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Dreams Come True

Guest tessalove

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Ok,, Well this reall hasn't gone to plan. Im not sure how long it's going to be.

I thought it would be better than tis, But it's not lol

Please let me know what you think, Truthful lol...

It's probably very confusing and weird, but sure lets see how it goes!

Story Title:Dreams come true

Type of story: Medium

Main Characters:Most of the cast

Rating: G/T

Genre: Dreams, Pain, Love, New beginnings

Does story include spoilers: Nope

Any warnings: I'll give them at the start of the chapters, if there is any

Summary: The resisdents of Summer Bay all have one dream on one particualr night, It happens all around the whole world, They call it a Flash Forward, A black out where people see there future, Summer Bay see's it in a dream as it hits them when its night. What lies one year ahead in the future of each of Summer Bay locals?

“Ok, You all know why were here” Irene began “What has happened to us has happened all over the world, Only they fell on conscious, We had dreams, many of the people around the world believe these are premonitions, You can believe what you like, I myself do believe that these dreams have showed are future.”

“I know this sounds scary, but I too believe this is real” Rachel added

“We’ve called this meeting to let all of you know, The dreams have been said to be some sort of warning for your future, In a year this will have happened, Today is the 16th September, Your dream will happen between now and the 16th of September 2010, People have had more than one flash, I have heard that most of us will have more than one, We can have ones that have vital information for another person, We can flash on others future, If we are involved with the person, These other flashed may fill in some gaps we have now”

“Irene, Do you really believe this is for real? We have dreams all the time, It doesn’t mean there real” Ruby sighed

“Yes Dawl, But the other half of the world didn’t black out and have flashes all the other times now did they?”

“No, I guess not, But it just seems a bit farfetched that’s all”

“I know, I know. This meeting was called for anyone who wishes to share there dream, I’ll start” Irene said, everyone around the room looked around, they all seemed nervous, Some seemed anxious to tell there dream and others seemed terrified

“Well my dream wasn’t all that special, I was in the diner, I had two children running around my feet, I don’t know who’ they were, but they were calling me Aunty Irene, So who’s ever they were, they were close to me, That’s all I can really remember, Just serving some food and stuff in the diner, I guess I’m not all that exciting” Irene laughed

“Would any one else like to share there?” Irene asked sitting down in her seat

Charlie let go of Angelo’s hand and stood to her feet “I’ll go” She sighed sadly


Charlie looked into the mirror, Her long whit wedding gown flowing around her “You look gorgeous Charlie” Ruby said with tears in her eyes

“Thanks Rubes, You don’t look too bad yourself”

“Are you ready?” Charlie nodded, “Let’s get you married then shall we?” They left the house and got into a wedding car and started the Journey towards the Church, Their dad and Morag met them at the entrance and Charlie began her short walk down the Aisle.

The dream jumped to Charlie sitting on the sofa crying into her hands, She lifted on hand and signed the papers sitting on her lap, She cried some more. The papers on her lap were divorce papers.

**End of flash**

“My dream was of me being married, It was just me and Ruby in the house, we left for the Church and I was so happy, My Dad walked me down the Aisle, everything seemed perfect.

But then it jumped to me alone on the sofa, I was crying and I had papers on my lap, They were divorce papers” Charlie had tears in her eyes, she sat back down, not able to face Angelo

Everyone stayed silent while everyone told of their own dreams. No questions were asked everyone was allowed to speak freely.


Angelo stood on the beach, a gun in his right hand, A body laying in front of him. He picked out his phone and dialled a number, minutes later police arrived, Angelo was arrested.

He was in the prison wearing a prison uniform, Everyone passed him by, he didn’t seem to bother with anyone...

