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6 things I know about WOMEN…

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6 things I know about WOMEN…

By Ryan Kwanten

Cosmopolitan (UK edition) November 2009 p.103

He’s the sexy star of vampire drama True Blood, but what does Ryan know about women and sex?

1 I love confident women

“I’m Australian and we’re very open-minded with our bodies, so I’ve always loved that kind of, ‘I am woman, hear me roar’, thing in the bedroom. If it makes you happy to show off your body, I’m all for it. But I find nudity for nudity’s sake in film or TV a little harder to take. I get naked a lot in True Blood, but I feel I’m in safe hands and I’m not going to be hung out to dry.”

2 Smart women are sexy

“I like the saying, ‘Beauty to no complexion is confined, is of all colours and by none defined’, meaning what one person finds beautiful, someone else might not. That’s why I have a problem with being called a sex symbol – it’s such an unquantifiable factor. I’ve always found Jennifer Connelly appealing both as a woman and actress. She’s got a degree too, so she’s a smart woman.”

3 One-night stands can work

“My mother’s always been of the opinion that if a girl is easy, she’s probably not the kind of girl you want to be in a relationship with. And some peole say sex on a first date is just lust. But you can’t have a relationship without passion. So if you know it’s good, and if it’s working… You have to doit on a case-by-case basis. There are one-night stands that have led to a relationship. And I’ve heard that no-strings sex exists too!”

4 The key to a good date is listening

“One thing I think makes for a very bad date is the other person not listening to you. Listening is such a lost art form. To have any kind of successful relationship, you’ve got to have the ability to listen to the other side. Saying that, men are professionals at bottling up emotions. We do talk, but in a different way to women – like maybe when we’re doing sports. Women, on the other hand, tend to be far more outspoken and on the nose. You’re definitely better at venting stuff.”

5 Women secretly love an argument

“I’m very stubborn and competitive – I’m trying to get better but I think that competitive side of a guy is a curse and a blessing. I’m sure women actually find it attractive. If a guy didn’t have that, then you’d be winning all the battles and you’d be like, ‘Where’s the fun in that?’ So you can’t have it all. Like I say, I’m trying to be better. We all know what our faults and what our weaknesses are, and as long as you’re aware of them, you can move forward with relationships.”

6 Mystery is sexy

“Ine the past year-and-a-half, I’ve gained a good handful of female friends and, trust me, I could talk endlessly on the topic of things that I don’t understand about women. But at the same time, that’s the beauty of you. No matter how hard we try, men will never know everything about women – and that’s the mystery and sexiness that is a woman.”

Ryan’s star bio

Age: 32

Romantic status: Single. Hurrah!

What you won’t find on his CV: Ryan got into acting by mistake, after bursting in on his brother's audition. He’s also apparently a Scrabble fan. What do we score for spelling out, ‘We’re available’?

Why we love him anyway: We’ve had a soft spot for Ry since he first appeared as lifeguard Vinnie in Home & Away, back in 1998.

Catch him next in: Our new favourite TV show True Blood on C4, Mondays at 9pm.


My scanner isn't working so I typed it up.

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