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Mon 19 Oct 09 – Episode # 4966

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Thirteen “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon 19 Oct 09 – Episode # 4966 ]


Rach is able to revives, as Tony calls an ambulance. Kirsty is worried bout baby.


As tee likes of Dr Young star to treat Kirsty, Rachel tries to reassure Miles.


Leah & Colleen are throwing everyruihng out that’s goner off etc because of a faulty fridge.

Marsha & Hugo talk bout Rach & Tony [Marsha is worried tat Tony is taking on too mush], before Hugo bails to double check etc tee mooring s of huis boat – as there is a storm forecast.


Charlie & Angelo talk bout Ross – and how Morag is keen that the diminished responsibility plea etc is tee way to go.

Angelo is about to bail with Charlie when his phone rings – he’s not keen bout agree to work for another 2 hurts tonight.


Rach & Dr young tell the likes of Alf & Miles that kirsty;’s baby is totally ok, and they are working on the cause of why kirsty collapse.


Leah has finished throw out everything when Tony enters with Harry. He tells her bout Kirsty, but he doesn’t think tat it was food positioning [when Leah asks].


Marsha talks to Hugo – who is annoyed. Someone had cut the mooring line of his boat – its now drifting out at sea somewhere.


Hugo9 tell Hugo tat it’s sure to be one of Trey’s dad’s mates who did this. Hugo is annoyed tat Angelo won’t launch a search for tee vessel til morning.


Next day, after Rach, Tony & harry enters, Rach is concentred bout Tony having to look after Harry & the gym again today [whilst she is with Kirsty], but Tony tell her that the new guy he hired is very reliable.


Charlie & Angelo are chatting [wishing they could get away form it all together] when his phone rings – he has to bail [and does].


Rach & co still doesn’t keno what wings with Kirsty, so they decided t9o do a lumber puncture.


Leah is concerned bout what the faulty fridge might have done [food poisoning etc].

Whilst Alf, Hugo & Marsha chart, Hugo gets a phone call – sounds like his boat has located at sea,


Hugo is a tad surprised when Angelo offer to help him inspect etc Hugo’s biota – which is now half sunken on a reef [near an island – I take it the one when Nic & Geoff have been twice].


Miles is talking to Kirsty when she starts to convulse!!!!

Rach & Dr Young get Kirsty back to a stable condition.


Charlie answer the phone – sounds like somet5hinbg big has happened. She asks how many officers she’ll need to take with her etc before the cal ends.


Marsha is talking to Tony – there’s no weird yet on Kirsty.

Colleen tells them tat there are lots of ppl at the pier – something bug is going on.


Marsh is esp. worried bout Hugo, and is please to se that he has come to no harm. She is told though that they found ship whish sank near Hugo’s – the other tulip has 12 bodies inside!!!!!


Miles is getting anxious and enters the cubicle where Rach & Young are treating Kirsty. They suggest he wait outside. Rach goes with his – but she doesn’t look that upbeat when she talk bout the lumber puncture.

Afar Kirsty wakes, Rachel breaks the bad news to her – Kirsty's unborn child hasn’t survived. Kirsty shriek inconsolably – whilst Mole hugs her.


Angelo “suggest” to Hugo to not speak to the media until after he has given his official statement at the station. Marsh is distressed that there were children amongst the dead asylum seekers.

After Hugo etc walk away, Angelo’s boss speaks to Angelo. Angelo is worried that he’s maybe chasing the wrong man [with his theories etc bout Hugo].



Kirsty tells Miles that she feels like [by loosing the baby] she is being punished

Jai decides not to go to Japan

The police capture “Clint Eastwood”

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Marsha: dark cardie/brown [various colour horiz stripes maxi dress


Rachel: red top/dark knee length skirt


Leah: yellow wide strap top/dark knee length skirt


Alf: orange [green check] button up shirt

Alf: blue & yellow check button up shirt/bone long pants

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants/police cap

Bill Stevens [Angelo’s boss]: dark suit/white button up shirt

Charlie: dark knee length dress

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/dark blue police cap

Colleen: red floral blouse/dark top

Colleen: dark [light pink floral] blouse/apple green & red floral full length skirt

Dr Young: dark [white vert stripes] button up shirt

Hugo: dark button up shirt/dark long pants

Hugo: powder blue button up shirt/dark t/dark long pants

Kirsty: blue [dark silhouette of a woman] long sleeve top/dark long pants

Leah: dark singlet top/dark long pants

Marsha: dark coat/white halter maxi dress

Miles: black [uSA landmarks motifs] t/grey button up shirt/dark long pants

Nurse Sue: purple [white collar] t

Rachel: red long sleeve top/dark long pants

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t/dark shorts

Tony: brown t/denim jeans

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