**End of flash**

“I was in prison” Angelo stood up “I murdered someone on the beach, I turned myself in, who ever it was, They must have done something pretty bad for me to take my own life, I killed them for a reason, I wouldn’t have just given up so easy if there was no reason”

“You killed someone? Who!” Charlie spoke up

“I don’t know, I didn’t see who it was, All I saw was the gun and the body, and then the prison” Angelo sat back down, and silence filled the room once more

“I was in an accident” Xavier stood up


Xavier left the farm in his car, it was raining heavily and he could barely see the road, The car swerved and he lost control of the wheel, It went all over the place until it finally came to a halt, it halted straight into a tree. He loses consciousness, All he see’s is light, He hears people all around him, but he can’t show any sign of life”

**End of flash**

“I was leaving the farm, and my car, it skidded on the road, I went straight into a tree, I can’t remember anything after, I remember hearing voices, but I couldn’t see anything”

Tears streamed down Ruby’s face, She remembered her dream


She was sat in a hospital, No one around just her alone, she had been crying, her eyes were red a puffy.

Rachel comes out of the room, Ruby drops to the floor, sobs wreck her body.

**End of flash**

“In my dream, I was in a hospital, I was crying, Then Rachel came out and talked to me, and I dropped to the floor in tears, something happened to someone” She looked towards Xavier

“These are real” She cried, “How, how is this even possible?”

“I don’t know dawl, Thank you all for sharing, is there anyone else?”


Aden was sat on his sofa, tears falling down his face, He looked towards the stairs and a young girl came down them, She sat beside him and comforted him, When he had stopped crying he placed a kiss lightly on her lips.

**End of Flash**

“I did something I never thought I could have done, I moved on from Belle, I was crying at home, When a girl came down the stairs, she comforted me, and I kissed her, I don’t know what to think”

“Dawl, it sounds like it could be true, Belle would want you to move on”

“I know, but It’s just it’s so soon after her”

“This is the future love, No one is saying it’s going to happen tomorrow”

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Thank you guy's so much for all the comments! Your all so sweet!! :)

Hope this Chapter is ok! After this might get a bit confusing! I hope ot doesn't though!

Enjoy :)

“Can I go?” Geoff stood to his feet and asked

“Of course you can”

“I was on a beach”


Geoff was standing on the beach, A pram by his side, He’s been crying, He has a photo in his pocket that he keeps looking at, But he can’t see who it is. He had a tattoo on his arm, Small numbers, it looked like a date 28-03-10.

**End of flash**

“I had a pram, with a baby boy in it, I don’t know who’s baby it is or why I have it, I keep taking a photo out of my pocket and looking at it, but I can’t see who it is, All I can see is that it is a girl. I had a date tattooed on my arm, The 28th of March I think”

“Thank you for sharing dawl”

“Your welcome, Annie What did you see?”

“What? Umm,”


Geoff was standing on the beach, Annie was watching him her heart breaking a little more every second, he was crying and she couldn’t help him,

She crying too, She leaves un able to watch it anymore, She finds herself at the caravan park, She opens one of the doors and Romeo is inside

**End of flash**

“I was watching you on the beach, you were crying, I was crying too. I had to leave, I went to the caravan park into one of the caravans and Romeo was inside, that were my dream ended, Romeo what was yours like?” Annie smiled

“I owned Liam’s shop”


Romeo was in the caravan with Annie, the two were sleeping together. The next thing he was in the shop he help fix up with Liam, he owned it now apparently, It was a surfing shop, he was standing behind the counter while, the costumers al came in and went out

**End of flash**

“Why do you own Liam’s shop?” Annie asked

“I don’t know, Its a surf shop”

“But where’s Liam?”

“In Jail I’d say” Liam stood up form the back row

“What?” Nicole questioned

“I killed someone” Nicole recoiled closer to Geoff who sat on the opposite side


Liam stood on the beach with a knife in his hand, A girl lying in front of him blood seeping through her top, She was a pregnant girl. Liam’s hands were covered n blood.

He returned to his apartment, and he had been taking drugs again, they lay all over the place, he picked some up and swallowed the small white tablets.

**End of flash**

“Who?” Nicole asked in horror

“I don’t know, It was a girl, I didn’t see her face, I just saw the knife in my hands and the blood pouring out of her chest” Liam told them, leaving out the bit about the girl being pregnant

“That’s... That’s sick!”

“You don’t know if it will be true or not” Liam tried to defend himself

“There is a high possibility it will be true, you’ve heard it!”

“What was your dream?”

