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Merry Christmas

Guest Georgia

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Story Title: Merry Christmas

Type of story: One shot

Main Characters: Belle Taylor

Rating: T (Teen content)

Genre: Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Slight drug references

Summary: Belle Taylor was living by herself in an abandoned caravan, after another break up from Aden, and being kicked out of home for her drug use. Suffering through a miserable Christmas might just be her best present ever though...

I wrote this for another H&A forum, but I thought I'd post it here as well :D

The bottle of pills sat on the bedside table, and Belle’s body was angled towards them. Right then, in that moment, those pills were the centre of her universe, her roommate, her closest friend. She had forgotten all about the fact that the pills had been the thing to ruin her life, all she could remember was the carefree feeling that enveloped her body when she took them.

The caravan was dark and dingy, but Belle couldn’t be bothered to get up and turn on the light. There was no point. No one else was there to benefit by the light.

Aden had dumped her, and was probably spending Christmas Eve kissing Nicole under the mistletoe, while Belle was struggling to get comfortable on the mattress that had springs poking up in awkward angles.

Belle reached out her hand, and enclosed it around the bottle of pills, sighing as she felt the cool plastic touch her burning hand. It felt like coming home. These pills had been there for her through everything, when Aden had dumped her, then when she had seen Aden with Nicole...

Belle, you idiot, the sensible part of her brain started clambering for attention; it’s because of the pills that you are in this situation. Put down the bottle, and call Aden. He won’t want you to take anymore pills; he’ll come and help you.

Just as Belle started to put down the bottle, the rebellious side of her brain started to whisper thoughts around her head.

Aden left you, he’s with Nicole. He doesn’t care what happens to you anymore. He’s made that abundantly clear. You don’t need him though Belle. You have those pills; those sweet, magical pills that can help you get through this. Just open the lid, and swallow them.

And the internal battle raged on. One side of her brain begged her not to take the pills; the other begged her to take them.

In this moment of time, the rebellious, dark, twisty side of her brain was winning. Aden obviously didn’t care, she had been kicked out of the house for her behaviour, and she was alone. Those pills would help her, end the pain, and take her out of this awful, painful life that she didn’t want anymore.

So her hand closed around the bottle of pills again, and she opened the lid, grabbing the glass of water that had been sitting next to the bottle for the last hour

“Belle”, came a quiet whisper from the door, and Belle dropped the bottle in shock, the pills scattering on the floor.

“Aden?” she questioned, unable to believe that he was here in her caravan, on Christmas Eve

“It’s me”, he confirmed, walking slowly towards the bed, hands outstretched so that he wouldn’t hurt himself on any obstacle in the way

“What are you doing here?” Belle choked out, tears making it hard to breathe, let alone talk

“I’m here to spend Christmas Eve with you”, he said, and Belle could almost hear him rolling his eyes

“What about Nicole?”

“Nicole and I were just a comfort thing” Aden explained, “she didn’t make my breath catch when she walked into a room, my heart didn’t beat faster when she smiled at me, she wasn’t you”

“Aden, you need to promise me something, before I get my hopes up again”, she whispered, the tears burning her cheeks, as she contemplated what Aden had just said

“Anything”, he vowed solemnly, settling on the edge of the bed

“Don’t ever leave me again”, she spoke softly, as sobs overcame her body

“I won’t”, he promised, and gathered her in his arms

“You have to mean it, and you have to take away those pills”, Belle whispered, not daring to look up at Aden, but she could still hear his breath catch when he heard her words

“You were about to take pills”, he repeated, not questioning her words, merely stating the fact

“Yes, and I wish I could survive without them, but when stuff goes wrong, they’re just there, so I need them all taken away, and I need to go to rehab again... but I want you to stay with me, if you can”

“Belle, I made the mistake of leaving you once, I’m not going to do it again. I will be there every single day, visiting you, bringing flowers and chocolates. I will be there so much, you will get sick of me”, Aden said confidently, earning a giggle from Belle

He tilted her face up, and pressed his lips to hers, just for a few seconds, until Belle’s arms wound their way around Aden’s neck, and deepening the kiss, only pulling away when she was struggling to breathe

“It’s midnight”, she whispered, the neon numbers on the alarm clock catching her eye

“Merry Christmas Belle”, he whispered softly, and kissed her softly on the cheek

“Merry Christmas Aden, you’re the best present I’ve ever received”, she replied, and then rolled over, immediately falling into a deep sleep, as Aden’s arms around her created a safe haven

Aden took a little longer to fall asleep, taking in everything about Belle, preserving it in his memory. He had come so close to losing her, and he never wanted to spend another day without her. He wouldn’t wait while she beat her addiction; this time he would be there every step of the day.

“Goodnight Belle,” he whispered, “I love you”


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