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Tues 27 Oct 09 – Episode # 4972

Guest JosieTash

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UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” She Won’t Let Me In “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 27 Oct 09 – Episode # 4972]


Kirsty arrives home and hugs Oly. When Miles tries to talk to her, Kirsty insist she needs to lie down. After she goes upstairs, a sullen Miles tell Alf that he wishes the Kirsty would talk to him bout what’s going on – as right now, she is totally shutting him out.


Hugo & Marsha clash over Marsha’s deciding to look after Bambang. She tells him she dint think that he would make this much fuss. Marsha suggest that they should speak bout this when Hugo has had some sleep [i.e. is less grouchy]. After Hugo leaves the room, Bambang hugs Marsha.


Kirsty is in bed when Colleen enters the room. Colleen tries to talk to Kirsty bout what’s going on, but gets nowhere.

Coleen, downstairs now, talks to Miles & Alf. She suggests that a girl like Kirsty need her mum at times like this.


As Hugo & Marsha talk about Bambang, she tells Hugo tat so many ppl have helped her over the years, and now its time for Marsha to help a person in need. Hugo keeps on pushing the point that this is a big task that Marsha is taking on – the cultural diffrences etc. When marsha asks, Hugo isn’t sure that he supports her decision on this.


Miles tells Alf that he is seriously thinking about contacting Shelley – since Irene is in Japan at the moment., Alf tells Miles that he doesn't know if that is a good idea, as Kirsty & her mum Shelley haven’t specimen in quite a while etc.

Later that night, Oly is in bed with Kirsty. She hugs him as she tries to go to sleep.

Next days, Kirsty weeks 0- and Oly isn’t in bed with her. Moments lasers, Shelley enters the room. Kirsty is surprised but pleased to see her mum. They hug. Shelley tell Kirsty at Miles contacted her – and Kirsty goes all waaaaaaaaaaaay teary as she tells Shelley bout tee continual waves of emotional pain that she has experienced/is experiencing since she lost the baby.

Shelley gees downstairs and Alf is pleased to see her again after all this time. Shelley is keen to given Oly a present, but he doesn’t accept until Kirsty enters the room sand “suggest” that he should.

Miles is despondent when Kirsty wants to go of a walk with Shelley & Oly. The trio bail.


Colleen is pleased to see Shelley, and commst she suggested to mils that he should contact Shelley. When colleen asks, Shelley says Oly & Kirsty are outside – and then Shelley orders some juices.

Nearby, Charlie speaks to Hugo. He is taken aback when she tells him that Marsha has applied to be Bambang's foster parent.


Marsha & Hugo MAJORLY verbally clash over her decision. Marsha, however, isn’t backing down – insisting that she is doing this whether Hugo like it or not.

Later, Marshy & Hugo talk bout this once more. This time, Hugo is able to convince marsha that whilst it’s a generous etc ting that she offered to do, it’s not the right thing – as Bambang need to be with ppl of his own culture etc.


Whilst Shelley & Oly makes sandwiches together, miles & Kirst talk on bask patio. She rejects his idea of having some kind of ceremony for the “lost “child. Kirsty also rejects miles susgseryon to talk bout their ‘ship. The final nail in coffin is when Kirsty wants Shelley to sleep is same bed as Kirsty tonight.


Charlie is surprised when Marsha – with Bambang nearby =- says at she has changed her mid bout this – she no longer wants to foster him, as she wants to do what’s best for Bambang.


Hugo insists to Marsha that she did the right thigh by not applying to foster Bambang, Marsha is way emotional – and bails to tee bedroom.


Shelley realised something else isn’t quite right at the moment. She ask Kirsty if there’s any other problem tween she & Miles. The dejected etc look on Kristy’s face says it all.



With Liam out of town, Xavier is keen to use Liam’s new place for the party

During the party, Romeo has a drink that’s been spiked – but a random girl that some random guy was with seem to be the intended victim of the spiking though

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Shelley: dark dressing gown/silver [dark trim] nightdress


Marsha: white singlet top/blue [white floral?] full length skirt


Miles: purple shirt/green t/dark long pants


Alf: blue [white check] shirt/bone long pants

Alf: yellow [dark check] shirt/bone long pants

Bambang: green [white unknown logo] singlet

Bambang: dark [white unknown logo] long sleeve top

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/ dark blue long pants

Colleen: green &blue leafy blouse/hot pink top

Colleen: red top/2 tone purple blouse

Hugo: brown & white check shirt/blue t/denim jeans

Hugo: grey [white crest] t/dark shorts

Kirsty: dark grey dressing gown/grey nightdress

Kirsty: dark v neck knees dress/dark long pants

Kirsty: grey top

Kirsty: dark [white mosaic like pattern] long sleeve top/dark ¾ pants

Marsha: blue cardy/dark low cut v neck maxi dress

Miles: grey [black “Est. 1982 New York Abercrombie & Fitch”] t/dark shirt/dark long pants

Oliver: red [green aliens?] PJs

Oliver: red [white logo, and partly grey sleeves] l/s top

Oliver: white [yellow unknown motif] t/dark long pants

Shelley: dark [white floral] knee dress

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