“I, I don’t remember” Nicole lied


Nicole stood alone in a dark room, There was nothing in it, Just for walls and a door. There’s a date written on the wall, The 28th of March 2010. She opened the door, she saw Geoff standing on a beach holding a baby, then everything went black

**End of flash**

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Thanks for the comments! :)

Thsi will be the last update until after the weekend, Im heading to London for a few days! :)

Hope you's enjoy it! :D

“Everyone’s remembered there’s” Annie asked confused to why she hadn’t remembered hers

“I never remember dreams” She said, she rose to her feet “I have to go” She hurried out, But Geoff followed straight behind her

“Nic!” He called, she halted and turned around “Are you ok?”

“Yeah I’m fine!” She snapped

“You don’t seem fine!”

“I just found out that my boyfriend is a murderer!”

“He hasn’t murdered anyone”

“Yet! He dreamed it, he killed some poor girl!”

“Not yet Nicole”

“It going to happen though right? That’s what everyone’s saying!”

“Yeah but..”

“But nothing”

“Nic, What was your dream? I know you remember something”

“That’s it, I don’t, I was in black room with nothing! There was a date on the wall, the 28th of March”

The 28th of March, that triggered something, Geoff’s tattoo, “Is that it?” he asked

“Yes, Well except, I opened a door, I saw you on the beach, You were holding a baby, Geoff what does that mean?”

“I don’t know Nic, You’ll figure it out”

“I hope”

That night Geoff had another dream


He stood on the beach watching her lifeless body laying on the sand, the pool of blood around her, He called for an ambulance and it was there, he went with her in the ambulance, he took hold of her hand and squeezed it lightly, She went into the operating room.

Hours later Rachel appeared out of the room, She shook her head sadly “No? Rachel No!” he screamed

“I’m sorry there was nothing we could do, she was dead before she was brought in here” she said tears falling from her eyes

“The baby?”

“We managed to save him, He’s slightly small but he’s breathing on his own, it’s a good sign”

“I’ll kill him!” Geoff yelled

“You know who did this?”

“Of course I do! I was Liam, she broke up with him because he was back on the drugs, he’s done nothing but hassle her, I didn’t realise it would go this far”

“Geoff, Be careful, don’t do anything stupid!”

“Rachel he killed her, Nicole, she’s gone! I loved her Rachel!”

**End of Flash**

He awoke, Sweat dripping from his forehead, Nicole was the girl Liam killed!

And she’s pregnant? That must be the baby on the beach, and the date, That was the day he killed her, the day the baby was born.

He rushed straight to Aden’s “Aden!”He banged on the door

“What?” Aden said annoyed at the loud noise disturbing his peace

“I need to talk to you”

“So talk”

“Not here Aden!”

“Fine, fine come in” Aden opened the door wider and Geoff walked in, “What is it?”

“I’ve had another dream”

“And.. Does it involve me?”

“No, but your going to want to know”

“Spill it then!”

“Okay, It’s about Liam, the murder he was talking about, I know who the girl was, Everything ties together now”

“Geoff, you’re not explaining whose he girl?”


“What? Nic, Our Nic?”

“Yes, I saw it, she was lying on the beach lifeless, there was blood coming from her chest, she wasn't moving, but she had a bump"

“Wait a minute, she’s pregnant?”

“Apparently, it was early, it was a boy. That’s the baby from my vision, and the date on my arm, that’s the day he was born and the day Nic died, The 28th Of March 2010”

“What about Nic’s vision? She’s bound to have seen something”

“She did, she seen darkness, and A date, The same date I seen, she dies Aden, She dies in 6 months.”

“We have to stop it!”

“How? What if we can’t, what if these visions are just to tell us what’s going to happen”

“There warnings Geoff, We can stop it! You know the date; all we have to do is keep Nicole safe that day!”

“But if there warnings wouldn’t everyone’s have something to stop? Something to warn us against? Yours is happy, you’ve moved on in your future”

“No, I’m not happy, The girl she had to comfort me, I realise what I’m crying about now, It’s Nic, it has to be! We can change this!”

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Heres the update!

Thnak you guys for all your lovely comments!

Sorry it's so short!

Hope ya like this! El x

Two months had passed, No one had, had any more dreams, Well no one had told any one anyway.

Charlie lay in bed sleeping heavily Angelo beside her.


