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Fri 30 Oct 09 – Episode # 4975

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Old Dogs And New Tricks “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 30 Oct 09 – Episode # 4975 ]


Gina talks to Rach & Tony. She tells that the she thought she was a better judge of character, re Trey’s dad. Rach makes comments that at least Gina was willing to give him a chance.


Geoff & Ruby talk bout her diabetes – and how many times, over tee course of her life etc that she’ll have to inject herself.

Ruby changes the subject – she is heading off to bed, and is keen for them to cuddle etc on her bed before she “crashes” for the night. Geoff agrees and they head for her room.


NEXT DAY, Marsha is walking along when she sees Hugo talking to a women. When Hugo approaches Marsha, he tell her that the woman is a disgruntled client – who was hoping to score a free or discounted dive after the water was very murky when she previously went for dive with Hugo.


Angelo and a marine offficer talk bout how they will be seriously searching the sunken [ppl smuggling] boat today.

Nearby, Marsha talks to Hugo. She is regretting hart decision to not apply to foster Bambang. Whilst he is adamant tat it was the best decision, Marsha doesn’t like that Hugo is being so pig headed bout this.


Trey’ dad speaks to Gina. he is hoping that she will give him a 2nd chance, but she rejects him though – since he didn’t give Romeo a 2nd chance.


Ruby is on the phone. When the call ends, she tells Geoff tat she is annoyed that Charlie is going over the top by phoning every hour checking up on her.

Ruby’s mood isn't helped when Geoff is also being a tad too protective of Ruby because of her diabetes. Ruby is frustrated, so she bails.


A Marine officer tells Angelo that twelve located a metal box which a fairly sturdy lock on it near the sunken boat ppl ship. Angelo is keen to see what’s it.


Geoff is lifting weights on the benchpress by himself when Toby enters. He can see that Geoff is kinda straining so he “suggest” that he should stop.

Geoff talks to Tony bout Ruby – and Tiny suggest that maybe Geoff should give ruby some space etc.


Ruby talk to Rach bout what’s been happening twen her & Geoff – esp. she feels like Geoff is now more so her carer than her b/f. Rach suggest that Ruby should set him straight [tell him what she doe want, and doesn’t want] instead of yelling at him and hopping he gets the hint.

Nearby, Trey’s dad tells Gina that he offered Romeo his job back, but Romeo declines. Trey’s dad tells Gina that he is keen to change, and that [maybe] she can teach an old dog new tricks.


Marsha answers the phone - its Dorothy from DOCs. Marsha wonders why she rang.


Angelo and the marine officer sift through some of the things that have been found in etc Te sunken boat. Tings like some fake IDs and part of the engine. There’s a serial number on it – so they go to get that checked out.


Rach [pushing a pram with Harry in it] sees Marsha and they talk., Marsha tell Rach that DOCS phone s – theibng haven’t worked it for Bambnmg with the family who fostered hum , so DOCS are keen for Marsha to do so once more.


Geoff site with Ruby who has bought a picnic with lots of food that it good for her diabetes. As they talk they both realise tat they;ve misunderstood what signals that other had been sending – i.e. Geoff thought that ruby wants him to totally back off, whilst ruby thought that that Geoff wanted her to0 be more open bout her diabetes. They kiss


Trey’s dad is keen to make thing up to Gina, but she’s not so sure when he suggest teaching her how to surf.


Gina [wetsuit on and surfboard under arm] is kinda further discouraged when she see a bikini clad teen run past her with a board under her arm. Trey’s dad suggesting tat these young ppl shouldnlkt have all the fun. Gina then heeds for the water.


Marsha is deep in thought for a bit. She then walks very purposely toward the diner end of the wharf.


Rach [pushing Harry in pram] arrives just as Tony on locking up gym for the night. He is surprised to see that Gina is chatting to Trey’s dad. Tony is ken to have a word to Gina, but Rach insists that Gina is an adult and knows what she is doing. Rach etc bails


Marsha and Hugo clash bout her decision to want to foster Bambang one more.


Angelo & the marine officer talk bout how the serial number on the engine part can be linked to Best Fruit Imports. This leads Angelo to recall [and we see the flashback] of Watson finding an invoice with the nem on it in Hugo’s boat shed.


Marshy & Hugo clash again bout the whole Bambang thing. They are interrupted when I woman called Suzy arrives. Marsh is SHOCKED when Suzy says that she is Hugo’s WIOFE



Aden & Nic clash – after she says Liam can stay in her old room at Adelle’s

Marsha is astounded buy how little she REALLY knows bout Hugo

Looks like the police capture Derek Gould

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rach: white [dark vert stripes] blouse/red maxi dress


Ruby: white [various fluro coloured splotches] knee dress


Geoff: white [dark crest] t/denim jeans


Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants/police cap

Geoff: grey [dark trim] singlet/dark long pants

Geoff: white singlet/dark long pants

Geoff: white singlet/denim jeans

Gina: dark [grey floral] top/dark long pants

Gina: dark wetsuit

Gina: silver [dark floral] blouse/dark top/dark long pants

Hugo: red [dark check] shirt/denim jeans

Leah: purple top

Marine Officer: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants/police cap

Marsha: white singlet top/denim shorts

Rach: white blouse/red [white squires?] top

Ruby: white lace vest/dark top/dark [white & red floral] long skirt

Suzy: silver & black low cut v neck top[/dark knee skirt

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t/dark shorts

Tony: white button up shirt/dark t/dark long pants

Trey’s dad : dark wetsuit top/red shorts

Trey’s dad: white l/s shirt

Trey’s dad: white t/denim jeans

Trey's dad: dark wetsuit

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