text Aden or see any of my friends, and I miss them I miss having a life.

I cant believe I said I'd lay our love on the ground

But it doesn't matter cause I've made it up forgive me now

Everyday I spend away my souls inside out

Gotta be someway that I can make it up to you now, somehow

I can’t believe all those horrible things I said to Aden, I need him the most right now and he probably hates me, I need to find a way to get him back into my life, To rescue me from here. But how? I can’t leave the house, I have bruises all over me, an people aren’t stupid, the first few were fine when I banged into a few things, but now there really bad, I can’t hide them unless I find some sort of all over body suit, but I think people would be suspicious with me in that on a hot Australian day. I needed to get help though.

By now you'd know that I'd come for you

No one but you, yes I'd come for you

But only if you told me to

And I'd fight for you

I'd lie, it's true

Give my life for you

You know I'd always come for you

I go to my closet and pull out some clothes, I try to find ones that would cover the dark black and purple marks, I finally find something, but I’m going to be roasting, I leave the room just as Liam comes home, He’s off his face, I can’t even tell if it’s drugs or Alcohol, or either maybe this is just the real Liam, deep down Liam Murphy is just this monster.

“Where are you going?” He asked anger in his voice

“For a walk” My frail voice replies

“No, I don’t think you are!” He spat

“But, I just want some air, Please? I’ll be back in five minutes tops” it’s ridiculous me Nicole Franklin is cowering away from someone, What’s happened to me? I should be doing what I want, getting out of the hell hole

“I said no!” He slaps me

I fall to the floor “Liam!” I cry, He just looks at me disgust in his eye’s as if it’s me that has done something wrong, Tears fall down my face dripping off my chin and creating a small puddle on the floor, It grows larger as the water escapes keeps coming from my eyes

“I’m going out, Clean yourself up before I get back!” he left, just like that no regret nothing! How can anyone be so cruel and treat anyone like that? Never mind there girlfriend.

I pull myself of that ground onto the sofa, that’s when I notice it, his phone, it lying on the ground, It must have fallen out when he hit me, I scramble for it, knowing he could be back any second, I run to the bathroom and lock the door, I type in Aden’s number and start typing a text message to afraid to phone him in case Liam comes back.

Aden it’s Nic, I need help!

Please help me, I’m in Liam’s apartment, he’ll be back soon!

I’m sorry for everything, I need you Aden!

When Aden got the text he left everything he was doing, Nic needed him and he’d do anything for her, After everything they’d been through, she was still Nic, his best friend, and right now she needed him.

I was blindfolded, but now I'm seeing

My mind was closing, now I'm believing

I finally know what just what it means to let someone in

To see the side of me that no one does or ever will

So if your ever lost and find yourself all alone

I'd search forever just to bring you home,

Here and now this I vow

If only I’d listened to Aden, I would have seen what Liam was like, Obviously Aden had seen it, What he did to Belle, It destroyed her and Aden and I was there for him all through it, but I still gave Liam a chance! And now it’s the biggest regret I have.

I’m scared about what Aden will say, what he’ll do, no one knows what he does to me, I don’t have any friends anymore, I don’t have a social life.

I delete the text from Liam’s phone and any sign of it ever existing and I place the phone back where I found it, I curl myself up on the sofa, waiting for the return of my nightmare, And hoping this one has a happy ending, Aden becoming my Knight in shining armour.

And just when I think I’m safe for a while longer, Liam returns home, yelling and screaming accusing me of stealing his cell, I show him where he dropped it, he accuses me of planting it and he smacks me, right in the ribs I cry out in pain and double over clutching my stomach tightly in my arms, “Will you man up!” He screams

“Liam, I’m not a man, I can’t your hurting me all the time, I have so many bruises and injuries, it hurts” I cry “I swear I didn’t put your phone there”

“Your lying, What did you do, Did you call the police? Because if you did, I won’t let them in, You’ll tell them it was nothing or I’ll hurt you, I’ll kill you”

“Liam I didn’t do anything, I didn’t even see the phone until you came, I didn’t leave the sofa” I lied, it was the only way to buy time and protect myself, hoping and praying Aden would show, “Liam, I think I need to go to the hospital” My stomach hurts so badly

“Wise up” He almost laughs “Your nothing but a pansy, You need a few more of those, It might make you a better person”

“How can it possibly make me a better person? All it’s going to do is kill me someday!” I scream

“Don’t you dare talk to me like that” He slaps me across the face, My face swings to the side and then immediately to the other side when his forceful hand collides with the other half of my face, I screech out in pain, He screams at me to keep my voice down but I can’t. The door knocks forcefully and my heart jumps, Hope runs through me, Liam fires a look at me, and tells me to shut up, I lower my sobs and sit in the corner while he opens the door.

“Where is she?” Everything in me lights up, A smile appears on my face as I hear Aden’s voice from the doorway, “Liam!” he yells

“Mate, she’s just gone to the shop, Can I help?”

“She sent me a message, She needed help”

“You must be mistaking, She isn’t here”

“I don’t think I am, Can I come in?”

“Why? I told you she isn’t here, Maybe she’s just fooling you around, She might be getting back at you, after all you’s did have that bust up a few weeks back”

“Even Nic isn’t like that”

“Well she isn’t here” Liam tries to close the door but the force of Aden’s body prevents him

“I Just want to make sure everything is okay”

“It is, now will you just leave” Liam shouts

“Aden” I finally work up the strength and the guts to call his name

He using heavy his body to force open the door, Clearly he’s stronger than Liam, he peers around the room and see’s me in the corner, My nose bloody and my cheek black and blue, He turns and looks at Liam anger in his eyes, he lifts his fist and it connects with his cheek with almighty power, Liam is thrown by this, he’s stagger’s and almost loses his balance.

I'd come for you, no one but you,

Yes I'd come for you

But only if you told me to

And I'd fight for you

I'd lie, it's true

Give my life for you

You know I'd always come for you

Aden comes running across the room, he helps me to my feet and wraps his strong arms around my petite body “He did this to you?”

I nod my head, Shame taking over my words, I let him into my life, I can’t help but blame myself

“I’ll kill him!” He walks over to Liam, his pace quickening with every step anger boiling in his body, his fists clenched as tight as he can clench them, He attacks Liam blow after blow with an almighty force, Liam is frozen either with pain or guilt, Something tells Nicole it’s pain, He can’t fight back, he get closer and closer to the ground with each blow until he’s lying on the ground covering his face with his arms, Aden begins to stamp on him, his foot even more forceful than his fists

“Aden, Leave him, he’s not worth it”

“But Nic look what he’s done to you, he deserves all he gets”

“He’ll get what’s coming to him, when I go to Charlie and Angelo, I’m sure they’ll love any reason to put him behind bars” Nicole stood to her feet confidence rising in her as Aden helped her out of the apartment, the place that imprisoned her for far to long, She walked past Liam glancing down at his battered body and almost smiling to herself.

“Aden, Thank you for coming, And I’m sorry for everything”

“I wish I came sooner Nic, I wish I killed him, I can’t believe he did that to you!”

“It’s ok, It’s over now”

“If you ever need anything, I’ll be there for you, no matter what!”

No matter what gets in my way

As long as there's still life in me

No matter what, remember you know I'll always come for you

I'd crawl across this world for you

Do anything you want me to

No matter what, remember you know I'll always come for you

You know I'll always come for you


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