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Tues 3 Nov 09 – Episode # 4977

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Deathwish “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 3 Nov 09 – Episode # 4977 ]


Xavier is way sniping at Hugo because of what’s happened. Gina isn’t exactly impressed when both of them bail – and she’s just about to put dinner on table [and they aren't hungry now, of coursw]

Tony enters and Gina tells him what’s going on.


Xavier enters and speaks to Romeo, who initially ignores him. Romeo is still [for good reason] annoyed with Xavier because of tha party. Romeo bails.


NEXT DAY, Trey’s dad comments on how Gina seems a million miles away, and she remarks bout how he wouldn’t be keen to her her families problems. He tells her that it’s not so big a deal – given that he had a lot of trouble with trey etc.


Suzy is keen for Hugo to come home to Asia with her – she reminds him that she always gets what she wants.


Charlie & Angelo talk about the indekit sketch of Derek, i.e. Angelo thinks that Hugo said that he knows who Derek is as a way to get the ;police to follow a different track in therir investigation.


Derek is on phone to someone. He agrees that he has to grab Bambang soon.


Dorothy arrives with Bambang - who eagerly hugs Marsha. Dorothy is very pleased with this.


Hugo talks to Gina bout what’s happening. He tells her that Marsh say that she needs some time by herself, but Gina suggest that Hugo should do ALL he can & more to get his ‘ship with Marsha back on track.


Hugo talks to marshy. She almost can’t believe that Hugo is now keen form them both to foster Bambang. He tells her that he want to do whatever it takes to make things right tween Hugo & Marsha.


Trey’s dad speaks to Romeo – and offers hi his job back. Romeo rejects tat offer.

Gina enters – and makes a comet bout “running into” trey’s dad for the 2nd time today.


Romeo enters and speaks to Xavier bout Gina & trey’s dad. Xavier is not keen to believe him – but the look on Tonyi’s face [when Xavier wonders if he knows bout this] says it all.


Marsha & Hugo talk some more. She seems sceptical of his change of heart, but he keeps on insisting that he won’t let her down. They hug.


Gina is pleased that Hugo & Marsha have sorted things out.

As Marsha, Bambang * Hugo bail to go fishing, Xavier enters. He clashes with Gina bout her & trey’s dad. Although he doesn’t believe her, Gina insists that she’s seen another side of trey’s dad to the one that most ppl do.


After angle or Charlie gets off the phone, they are concerned that DOCs have dropped off Bambang to Marsha already. Angelo is esp. concerfned – as they are [effectively] using Bambang as bait. Charlie is very worried about all this.


Suzy tells Hug that she is adman ant that he is coming home with her – she’s even booked mi a 1 way plane ticket to Jakarta, which MUST be use in the next 2 weeks. Hugo initially give her all kind of reasons [esp. Marsha] that he is goong to stay here – but in the end, he caves [and agrees to go – in 2 weeks]


Romeo & Xavier talk about Gina & Trey’s dad – beef talking bout the party. Xavier insists that he wouldnklt have left the party if he knows that Romeo was in the trouble he was.

Talk turns to Xavier’s complicated love life he says that although he kissed Rosie at the party, he’s not in love with either her or her best friend Ally.


Angelo & Charlie are worried when they get word from their ppl at the farm that there is no sign of Marsha & Bambang there. Charlie etc bails.


Charlie & Angelo arrive at the font door. They call out to Marsha – without response. They get a call on the radio bout solemn acting suspicious near the wharfs.


Marsha, Bambang & Hugo are fishing when Bambang runs to get closer to the water. As he does that. Derek approaches Bambang – but Charley & Angelo arrive and arrest Derek.



Angelo questions Derek – who denies etc everyting that Nic & Geoff told the police that Derek said on the island.

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Marsha: hot pink [white floral] top/white shorts


Gina: maroon & mustard [very Indian style] top/dark long pants


Romeo: white [aqua wavy stripes] t/


Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants/police cap

Bambang: green [dark horiz stripes] t/white shorts

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/ dark blue long pants/police cap

Derek Gould: olive green cap/dark t/dark shorts

Dorothy: tan jacket/white top

Gina: dark [red floral near collar] top/biome long pants

Hugo: dark shirt/light blue [dark trim] singlet/denim jeans

Hugo: brown [whit check] button up shirt/dark [red bird] t/olive green long pants

Romeo: dark [blue trim] wetsuit

Romeo: balks & white check shirt/yellow [dark unknown motif] t/ dark [white swirls?] long pants

Suzy: dark [white vert stripes] knee dress

Tony: red t/dark long pants

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t/

Trey’s dad:”white [dark check] shirt/dark long pants

Xavier: blue [white crest] t/dark long pants

Xavier: red [black “suburban” and circle] t/denim jeans

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