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Wed 21 Oct 09 – Episode # 4968

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Off To Dance Academy “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 21 Oct 09 – Episode # 4968 ]


Geoff is quite surprised when Annie tells him tat she is going to go on the scholarships trip. He isn't so keen that all of this indecision is because of a boy [Romeo].


Colleen enters and that is a log line of customers waiting t be served etc. she points that out ti Leah, who was in tee storeroom. They both serve customers, incl Nic.

Geoff talks to Nic bout Kirsty and Annie. He slap has a go at Romeo because of what’s happened.


Miles tells Alf tat he is worried bout Kirsty – esp. as she is shutting Miles out at the moment.

Miles then talk to Jai. He insists that he and Kirsty will work all this out eventuartly, and that Jai can/should go to Japan


Nic talk to Liam. Whilst he is concerned for her, she tells him that there arte ppl with problems so mush bigger that hers etc.

Since Nic is stressing bout that exams, he suggest tat she should relax – to claar her head etc.


Annie & Geoff tell Jai tat anni has changed her mind and is go to Japan. Jai tells them that he too has changed mind – and is now going, so she can’t go. Annie & Geoff are annoyed. Romeo observes all of this.


As Colleen serves a girl called Rebecca, colleen comments tat it’s the last coffee Rebecca will have for a while, as they don't serve tea in Japan.

Romeo overheras this and talk to Rebecca. She tells him that she was only going on scholarship became her twin was and they wanted to go together and now they can’t [twin injured etc] Rebecca doesn’t want to go. This gives Romeo an idea.


Annie & Geoff are talk when Rebecca arrives. She wonders if they can talk – Annie etc agree.


Anni & Geoff tells Irene [in kitchen] the good news tat Rebecca had given her scholarship spot6 to Annie. They also comments tat there something else that has to happen.


Things are tense tween Romeo & jai. Jai gets a text msg – it’s from annie. He tells Romeo that Annie is going to Japan, and Romeo tells him bout Rebecca.

Later, Leah arrives and MUCHLY is in tears and so waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay apologises of what’s happened – with the food poisoning tat is bound to have killed the unborn child.


Aden is rather surprised to see Nic here [with Liam] when she should, perhaps, be studying. She insist tat she needs a break FOM the study.


Irene tells Annie & Geoff tat she was squared things away with everyone – and [irene] can come to Japan with Annie.


Next day, Nic has a go at Liam. He didn’t set the alarm clock – and she’s late for her 1st exam.


Miles answers the phone – its Rachel, and he takes the phone onto back patio to talk.

Mensual, Alf gives Jai a going away pressie – some money by the sounds of things.


Annie speaks to Romeo. Je tell her he spoke to Rebecca as although he likes Annie, he knows that she wants to go to Japan and didn’t want to wreck that,. Romeo also admits to backing of when he realised that Jai still has feeling for Annie. Annie tells Romeo t6at she & Jai are totally over, beefer Annie & Romeo kiss.


Nic tells Aden that she was a basket case for most of her 1st exam. Aden then has a go at Liam for what’s happened.

In kitchen, Miles tells Leah that it WASN’T food poisioning that killed Kristy’s unborn child.

Colleen tells that that Annie & co are about to head off.


Geoff says goodbye to Annie – but not before they comment on how much the other has grown.

Soon after, the like of Oly, Colleen, Leah, Geoff etc sys their goodbyes [and hug etc] Jai, Irene & Annie, before the get in a car and drive off.

Note – my ep title refers to the kids seise that “Jai”: is doing whilst he is away from the bay.


Liam apologises to Nic for what’s happened. He tells her that it’s best for them to break up for the time bring [during her exams].



Trey’s dad “suggest” to Aden that he should get on side or he won’t have a place for the trawler at new marina

Ruby isn’t so good …. She vomit and, separate incident, is unconscious

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: silver thin strap top/denim jeans


Leah: dark blue thin strap top


Annie: apple green [white dots] thin strap top/white mid thigh skirt


Aden: dark [white crest?] t

Aden: dark singlet

Alf: marron & white check button up shirt/bone long pants

Alf: blue [light blue check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Annie: white thin strap knee length dress

Colleen: red [white floral] blouse/off white [brown floral?] full length skirt

Colleen: white [red swirls etc] blouse/dark knee length skirt

Geoff: white t/dark shorts

Geoff: yellow [dark blue tropic] t/denim jeans

Irene: red blouse

Irene: dark long sleeve blouse/white long pants

Jai: blue [hot pink triangles] t//dark hoodie/dark long pants

Jai: elec blue jacket/white [dark crest] t

Leah: dark singlet top/dark long pants

Liam: white [blue check] button up shirt/blue [dark unknown motif] t/dark long pants

Liam: white [dark check] button up shirt/dark long pants

Miles: dark button up shirt/dark long pants

Miles: khaki [dark trim] t/dark long pants

Nicole: SBH uniform

Nicole: white & blue knee length dress

Oliver: dark [grey ghouls?] jacket/red [dark horiz stripes] t

Rebecca [gave up scholarship]: dark [white eye like motifs] v neck knee length dress

Romeo: dark long pants

Romeo: white [dark sleeves]]/dark scarf/dark long pants

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