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Wed 14 Oct 09 – Episode # 4963

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Meltdown In Progress “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 14 Oct 09 – Episode # 4963 ]


In the interview room, Robert tells/shows Charlie & Morag pics of the knife wounds that killed Grant. He also comments grant shows signs of being attacked with a stun gun – and Charlie’s whereabouts on the night the station stun gun went missing can’t be verified. Robert also comments on/ shows them the various witness statement saying tat Charlie threatened Grant when she was in uniform [incl her handgun].

Soon after, Robert is on the phone in the main apart of the station. Angelo’s interest in piqued when Robert Robertson tells whoever he is in phon to the he has charged Charlie.


Romeo looks all thoughtful/stressed as he stares out to sae.


Robert, Morag & Ruby are in the interview room. Robert suggest various thoeries on happened to Grant [i.e. who killed him etc] and Ruby is not amused – telling Robert Robertson to stop trying to get into her head.

Robert Robertson tells Morag that he is charg8ing her client, but he doesn’t tell her whish won when she asks.

Soon after, Ross arrives and asks to speak to Robert Robertson – just as Robert, Ruby & Morag exit the interview room. Robert Robertson comment bout this being a family. Ross confesses to killing Grant – and adds he should have done it years ago.

Soon after, everyone [Robert, Morag, Ross, Charlie, and Ruby] is in the interview room. Ross reveals that he arranged to meet with Grant near the fish markets. Ross threatened GBN to stay out of CG & Ruby’s lives, but Grant all but laughed in his face. Ross then stabbed Grant many times.

Thugs get a bit weird then, as he see a blurry, out of sequence version of the same confession, which ends with Ruby holding Ross’ hand. The reaosn fio the weirdness though become apparent within the next few scenes.


Next day, Ruby is sleep. She is tossing & turning – like she’s having a nightmare. Her face is WAAAAAAAAAY sweaty when she wakes. She quickly gets out of bed. She feels the sheets – she is shocked. With the way she’s done that, it’s either that they are mushly sweaty or another reason to do with water etc that I’m sure you can imagine.


Robert talk to Leah &* Irene bout Ross. He comments that, Although Robert isn’t a lawyer, he can't ionmaghine Ross doing mush jail time under the circumstances. Irene comments to Robert that he told her the he was a lawyer in the pastry, but he shrugs it off.

Leah is making Robert’s coffee, and is bout to put chocolate on top when Irene “suggests“tat she shouldn’t. After Robert bails, Irene comments to Leah she’s giving up trying to keep track of Robert’s tales.

Nearby, Anni approaches Romeo, and gets annoyed when he ignored her. She bails from the diner in a huff.


Charlie, Angelo, Morag & Ruby are talking bout Ross – and, as the camera focuses on Ruby, the screen goes blank for a moment on two.

Charlie & the others comment to Ruby she seemed to black out for a few moments.

Soon after, Robert talks to Charlie. He admits whilst she was initially to[p of his suspect list, it soon became obvious that it was Ross. Robert ads its better of Ross to confess to the crime – whish is why he arrested Charlie etc.

Before Ross is lead out of the station, Ross corrects Ruby with she calls him her dad, but she says that he’ll always be dad to her. After Ross leaves the station with a number of officers, Charlie & Ruby hug.


When Robert enters and speaks to Leah, she is very straight with him. She is annoyed at he lied to her & VJ etc. Robert insists he oft has to concoct scenarios to get villains to confess to crimes and that has slipped into his pesronnal life as weel. Leah does agree to meet Robert at surf club.


Robert is about to head back to tee city when Angelo hands Gus to him. Angelo comments tea he thought Robert was going to leave Gus tee bear behind, but Robert saucy at that would never happened.

Before he bails, Robert tells Angelo that he hoped her hasn’t impeded Angelo’s investigation and that tee investigation is successful.


Leah enters and sits with ith Robert. He tells her ter al story bout his name. His parents where a fan of The Band and saw them play and Woodstock. Part of The Band was a perron called Robbie Robertson, and rest is history.

Robert gives Leah what he tell her is a picture of her [it’s wrapped up so we don’t see it – yet]. Leah kisses Robert, beefer he bails.


Leah hangs the pitying R9obert have her on tee wall – it look like the one that he compared her to when he 1st saw Leah a dew weeks ago [see summary of ep # 4944].


Annie talks to Romeo, who admits tat that [Romeo] is his middle name. He says that she just had to ask and he will tell her his 1st nem, but when she does, he tells Annie tahr he doesn’t know her well enough.

Annie points out that comet like that are why Romeo is so infuriating, snd she is going to ignore him form now on. Romeo responds by saying tat he is going to be tee boy she can't take her eyes off, even though she wants to turn away. He also tells Annie at when he kisses her, he’ll mean it. Romeo walks way – and Annie is all bemused/confused.



Jai has a go at Romeo for being interested in Annie

Annie tells Miles that she doesn’t want to go on the scholarship

Annie wants one on one surfing lessons with Romeo

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Charlie: dark grey top/dark long pants


Leah: blue thin strap top/denim jeans


Annie: red top/white mid thigh length dress


Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Charlie: grey dress/dark sleeveless jacket

Irene: off white [purple swirls?] top

Morag: dark jacket/dark top

Morag: dark long sleeve top/dark long pants

Robert Robertson: dark suit/white button up shirt/dark waistcoat/dark [white check] tie

Robert Robertson: dark suit/white button up shirt/dark waistcoat/dark tie

Romeo: bleu [white check] button up shirt/dark sleeveless jacket

Romeo: dark [blue trim] wetsuit

Ross: dark suit/white button up shirt

Ruby: grey mid thigh length dress

Ruby: brown [African tribal looking] singlet top

Ruby: silver wide strap top/dark long pants

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