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Thurs 22 Oct 09 – Episode # 4969

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Diabetic Coma “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 22 Oct 09 – Episode # 4969 ]


When Nicole tells Aden that Liam broke up with her, Aden wonders what he actually said. Aden then insists tat when Liam said tat h & Nicole should take a [short] break in their ‘ship, Liam meant it.


Ruby enters, and Charlie tells her she won’t be able to hang out with Ruby at the moment like they planed as Charlie has too much work to do. Charlie notes that Ruby is very tired – and suggests she should see a counsellor.


Ruby enters and she & Geoff talk bout how weird it is here without Annie or Irene. Ruby comet bout how Irene gave her the “no wild parties” speech. Geoff comments to Ruby tat she seems to be rainmaking a lot these days [egg the soft drink that Ruby all but sculling as they chat]. He thinks she should see someone bout this – and Ruby does not that healthy as she walks and stands at her bedroom doorway.


Alf wonders if Aden can help handing out campaign flyers of Marsha morrow. Alf isn’t that impressed when Aden is impressed by Trey's dad’s plans of the marina. Aden changed his tune when Alf suggest tat there will be less berths at the new marina of fishing trawlers etc.


Gina & Xavier talk bout Ruby. Gina insists tat he is better off without her. Xavier agrees to talk to Ruby after he bails frm here.


Ruby is asleep on her bed. Geoff calls out to her, but she doesn't wake. Only when he shakes her a bit does she stir. Geoff is now even more keen for Ruby to see a docti9r etc.

Xavier arrives and isn’t that keen when he sees Geoff & Ruby talking as the both are siting of Ruby’s bed. Ruby & Xavier decide to talk bout what’s doing on – and Geoff leave1s that room so they can do so.


As Trey’s dad enters, he is talking to someone bout his plans for the community. When they other man has walked way, alf has a go at Trey’s dad – insisting that he knows that Trey’s dad is up to no good.


Ruby apologises to Xavier for getting him to do the alibi thing, but she insists tat there is nothing going on tween her & Geoff, but Xavier insists tat there is. Xavier can’t believe it when Ruby exits the room =- telling him at she is going to be sick [he thinks it’s just a way to not talk to him]. Xavier then sees ruby vomiting in tee bathroom -0 she urges him to go way, and he does.


Geoff speaks to Charlie. Botha express their concerns bout Ruby.


Charlie & Geoff enter Ruby’s room. She is seemingly asleep – but they can’t wake her. Geoff phones an ambulance.


The likes of Dr Bentos & Nurse Gloria treat Ruby. Bentos tell Charlie that it looks like Ruby is in a diabetic coma.

Soon after, when Ruby is wake, Bentos tells her & Charlie that Ruby has type 1 diabetes. Ruby admits tat she hadn’t been to see anyone bout what was happening to her as she feared she had same disease etc tat Ross has.


Nic isn’t pleased when she sees [in tee distance] Liam laughing & talking etc to two teen girls.


Geoff tells Aden bout Ruby’s diabetes. Aden then tells Geoff bout that problems Alf told him bout [the new marina].


Gina & Xavier are chatting. he tells her tat he didn’t rally get chance to talk to Ruby, but he knows tat he is sooooo completely over here.


Nic has a go at Lima for flirting etc with tee girls she saw him with earlier. He tells her teeth are music students of his. They agree to get back together – but they will only, for time being, see each other 1 night a week.

Aden clashes with Trey’s dad bout t marina. Trail’s dad suggest to Aden tat if he jeeps his mouth shut bout this, one of the few trawlers berths will go to Aden.


Xavier is walking along when Charlie pulls up beside him in her cop car. She tells him that Ruby is in hospital. She gladly accepts it when she offers to give him a lift there.


And & Geoff comment bout how much of a low life Trey’s dad is.

Nic then talk to Aden – she “suggests” that he shouldn’t interfere [re Liam/Nic].


Xavier talks to Ruby. She is pleased tat charley didn’t tell him that full story why she is in hospital – i.e. Ruby tells him at she is here as she is overworked etc.

Xavier tells ruby tat he’s remembered that she broke up with him on the day that he fell into the water [when Brendan saved him].



Gina talks to Tony bout her feelings for Trey's dad

Election day approaches

Looks like Ruby tell Geoff she REALLY likes him

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: green top/dark jacket/dark long pants


Ruby: black [white unknown motifs] t/dark shorts


Aden: dark [white “black angels” & crest] t


Aden: dark hoodie/dark t/denim jeans

Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/ dark blue long pants/police cap

Dr Bentos: blue long sleeve button up shirt

Geoff: white t/dark shorts

Geoff: white t/olive green long pants

Gina: grey jacket/brown? top/grey long pants

Gina: red [grey check] jacket

Liam: white [blue check] button up shirt/blue [dark unknown motif] t/dark long pants

Liam: white t

Music student [blonde]: red singlet top/white skirt

Music student [dark hair]: aqua knee length dress

Nicole: silver thin strap top/denim jeans/white jacket

Nurse Gloria: mauve [work] blouse

Ruby: white [dark swirls etc] shirtdress

Trey's dad : grey suit/white button up shirt

Trey's dad: dark suit/brown button up shirt

Xavier: light blue [blue unknown motif] t/denim jeans

Xavier: SBH uniform

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