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Thurs 8 Oct 09 – Episode # 4959

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Ninjas, Sushi And Astroboy “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 8 Oct 09 – Episode # 4959 ]


Rach & Tony return home after been away for a few days with Rach getting counselling for her post natal depression etc. Rach tells Gina that it has been very helpful she her = and that she has a contact with a local councillor if she has further issues.

After Rach goes to bed, Gina talks to Tony. He doesn’t sound at though he is as confident as Rach is that she is on top of thongs now.


As Annie looks at the poem, we hear a voiceover on the poem – from Romeo. When Irene wonders what Annie is so fascinated by, she doenlkt exactly believe it when Annie says that its school stuff.


NEXT DAY, before Miles heads off to school, Kirsty give him an apple to take with him.

Romeo & Jai talk about the poetry etc plan for Annie but they have opposing views on what to do next. Romeo bails – and Jai tells Kirsty that he has no idea what’s happening at the moment.


Rach is doing the dishes when Tony enters the room. he says that he can do that = but Rach comments tat she is more than capable of doing it.

Tony bail to go to work. As he does so Leah enters. She & Rach talk about what’s been happening of; late.


Annie sees Romeo and openly asks him about the poetry shells been getting. They have an awkward chat – that doesn’t creaky resolve anything.


After Annie & jai have an awkward chat, Gina tells that class that there’s a scholarship is Japan up for grabs, between 2 students – Jai & Annie. The spot has become available as the student who won tee scholarship can’t go now.

In the corridor, Jai & Annie suggest to the other that they should go on the scholarship, but neither seems keen to go. After Annie walks away, Miles speaks t Jai – who tells him that there’s is something keeping him here.


Rach tell Leah tat me of the things the counselling taught Racy is that she is use to doing many things at once, so concentrating on one thing [Harry] is a whole new ball game for her.

Tony enters, and wonders why Rach didn’t respond to tee text msg he said. She insist at she’s been talk to Leah. Rach seem quite annoyed that Tony is check out on her like this. Tony bails.


Annie tells Aden bout the scholarship – as the large essay that she has to write to score it. She however doesn’t tell him what she isn’t so keen on going [whereas in the past, she was].


Rach [carrying Harry] tells Leah that she have made a decision. Leah wonders if Rachel wants her there when she tells Tony. Rachel insist tat she can do it alone. Leah bails, and Rach looks uneasy about telling Tony her plan.


Miles give Jai & Annie thee essay questions they are to answer. He comments to them, at they shouldn’t ask him bout Japan became his knowledge on tee subject is limited to what I’ve used as my title for this ep.

Miles also comments on how disinterested both of them seem.


Rachel tells Tony that she has thought of a plan for her to deal with all of this. She balks at telling him though -= suggesting that she will do so after dinner tonight.


Aden approaches Aden = wondering what she’s not so keen to the Japan scholarship. She tells him that it’s not a case of not wanting to go, it’s just as she doesn’t want to leave here.


When Jai ask about what to do with Annie, Romeo is awkward and tells him he doesn’t have any answers this time. Romeo bails – hels got a surf class to teach.


Romeo gives Annie & tee other girls doing the surf lessons a refresher on balance, but when Annie’s; posture isn’t so good, she notes that he isn’t so keen on literally getting hands on with her [i.e. touching her backside to correct her posture].


Jai talks to Miles & Kirsty bout the scholarship and where he stands with Annie. They suggest that he should talk to Annie bout this.


When tee surf calls is over, Annie speak to Romeo. She tells him at she thinks that whilst he likes to flirt with her, he’s not so keen when she does it back to him.

With Jai watching from afar, Romeo does put his hand on Annie’s wetsuit clad backside, but we dolt hear what is being said at that point as he are seeing things from Jai’s perspective.


Tony is most surprised when Rach tells him at she thinks its bets that she should go back to work. She thinks tat she’ll be a better mother to Harry that way. Tony tells Rach that he thinks it’s not a god decision – esp. Since she’s recovering from post natal depression.


Annie tells Iren that she is thinking bout Romeo ALL the time, and they she doesn’t want to.


‘Tony continues to express concerns about Rich’s plan –p but she insist tat she has made up her mind. She IS going back to work – starting 2 days a week, and that the decision is final. Rachel exits the room.


Miles & Kirsty note that Jai isn’t eating – he says that he isn’t hungry, when they ask him if he talked to Annie, Jai sys that she had her hands full today/. Romeo enters – he’s very hungry – whilst Jai heads upstairs.



Geoff & Aden have a bet who can bench-press the most

Tony is keen for a compromise with Rach, but she isn’t so keen

Trey’s dad meets Gina

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: purple knee dress/dark cardie


Annie: 2 tone red top/aqua shorts


Leah : white jacket/yellow top/ dark long pants


Aden: grey singlet/ dark long pants

Annie: dark [blue diag stripe on each leg] wetsuit

Annie: red [yellow mosaics?] top/denim shorts

Annie: SBH uniform

Gina: grey cardie/blue [white mosaic near collar] top/dark long pants

Gina: grey jacket/white [Dark trim] top/ dark long pants

Harry: white * blue beanie

Irene: dark [white floral] blouse

Irene: red blouse

Jai: white [black splotches?] t/ dark long pants

Jai: SBH uniform

Kirsty: off white scoop top

Miles: purple shirt/white [photo of ppl] t/denim jeans

Rachel: dark grey shirtdress/dark long pants

Romeo: dark [white surfer?] singlet/dark [white mosaics] shorts

Romeo: black [dark blue on sleeves] wetsuit

Tony: blue t/dark long pants

Tony: purple t

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t/dark shorts

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