She saw grant punch him, he had his hands wrapped tightly around Angelo’s neck, Angelo reached into his pocket and grabbed his gun, he fired it, and it hit him. When Angelo was free h looked at Grant lying on the ground the blood falling out of him, He looked shocked he put his hands on his head.

He grabbed his phone from his pocket and dialled the police

“Hello Charlie Buckton speaking” She heard her own voice answer the call

“I just killed someone”

“Who is this?”

“It’s... It’s Angelo” The phone dropped and when it was picked up Charlie was no longer on he other end.

“Angelo? This is Watson, Where are you?”

“I’m on the beach”

“And what seems to be the problem”

“I just shot Grant Bledcoe” He disconnected the call and fell to the ground, he lifted the sand in his hands and dropped it to the ground again, he waited in the same position until the police came and took him away.

That was the reason for the divorce, Charlie couldn’t believe her husband was a killer, She hated Grant but she wouldn’t have had him killed! Angelo never mentioned that it was in self defence, he would have killed Angelo if he hadn’t of done something

**End of flashback**

Charlie awoke suddenly waking Angelo up with her.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He asked in a soothing voice

“I had another flash”

“What was it?”

“You killing Grant”

“Charlie” he sighed

“No Angelo! It was self defence, He was strangling you, But you didn’t tell anyone, you just told them you killed him! Angelo we might not have ended up divorced if you just told the truth!”

“I’m still a murderer”

“Not yet, We can change things now”

“Maybe, I hope so! Charlie, I don’t want to divorce you”

“Were not even married yet Angelo”

“Maybe, but we could be” He reached down into his jeans which were lying on the floor and pulled out a small box, inside was a ring “Charlie, Marry me?”

“Of course I will!” She grinned “Do you think this is how it happened? In the future?”

“I don’t know, I thought about it, and I went and bought the ring because I heard what happens, Does that make sense?”

“Yes, it does. I love you!”

“I love you too!” he kissed her and they settled back down into bed again.

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Next chapter! Sorry for the wait, hope you like it!!

Dedicated to Gee and Danni!!

Annie sat on the beach with Romeo, “You know you dream, was there anything else?”

“What do you mean?”

“Like was I in it?”

“Annie, I don’t want to say this, It will freak you out, but yes you were in it”

“Were we in a caravan by any chance?”

“You saw it too?”

“Yeah, twice”

“You’ve had two?”

“Yeah, the seem to be pretty much the same thing, Seeing Geoff with a baby, I’m sad and feel like I can’t do anything and then Your there and we sleep together and I feel good, but your telling me it isn’t right, that I shouldn’t be doing it”

“I’ve had two as well, And we’ve been together in both, But I feel like your using me to get away from what ever it is you need to be away from.”

“I’d never use you!”

“I thought I’d know that, but in my dreams, its just like you just want all the pain to go away, you want to rebel and you find that having sex with me is the only way”

“But, I don’t! Romeo I love you now! If we make it until next year imagine how much I must love you!”

“I suppose, I’m sorry, We’ll take what we get, And if you want to go that far, it’s your choice!”

“I really do love you”


“Nicole, Are you still worried about my vision?”

“Wouldn’t you be?”

“Well yes, but it’s just, well you don’t know if it’s true or not, why would I kill someone?”

“Liam, I don’t know, it’s just every time I look at you, I picture you killing some poor innocent girl”

“I’m not going to Nicole! I won’t let myself! I feel like you’ve been keeping your distance from me”

“I have, I’m not going to lie, I’m scared, scared of what you might end up doing”

“Don’t be Nicole; I swear to you, it won’t happen!”

“I can’t do this right now Liam, I don’t feel to good, I’m gonna head for a walk”

“I’ll come with you”

“No! Erm, Its ok, I think I’d rather be alone” Once again Nicole shot Liam down, She headed to the beach where she sat in the sand, she thought of everything, her vision, Liam’s, vision, everyone’s. That’s when she blacked out, she slumped over in the sand, hre mind went black, she couldn’t see anything except a baby, and that date. When she came around Aden was hunched over her.

