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Tues 13 Oct 09 – Episode # 4962

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Are Ruby & Charlie The Target, Or Just The Bait ??? “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 13 Oct 09 – Episode # 4962 ]


As Robert questions Xavier, the later insist at Ruby surely didn't murder Grant. Xavier does however admit tat it was all Ruby’s idea to give Charlie an alibi.


Ruby talk to Charlie. She is pleased tat tings oar back on track with Charlie & Angelo.

Charlie phone rings – its Ross. She does not owners the call – so he leaves a msg, insisting tat she call him.

Charlie then tells Ruby at she so doesn’t want o speak to Ross. Charlie bails.

Nearby, Geoff is watching Ruby – and Irene “suggest” at he should talk to her. Geoff sits with Ruby, and they sort tings out tweeny them, esp. after Ruby comments to Geoff she thought she’d lost him as a friend.


Robert insists ton Xavier & co tat they mustn’t contact Ruby [and tell her what’s occurred]. Gnia wonder if Xavier will be cohered, but Robert insists at he won’t.

When Robert has gone back into tee office, Angelo pink up the phone. Watson “suggests” for him not to contact Charlie – and Angelo doesn’t.


Morag’s phone rings – its Marsha, and Morag is somewhat shocked when Marsh tells her bout what’s happened [the whole Xavier at police ting].


Robert enters and Leah is please to see him. He insist at he is her on business. When Charlie enters the room, she isn’t keen if he’s her to “ask” her to go on another stakeout. Robert tells her he is looking for Ruby. When Charlie wonders why/is she is trouble, Robert says ruby isn’t physically in danger.


After Ruby & Geoff chat for a bit, she tells her at she has to go to the bathroom. She doesn’t like it when his comet at the she’s been there several times already as they’ve chatted.

After ruby head for the bathroom, Geoff talks to Irene. She is please tat his friendship with Ruby is back on track.

Robert * Watson enter – looking for Ruby. When she re-enters the room, Roberts arrests her!


When Charlie get to the station, she can’t believe tat they had Ruby in handcuffs.

When they [incl Morag][ go into the interview room, Robert grills Ruby – and suggest that if she doesn’t own up, she’ll be in the lock up for 8 hours. Ruby [totally in tears] admits at she made up the story she saw Charley is bed asleep that night.

Robert tells Charley she is a suspect again – so she’ll have to hand in her badge {AGAIN}.


Next day, Xavier is berating himself for all of this, but the likes of Hugo insist at sits good that he told the truth.


Leah & Charlie are chatting bout what’s happening, when Watson arives. She has a warrant to sech the house.


Robert & Angelo get out of the cart and heads of the entrance of the home. When Angelo wonders why Robert bought him along, Robert syas ta he ytought the change iof scemnery would do angelo good.

They arrive at Ross’s door – and show him warrant they have to search his room.


Irene isn’t pleased when Colleen can’t wait to tell Ruby that there was police cars at the beach house today. Irene tells ruby tat they police had a warrant of took some of her tings tec.

Xavier enters the diner. He looks sheepish as he sees Ruby, who goes off at him. Xavier returns fire through – insisting ruby used him.


Afar Irene tries to get colleen to not be so sensational bout of this Ruby business, Marsha talks to Colleen bout the crowd that’s gathered for the debate. Most of supports of Marsha’ rival. It doesn’t help when Hugo tells that Gina has been delayed.


After getting the evidence they need form Ross’s room, Angelo & Robert head back to their car. Robert tell Angelo a story bout betting they has on cockfighting in parts of Asia – insisting to Angelo tat the ppl who bet in them know they will get answers [either their bird will win of loose].

Robert answers his phone – and Angelo is intrigued when Robert [on phone] asks what colour something is. When the call ends, Robert look happy with the development.


Trey’s dad give his campaign speech =- talking bout the great new marina that is the centrepoint of his campaign.

When its Marsha’s turn, she is almost immediately heckled by someone [referring to her past as a pole dance] Marsha isn’t teetered – and she strongly give her campaign speech. She is buoyed by the arrival of the likes o0fc Xavier & Gina. It looks as the assembled crowd like what marsh has said.


After joking with Watson bout Sherlock Holmes, Robert is on the phone – its sounds like he’s got the info she was looking for.


A chat tween Charlie &* Leah is interupted when Robert & Watson arrives. Robert arrests charley for grant’s murder!!!!!



Leah has a go at Robert Robertson for all the little games he plays

Robert Robertson tells someone on the phone that he’s arrested Charlie [so it sound like arresting her is a ruse to catch the real killer, maybe]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: blue wide strap dress


Colleen: dark [hot pink floral] blouse/red top


Ruby: silver wide strap top


Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Charlie: grey dress/dark sleeveless jacket

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue long pants

Geoff: white [dark numbers] t

Geoff: white [grey trim] singlet/dark long pants

Gina: silver blouse/white top/denim jeans

Gina: white blouse/dark top

Heckler: dark jacket/white button up shirt

Hugo: brown [white check] button up shirt/olive green long pants

Hugo: dark button up shirt/blue t/denim jeans

Irene: purple deliberately ruffled top

Irene: yellow & blue swirls etc top

Leah: red top/dark knee length skirt

Marsha: purple jacket/white top/dark long pants

Marsha: white thin strap top/denim shorts

Morag: mottled grey top/dark long pants

Robert Robertson: dark suit/white button up shirt/dark waistcoat/dark white diag stripes] tie

Robert Robertson: dark suit/white button up shirt/dark waistcoat/dark [light blue stripes] tie

Ross: powder blue button up shirt/Brown long pants

Ross: royal blue polo/denim jeans

Ruby: white [brown floral] poncho like top

Trey's dad : dark jacket/white [dark check] button up shirt/dark long pants

Watson: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue long pants

Xavier: blue [light blue surf motifs] t

Xavier: SBH uniform

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