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Infectious Smiles

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Okay so I hadn't written in a while until last night and now I feel like I'm on a roll. I've just finished another one shot. This one's taken a different angle. Hope you like it.

Story Title: Infectious Smiles

Type of story: One Shot

Main Characters: Aden

BTTB rating: G

Genre: love with a small bit of angst, AU

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: A small mention of loss towards the end.

Summary: Fatherly love


I felt the bed move next to me. She was awake. She'd probably been awake for ages. I could hear her shifting in the next to me. She was good like that though, if she woke up before me she'd keep herself entertained for as long as possible, giving me the biggest lay in as she could. But I could tell she was starting to get bored.

I could feel every breath on the back of my neck. She was sitting over me watching me sleep, probably playing dot to dot with the freckles on my face. I heard her sigh deeply. I fought with myself as I bit back a smile. She was about to wake me up. She'd gotten bored.

A blast of air blew into my face and a small giggle followed. But I kept my eyes firmly shut, I wanted to play her at her own game. I could picture the disappointment on her face small face when it hadn't work. Her brow furrowed, and a pout across her lips, with confusion and disappointment beaming from her eyes. Again I bit back at smile at the thought of her sulking to noone.

The bed began to bounce up and down as she tried in vain to wake me from my slumber. I wasn't about to let her win this one. I'd woken before she could wake me. She sighed deeply again. It was time. She wasn't expecting it.

"Raaaaaaa!" I growled at her as I sat upright and grabbed her small body with both my hands. She screamed at first but the scream turned into a high pitched giggle as I began to tickle her.

"Daddy!" She gurggled between giggles. "Stop it!" The smile on her small face was enchanting. She was the spitting image of her mother. Same eyes, same hair, same nose, same smile, she looked just like Belle. What had she inherited from me? I stopped tickling her and looked into her brown eyes.

"Love you treacle. Now give daddy some sugar." She looked at me and began to pucker up, leaning in to give me a kiss, before pulling away.

"No..." She giggled cheekily as she stood up in the middle of the bed with her hands on her hips.

"No? Why not?" I asked, my mouth ajar. Did my little princess just say no to me?

"Just... not." Oh yeah, that's what she got from me, a cheeky personality. She giggled again before jumping up and down on the bed. Her smile was infectious. Everytime I saw it I couldn't help but smile with her. It made her eyes sparkle. She truly was a happy child.

"Fine. I'm not making you breakfast then." I pretended to sulk as I sat back against the headboard and folded my arms.

"Why not?" She stopped jumping and looked at me her little eyes looking at me with confusion.

"Just... not." I repeated her words to her with a smile and a wink, she smiled back before jumping onto me and wrapping her small arms around my neck and placing a small kiss on my lips.

"I love you daddy." She stated so innocently as she burried her head into my chest. It felt nice to hold her in my arms. To hold my daughter, my three and half year old daughter in my arms. I'd help make her, she was apart of me and I was apart of her. Becoming her father had been the proudest moment in my life. I wanted to protect her. She made my heart melt every day.

"Okay then. So what do you want for breakfast, and don't say icecream because that's not going to work this time. That was a one off!" I pointed at her and winked.

"Oh... ummmm" She put her finger to her lip and thought carefully. "Cookies?" I shook my head. "Cake?" I shook my head again, trying to bit back the smile that was threatening to form on my lips everytime she looked at me with expectant eyes, I was trying to make her see I was serious and smile wouldn't do that. "Okay, okay... powidge."

"Pardon?" I asked jokingly, as I held my ear waiting for her to say please.

"Powidge please?" She asked again with a big smile on her face.

"That's better." I smiled. I was trying to bring her up right, bring her up how Belle would have wanted her to be brought up.

Belle had been dead for over a year now, she'd died in a car accident. It still hurt to think about it, but I had to be strong for my daughter, for Jenna. Looking at her every day had not taken the pain away, but it had eased it bit by bit. I had other things to live for. Things that bought a smile to my face every day. Jenna was my world now, and I had to make it happy one, for her and for me.


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