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Thanks Tele and Laura for the lovely comments! :)

Is everyone still enjoying this? Is may seem a bit selfish, it's just im not getting very many comments, I hope it's okay and ok to understand! I love hearing what you guys think, So let me know! :D

Here's an update! Enjoy!

Dedicated to Tele, Because she always writes me loads of fics and she's always there for me! (And never nags me to update because I leave it at interesting parts) hehe

“Nic! Nicole are you ok?”

“Yeah, I’m yeah I’m ok!” she said and sat up

“What happened?”

“I don’t know, I’ve been feeling ill lately, I just fainted”

“Are you ok now?”

“I still feel a bit woozy”

“Did you have a vision?”

“No, not a vision as such, I just seen some stuff”

“What sort of stuff?”

“Oh nothing!”

“Nicole, Please tell me”

“It’s just, in my last vision I didn’t see anything, just a room, With a date on the wall” Aden nodded along, pretending he didn’t know what she saw, “And there now I seen the same date, Only this time I seen a baby, It was a boy, it was wrapped up in a blanket, but I couldn’t hold it”

“Are you pregnant?” Aden jumped straight to the question that had been playing on his mind the whole time

“No! What no way!” She sighed “I couldn’t be, could I?”

“Well Nic, I don’t know!”

“I did..... about 3 months ago, But I’m on the pill, it was only one night!”

“Is it Liams?”

“No, I haven’t slept with him since before this” She sighed “I can’t even bring myself to look at him lately”

“So who?”


“Geoff? Geoff Campbell, Bible boy?”

“Yeah” tears fell from her eyes

“But when?”

“A few months ago I was stressing about the HSC’s and we were alone, he called round to see me, and we”

“And you;s had sex?”

“Yes” She whispered

“He failed to mention that!”

“What, what do you mean?”

“I think you need to talk to Geoff, he needs to know about this”

“But, I can’t! He’ll hate me, It was a mistake, I don’t even know if I am yet”

“You need to let him know”

“Fine! But if he kills me, it’s your fault” Aden shivered at that, “What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing” He sighed “Go see Geoff”

“Fine, fine” She said and walked away, “Geoff?” She lightly knocked on the door, even though he could see him, he rose to his feet, his eyes not able to really look at her, this was the first time he’s really seen her since his dream

“Hey, What are you doing here?”

“I need to talk to you, Are you alone?”

“Yeah, Everyone’s out, come on in” He sat on the sofa and she sat opposite him, “What’s up?”

“I think I might be.”

“Pregnant?” He cut her off, finishes her sentence, knowing exactly what he was going to say

“How did you know?”

“I had a vision”

“So you know your the father?”

“What? I’m the what?”

“I thought you knew, I thought that’s what you saw”

“No, Nic I seen something else, I just thought Liam was the father, But how am I?”

“Remember the HSC, You came round? And we ended up in bed together?”

“Oh god! It all makes sense!”

“What does?”

“My vision!”

“Geoff, Can you tell me what it was you saw? What makes sense?”

“I can’t Nic”

“What do you mean you can’t? Of course you can!”

“No, Nic it’s too hard”

“Please Geoff! I want to know!”

“I saw you, You were dead”

“I was what?” She gasped “Is that why I can’t see anything? Because I don’t have anything to see?”

I guess so, But Nic, we can change it! I know the date, It the date we both saw, that’s when my son is born, and its when you die”


“Because, this is like a warning, We can stop it”

“No, how do I die?”

“You were killed”

“By who?”


“Liam kills me?”

“He’s back on the drugs, I guess he finds out you cheated on him, I don’t know why, but he kills you”

“Does the baby live?”

“Yes, He survives”

“And I take it you look after it?”

“I think so, it looks that way” he sighed “But I won’t let this happen to you! Not you or the baby! Your going to be okay”

“I need to tell Liam”

“Do you want me too? I can tell him to leave town”

“Would you?” she looked into Geoff’s eyes, “I can’t face him, I can’t do it!”

“Of course I will, Do you want to stay here?”

She nodded and he left the house, He drove to Liam’s house, he walked up the steps and knockd on the door, Liam answered, “Can I come in?”

“Em, okay”

He walked into the house and sat down followed by Liam, “Nicole, she’s pregnant”

“Oh, where is she, is she ok?”

