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Fri 23 Oct 09 – Episode # 4970

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Ruby’s Bear “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 23 Oct 09 – Episode # 4970 ]


When Ruby wonders, Xavier tell her tat he lied bout having amnesia, he tells her he didn’t want to loose her, so he said that. Ruby is furious 0- and tell Xavier, once and for all, they arr over. Although Xavier tries to shift tat blame for this onto Ruby/Geoff, she insists this is over all about Xavier – and how she doesn’t cart bout him any more.


When Xavier tells Gina & Marsha, he isn’t keen that Gina appears to be on Ruby’s side – but she tells him that she merely thinks it wasn't the nicest thing top do.

After Xavier leaves tee room, and Marsha comments tat a break up at that age is tough, Gina wonders at what age is a break up actually fun.


Ruby & Geoff talk bout the break up, and Ruby admits at she REALLY likes Geoff.

Dr Madden arrives to talk to Ruby bout her diabetes – so Geoff bails.


Marsha is talking to Tony & Gina & colleen bout the election morrow when Trey’s dad enters. He and Marsha verbally clashes – and she takes offence to him putting one of his campaign flyers on the table she is sitting at.


Dr Madden tells Ruby that the diabetes is hereditary – so it isn’t because of her lifestyle.

Dr Madden gives Ruby a teddy bear – which has all tee instructions etc she will need to cope with her condition.


NEXT DAY, Romeo & Jai talk bout how down they are felling – with Annie in Japan and Ruby dumping Xavier.


As they enter, Ruby tries to talk to Geoff bout her telling him tat she likes him, but he seem to be avoid the subject, so she goes and have a lie down.


When Geoff wonders to colleen bout if some cakes are high in sugar etc, she wonders if he is on a diet. He tells her that Ruby has diabetes [which means tee whole town will know soon].


Xavier introduces Romeo to Rosie & Ally, who are planing ti have a Halloween party at tee old Beckett’s place. Xavier seems worried as he ha heard that it’s haunted. They agree to check the place out tonight.


Colleen, Marsha & Trey’s dad are handing out ho to votes cards before ppl enter surf club and vote.

When Xavier & co arrive, they begin to help handing them out. Colleen speak to Xavier – bout Ruby’s diabetes. She is surprised that he didn’t already know.


Ruby & Geoff are on back patio. He tells her at he got most of the tings so the meal that he mead for her from an organic shop.

Xavier arrives and talks to ruby. He insist at it he known bout the diabetes, things might be different, but she insist that it doen't change thing -= they are still totally OVER>

After Xavier bails, Ruby runs to her bedroom, jumps on the bed and hugs her new bear. She’s way in tears.


Marsha & Colleen are annoyed tat Gina is talking to Trey's dad. When Gina is alone they confront her., she insists at she’s not giving away any campaign secrets, but its clear that Marsha etc aren’t happy with her still.


Xavuier & Romeo talk bout the story7 behind tat supposed haunted house. A family called the beckets were massacred years ago – with the whereabouts of their young son unknown to this day, i.e. some say he ran way, but other claim at he is still hiding in ten tunnels etc under/near the house.

Although it’s clear that Xavier is spooked by the idea, he agrees to go there tonight to scope things out.


As various ppl votes nearby, Colleen tells Martha she is confidant tat Marsha will win the election.

Tony spek to Gina bout Trey’s dad – comment on how it kinbda feels like they are back at school as Gina is blushing soet8ines when she sees Try’s dad.


Its night time when Xavier, Romeo, Allie & Rosie enter. It’s pretty spooky, and Xavier has a go at Romeo for insisting at he can hear someone cryi8ng.


Although they’ve not good any official word yet, Marsh & co start to celebrate an election win. Trey’s dad enters and infoms them that HE won the election. As he exits, Gina spoke to him – he comment at least Marsha has family to console etc her.


Ruby & Geoff REALLY talk bout what's going on. She wonders if he’s just treating her esp. nice became of doing the nursemaid thing, but when she wonder that, he kisses her !!!!!

Ruby tells Geoff tat if she is dreaming right no he shouldn’t wake her. They start kissing again.


After Romeo admits to deliberately trying to scare the others earlier, the girls exit the building. Xaver & Romeo are about to as well, but Romeo insists at he can RELLY hear someone else. He and Xavier lift up a blanket nearby – and finds Bambang !!!!!



Marsha wants to look after Bambang – Hugo isn’t so keen

Charlie is concerned tat Ruby is with Goff so soon after she broke up with Xavier

Looks like Romeo’s drink gets spiked at the party

Shelley, Kristy’s mum, is back in tee bay

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Marsha: dark [silver dots[ v neck top


Gina: hot pink [yellow mosaics?] l/s top


Dr Madden: white [blue & yellow swirls] blouse


Alf: white [dark check] shirt

Ally: scarlet top

Colleen: dark [purple swirls?] top/pink wide brim hat

Colleen: red & grey blouse/dark top

Geoff: white [grey diag stripes] t/dark long pants

Geoff: white t/dark shorts

Gina: white l/s blouse

Marsha: dark thin strap knee dress

Romeo: dark singlet/white [dark check] shirt/dark long pants

Rosie: purple knee dress/green halter kini top

Ruby: grey t/dark long pants

Tony: dark t

Tony: khaki short/dark t/denim jeans

Trey’s dad: grey jacket/blue shirt

Trey’s dad: dark suit/ dark shirt

Xavier: SBH uniform

Xavier: dark [grey logo] t/denim jeans

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