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Fri 16 Oct 09 – Episode # 4965

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Monkey Man “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 16 Oct 09 – Episode # 4965 ]


Marsha arrives, and Rach tells her she has got home. Rach also tells Marsha that Tony went to sleep very quickly – after he’d put Harry to bed. Rach is very vibed – tellimng Marsha tat she has great day at work, and that it’s great that Tony has a good day as well.


NEXT DAY, Kirsty & Leah are talking bout Rach’s post natal depression, when Colleen starts up with the "in my day …”.

Leah tells Miles ^ Kirsty tat its great tat they are going to help out Rach & Tony today.

Someone than makes a comet bout the milk being off.


Nic approaches Liam, who is doing yoga, whish he’s been doing of a while as it helps him deal with everything. Nic joins him – and that do the yoga ting together.


Rach & Tony are really thankful for Kirsty & Miles offering toy baby-sit etc Harry – Miles etc sys that it will be good for when they have thri new baby.


After Lima & Nic talk bout yoga – and how its kinda silly that there’s a position called downward facing dog, Aden clashes with Liam [ as Aden isn’t keen on Liam being so close to Nic.


Nic follows Aden – and wonders why he always clashes with Liam. Aden reminds her bout what happened with Belle. When Nic says she intends to keep hanging round with Liam, Aden tell her that he will totally leave her alone FOM now on – that he doesn’t want anything to do with her.


Like with Rach & Tony, Kirsty esp. is getting frustrated tat Harry won’t stop crying.


Nic arrives, and Aden admits he took out his anger for Liam on Nic earlier. Nic hopes they can get pat this – as Aden is like the only family she has at the moment. Aden isn’t so sure but Nic asking him to meet up with Nic & Liam at surf club later.


Marsha talk to Tony, and discovers tat he didn’t have at all a good day yesterday, he tells her tough that he doesn’t want to tell Rach that as she has been through so mush already.


Kirsty & Miles are talking to Leah – with Harry still crying despite all their efforts.

Colleen speaks to Leah – a customer isn’t happy, and wants to speak to the manger.


Kirsty & Miles are pushing the pram along the sand etc. Kirsty tells Miles tat it shouldn’t be this hard.

Miles answerer his phone – its Tony, who has neon dallied, so Miles agree to look after Harry til Tony can do so.


Nic tries to get a chat started tween Liam & Aden, but gets nowhere with her various suggestions.

She gives up – suggesting that they should sort it out thekleleves. Nic bails.


With Harry still crying, Kirsty is seriously ken to give him back to Tony now, but then Miles [for whatever reasons] does his impressions of a monkey …. And Harry seems to like that. Indeed, he smiles and [more to point] stop crying.


Tony can see that Aden is frustrated. When Aden tall him bout Liam, Tony suggest [for Nic’;s sake] tat he should be friends etc with Liam.


Marsha & Leah talk bout how Ruby & co are coping with what’s happened to Ross – Marsha comet that its like Morag feels she is on another planet – like its not reaf.

Talk turmns to Leah & Robert. Lea is pleased he came into her life – it shows there are still interesting ppl etc out there [and that she can find love etc again]/.

Miles, Kirst & Harry entry – they tell Leah etc the monkey man story.


Liam & Aden agree to be friends for Nic’s sake – she is pleased.


Rach is worried when Tommy telling her bout the worker who has quite the gym – but Tony instils that he can cope with everything.

Miles & Kirsty thank Rach etc for the baby caring for practice that they got today.


Nic is talking to Lima when she drinks some of her coffee – but spits it out. She tells Leah tat that milk is off. Colleen & Leah are worried the fridges aren’t working – and what else has been affected by this.


Rachel & Tony joke to Mile bout the whole monkey man ting.

Kirsty goes to lie down, but as she geo to do so, she collapse. Rachel “suggest” for someone to call an ambulance.



Ruby is SERIOUSLY in a bad way – vomiting, convulsing etc

Kirsty says “it’s like I’m being punished”

The police chase Clint Eastwood

The police also find 12 bodies in a sunken ship

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Marsha: purple thin strap knee dress


Nic: silver & white singlet top/dark shorts


Rachel: red l/s blouse/dark long pants


Aden: dark [rock star silhouette on grey background] t/dark long pants

Colleen: red floral blouse/dark top

Harry: blue jumpsuit/white & blue beanie

Kirsty: blue [dark silhouette of a woman] l/s top/dark long pants

Leah: yellow wide straps top

Liam: dark [white unknown logo] t/dark long pants

Liam: white [brown check] shirt

Marsha: white halter maxi dress/dark coat

Miles: grey button up shirt/black [uSA landmarks] t/dark long pants

Nicole: white [large orange flower] knee length dress

Rachel: dark scoop neck knee length dress

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t/

Tony: brown t

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