“The baby, it’s not yours”

“So whose is it?”

“It’s mine Liam”

“But you’s two finished ages ago”

“I know we did, but a few months ago, she was going through a rough, patch, she was stressing about the HSC, We ended up sleeping together”

“But she was with me, wasn’t she?”


“So she cheated on me?”

“Yeah, And Liam I know about your dream”

“The pregnant girl? I killed her, It was Nic, I’m going to kill Nic!” he stood up, he looked helpless, tears fell from his eye’s, “I need to leave! I can’t be here, Tell Nic I’m going, I’m going to get as far away from this place as possible!”

“Liam, Don’t come back, Please don’t come back”

“I won’t, If I’m here Nic’s life it’s in danger, I can’t be here!”

“Thank you”

“Will you tell her I love her, please!”

Geoff nodded and left the house. Leaving Liam to pack as much stuff as possible.

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Thanks so much for the lovely comments! :)

Hope you's enjoy this!

Sorry it;s a bit short!

If this is getting too confusing or crappy, let me know!

It was the 27th of March, The day Angelo killed grant, “You have to stay here” Charlie spoke sternly

“I’m not going to kill him Charlie”

“I know, but this is the day you do kill him!”

“I’ll stay here all day! I promise!”

“Ok, And I’m staying with you”

“That’s not a problem” Angelo grinned, They had been married 2 months now, They decided to get married rather early, they thought it would be different from the future, they tried to be spontaneous


“She dies tomorrow” Aden said glumly

“It’s not going to happen anymore, Liam’s in LA he can’t get her”

“But what if it’s her destiny to die tomorrow?”

“Aden! You were the one that said we could stop this; All we have to do is keep her safe! What happened?”

“I’ve been thinking, Have you ever seen one of them movies, Like where they see there future and the change it, but it ends up it happens anyway just differently?”

“Way to think positive!”

“I’m sorry, I’m just tying to save Nic’s life! We’ll have to watch every move she makes tomorrow!”

“We will!”

“Grant! Please put the gun down” Angelo begged

“Nope! Angelo your going down! This gun it has your finger prints all over it!” Grant spat as he held the gun to his head, he was holding it with a plastic bag

“No one’s going to think I killed you, You’ll be holding the gun and with the plastic bag?”

“Everyone will think you’ve done it! You could just say I did, after all you are a cop, You could set this up no problem and you have no witnesses”

“Charlie will be back soon”

“All the more reason to get this dome!”

“But why Grant?”

“Charlie took everything from me! I have nothing I want her to pay, I was going to kill you, but then she wouldn’t be able to see you suffer”

“Your sick”

“I know” he said, he pulled the trigger and that was it, he was gone!

“No!” Angelo yelled

Seconds later Charlie walked in, “What happened?” She screamed

“He killed himself, he set me up! I knew this wouldn’t be easy!”

“I was only gone for five minutes, If I didn’t leave, This is all my fault” Charlie cried

“No! It’s not! We need to call the cops! They might not blame me! Look, it looks like suicide”

“But they know all about us, They know I wanted him dead, and they know you’d do anything for me!”

Charlie called the cops, they came and both Charlie and Angelo were taken in for questioning, The officers didn’t seem to believe there story, and Angelo was arrested, it was his gun and his finger prints, an after looking through grants phone, they found a text, stating that Angelo was going to kill him.

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Thanks Danni and Gee..... This is for you's! :D

Plese don't be scared to leave comments :D The more the merrier lol

It was the 28th of March, Nicole had stayed the night at Geoff’s, they woke up in the morning and since he hadn’t taken his eyes of her.

“Geoff, I can make coffee you know, there’s no need to be breathing down my neck”

“I’m just being super careful, It’s like Aden said, it could still happen”

“My future was for Liam to kill me, he’s not here anymore, that can’t happen!”

“I know, I’m sorry, I’ll leave you alone, I need a shower anyway, Promise me you won’t leave the house?”

“I promise!” she smiled

“Good! He kissed her and made his way to the bathroom.


Aden sat down beside Ruby on the beach, “What’s wrong?” He asked immediately noticing she had been crying

“Angelo’s been arrested”

“What, what for?”

