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Mon 12 Oct 09 – Episode # 4961

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Sleeping Beauty “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon 12 Oct 09 – Episode # 4961 ]

At diner, Colleen talks to Robert – wondering if he’s had a breakthrough in murder case. this districted her though – and the coffee overflows as she makes it.

Liam & Nic enters, and they are chatting away joyously under ter wa5thsfuil eye (* Colleen and esp. Irene

NEXT DAY - At her place, Marsh does a run through of her campaign speech – but Hugo, Gina etc think the speech is too dry.

Nic is at Noah’s studying. Miles talk t9 her – she say its better for her to have some background noise etc. after Miles bails, Geoff enters – he wonders bout Nic being distracted to – so she give him same spiel she did Miles.

Geoff aunts Adelle’s – and notes Aden is running late. Aden tells him he is not sleeping well lately – and things don’t get better when the subject of Liam & Nic is bought up.

Hugo & Gina enet5r surf club, and as he head for gym, she goes into Noah’s. Robert is there – he is doing a crossword, and thanks Gina for her help. As he’s realised the word he's looking for in the puzzle is charlatan. As Robert bails, trey’s dad entry – he gives Gina a CD of a roickgropu from the 70s called Radio Birdman.

Trey’s dad goes into the gym where Hugo is exercising. Trey’s dad suggests tat Marsha should quit – but comments like that suggest to Hugo that trey’s dad is worried bout marsh defeating him.

At SBH, Robert tells Gina he is here to spaek to Xavier bout his statement. When Xavier *& Robert are in a classroom together, Robert launches into various theories bout hat happened that night – he refers to Charlie as Sleeping Beauty at one point etc. Xavier stocks with his story – but as he leaves that room, Robert wonder if Xavier would ever ask someone to do what Ruby has got Xavier to [lie bout alibi].

At diner, Xavier tells Gina and co that Robert was just doing follow up enquiries. After Xavier bails, Marsha talk bout her campaign and Marsha & Hugo is a tad surprised when Gina tell then she think trey’s dad is charming.

Xavier leaves a msg on Ruby’s phon for her to call hum. Hugo approaches Xavier – and Xavier admits at he is worried bout going to jail.

Geoff & Irene are talking in that diner – speculating tat maybe Nic and Liam are together now, but both of them end that chat real quick when Aden arrives. He & Geoff bail.

Marsh talks to Colleen bout her campaign speech, before she clashes with Trail’s dad over him having campaign poster in that surf club.

After trey’s dad walks away, Marsha has trouble with that microphone they will use for the debate. Lima offers to fix that problem. He phones Nic – sand when the call ends, he tells Colleen & Marsha he will be back soon.

Hugo enters that police station just as Robert is measuring part of the main room there. Hugo “suggests” that Robert should bask off form harassing Xavier. Robert shows Hugo an article in the paper – referring to Hugo and the “great white hoax”. Hugo bails.

Xavier once more leaves a msg fom Ruby to call hum. He then admits to Hugo tat the alibi that he gave for Charlie is a lie – Gina overhears this. Shy isn’t impressed.

At Noah’s, with a crowd gathered, Liam serenades Nic. She is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay pleased, but Geoff is soooooo not pleased.

Geoff tells Aden what happened – but when Geoff suggest tat Aden is jealous of :Liam/Nic., Aden grabs Geoff – “suggesting” tat he not say such things again.

Gina, Hugo & xavier enter the police station – telling Robert tat Xavier has sometihing to the him.

At diner, Irene & Geoff arte talking bout Nic when she & Liam entry. They are laughing &n kissing etc. when Liam walks away, Geoff talk to0 Nic. She commit at she thought tat Aden would have laughed his head off if he saw the serenade today, but Geoff tells her that that soiooo isn’t the case.

In the interview room of police station, Xavier makes another statement – he has NO IDEA where Ruby or Charlie were on the night of the murder.



Ruby is arrested

Marshy Vs Trey's dad at the election debate

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Irene: purple top


Gina: silver blouse/white top[/denim jeans


Hugo: light blue [blue trim] singlet


Aden: grey singlet/dark long pants

Colleen: blue [yellow rectangles etc] blouse/white top

Colleen: red floral blouse/purple top

Geoff: white [grey trim] singlet/olive green shirts

Hugo: brown [white check] shirt/olive green long points

Irene: dark l/s top/white long pants

Liam: olive green shirt/black sleeveless jacket/blask [grey unknown motif] t/dark long pants

Liam: white [blue check] shirt/purple t/dark long pants

Marsha: grey singlet top/grey [brown floral] skirt

Miles: olive green shirt/ blue [white “sierra Liuminere”] t/denim jeans

Nic: black & white top/denim, jeans

Nic: red singlet top/dark shorts

Robert Robertson: dark jacket/dark waistcoat/white button up shirt/dark [white diag stripes] tie/dark long pants

Robert Robertson: dark jacket/white button up shirt/dark tie/dark long pants

Trey’s dad: brown [white vert stripes] shirt/white t/dark long points

Trey’s dad: dark l/s long/brown [white checl] sleeveless shirt/white t/dark long pants

Xavier: SBH uniform

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