“Murdering Grant”

“But how come? I thought he would have changed the future? I mean he seen there visions, Why would he do it?”

“He didn’t, Grant set him up, he killed himself, but he used Angelo’s gun, and he had a message in his phone, it said Angelo was going to kill him, he framed him”

“So he couldn’t stop his destiny?”

“I guess not, which means none of us can! Xav’s gonna die!”

“Nic! Ruby I’m so sorry I have to go!”

“Ok! Is everything alright?”

“Nic dies today! If Angelo couldn’t stop his, that means she cant either!”

“Oh god! Save her! I can’t lose her! Why is this happening?”

“I don’t know! But hopefully this won’t!”

Geoff rushed to Irene’s place, He looked around inside and he couldn’t see anyone, “God! Nic!” he called out, his heart racing, it slowed down when she walked out of the bedroom

“What? Aden what’s wrong?”

“Angelo’s in jail!”

“And? I mean what’s that got to do with me?”

“He couldn’t stop his vision!”

“So I can’t stop mine?”

“I don’t know! Where’s Geoff?”

“He’s in the shower!”

“I told him not to leave you!” He said angrily

“Well I told him to leave me alone! I didn’t think anything would happen! Liam’s gone! So I told him to have a shower! It’s not as if I could just go with him! I wouldn’t fit!” She said pointing at her rather large bump

“What’s all the shouting?” Geoff asked walking from the bathroom

“Angelo’s in jail” Nicole sobbed

“Ok... Since when are you close with Angelo?”

“I’m not but, If his dream happened when he tried to prevent it, Ours is too!”

“Don’t say that”

“What if it’s true though”

“Look you know what, Were gonna sit here all day, Your not going to move, Were gonna watch DVD’s and do absolutely nothing until midnight and this day is over!” Aden said “We can look out for you”

“Ok, That’s a good plan! Just sit there don’t move, ask us if you need anything!”

“Ok!” She smiled “So what are we watching, It better be good if I have to sit here all day, you better have lots of my favourites!” She grinned

“And that would be?”

“Well, A Cinderella Story, Another Cinderella Story, Camp Rock, Fame, And there’s like loads more”

“What about the fast and furious?” Aden suggested

“Cars? Oh please! I want romance!”

“Great” he groaned and opened the DVD cupboard

“There that one! A Cinderella story! That movie is beautiful!” She smiled

Aden took out the box. He opened it and put in the disc, The movie began to play and both Aden and Geoff sighed heavily.

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Thank you's for the comments! :)

The next chapter will be the last, But im working on a new fic! :)

Should be here soon!

Thanks to everyone who's reading this, hope you've enjoyed it so far, and I hope you enjoy this chapter!

“I love this movie” Nic said for about the twentieth time from the beginning of the film

“So you said” Aden groaned

“Oh ha-ha” Nic threw a cushion at “Ow! Oh god Ow!” She gripped her stomach in pain, she collapsed to the floor, and Geoff quickly caught her before she hit the ground.

“Nic” He rub her cheek but she wouldn’t wake up “God! No Nicole, This can’t be happening, Aden get an ambulance!”

Aden quickly dialled for an ambulance, He made his was quickly to the kitchen and got a damp cloth, he put it on top of Nicole’s head “Nicole please” He sobbed “I can’t lose you! Nic please!”

She lay in Geoff’s arm for another few minutes before the Ambulance arrived, She never moved, she was barely breathing, Geoff went with her in the ambulance and Aden followed quickly behind

“Geoff” Rachel greeted him at the door, “What’s wrong?”

“it’s Nicole, She just grabbed her stomach and collapsed, she wouldn’t wake up Rach” He sobbed

“How long was she out for?”

“About 7 minutes or so before the ambulance came, and then all the way here”

“Has she eaten anything?”

“No, She just had some water, Rachel today is the die she died I the future, you can’t let that happen! Please save her”

“We’ll do everything we can” She smiled, “18 year old female, 6 months pregnant, pains before she collapsed, we need to run as many tests as you can” Rachel spoke as she entered the room Nicole was lying in.

“Geoff mate, any change?”

“No” he sighed “She’s still unconscious”

“Will she be alright?”

“I don’t know, I hope so, Aden I can’t lose her, She doesn’t deserve this”

“I know, Mate they’ll save her”

“What if they can’t!” He yelled “What if this is what was going to happen in the first place? What if her destiny can’t be changed?” He left the hospital, he walked back to Summer Bay, he sat silently on the beach letting tears fall down his face

“Are you ok?” Charlie sat down beside him

“Not really”

“What’s up?”

“Nicole’s dying and I can’t cope, I can’t lose her Charlie”

“Maybe you don’t have to”

“It’s her destiny, We thought we could change it, that it was a warning, but then we heard about Angelo, He couldn’t stop it, he’s in jail, just like his dream”

“Geoff, Angelo got off, he couldn’t be charged, he was set up, it was obvious, he’s at home”

“He is?”

“Yes! Geoff Nic might not die, We changed our future you can change hers”

Geoff’s phone began to ring, Aden flashed on the screen “Hello”

Geoff waited while Aden was talking, “What? But why? How can I?”

Aden voice’s mumbled in the phone “I’ll be there in a few minutes”

“Is everything ok?” Charlie asked when Geoff hung up the phone

“No, Nicole can be saved, but it means the baby won’t survive” He thought for a long while before Charlie replied

“It comes down to who’s life is more important?”

“But she’ll have to give birth to it, I don’t know if she could do it”

“It’s your choice Geoff, Do what you think is right, Do you want a lift to the hospital?”

Geoff nodded, The drive was silent, Geoff thinking of his future, Does he want his vision? Or does he want Nicole, the girl he always thinks about, even when they weren’t together, when she was with someone else Geoff thought of her as his, His best friend, And the love of his life

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Here's the final update

Thanks to everyone who read it! :)

I hope you enjoyed it, and it didn't hurt your head to much lol....

“What happened?” Nicole groggy voice filling the silence in the room

“Nic!” Geoff looked up and smiled

“Where am I, What happened?”

“Your in hospital, you collapsed, They saved you”

“But the baby? Where is it?”

“Do you not remember?”

“Remember what?”

“You lost the baby Nic, It was born still. It was your life or the baby’s”

Nicole put her hand to her stomach, tears fell from her eyes, Geoff took her hand and squeezed it gently. “Was it a boy?”

“Yes” Geoff said sadly

“I had name for it” She paused “Harry, Harry Campbell”

Geoff let the tears fall down his face, “That’s nice Nic”

“It’s after my dad, Can we go see him when I get out of here?”

“Of course we can”

“Geoff, When I was on conscious, I seen stuff, I seen us”

“Like the future?”

“I think so, We had a little girl and we were on the beach, And Annie and Romeo were there, Annie was pregnant, And Aden was there he had a pram too, and it had like one of those cute little name plates and it said Bella, And there was a girl with him"

“I love you”

“I love you too, Do you think that is our future?”

“Who knows, Let’s just focus on the present for now eh?”

“Ok, but I hope it is, We look so happy”

“Me too” He smiled

It was all over, the 16th of September 2010 arrived, So far none of the dreams had come true, A lot of them nearly did, but they stopped them, Maybe it was just a warning.

Annie and Romeo were happy, they hadn’t taken the next step yet, but they still loved each other very much, maybe more than in their dreams.

Charlie and Angelo were happily married, Angelo was a free man, Charlie was 9 months pregnant and ready to have her baby soon.

Xavier hadn’t got into a car accident, instead he was electrocuted, but Hugo had managed to save him from any serious damage, Ruby was happy, she loved Xavier and they were doing well.

Aden had found that girl, Tara, She had moved to Summer Bay from Melbourne, he tried to stay away, he knew that was the girl, but he couldn’t stay away for long, They have been together now for 3 months, and it was going well for now.

Nicole and Geoff were engaged, he proposed almost as soon as she got out of the hospital, They were going strong, Geoff had never been so happy, when she woke up in the hospital bed, he’d did it, he changed the future. Liam didn’t try to contact them, they had no idea where he was, but they honestly didn’t care.

The future was Summer Bay was different to what they predicted, The resident of Summer Bay were extremely happy about that.


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