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Wed 7 Oct 09 – Episode # 4958

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Dream Come True “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 7 Oct 09 – Episode # 4958 ]


Ifs the day after the events of up 4957, and after he talk to Marsha bout her campaign, Hugo talks to Xavier. He “suggests” that honesty is always tat best policy – no doubt in reference to suspicion bout Ruby & Xavier’s alibi for Charlie.


Ruby MAJORLY clash with Ross, and to a lesser extent Morag. She can’t believe tat they doubt her story that Charlie was asleep when Grant was killed. Ruby storms out of the house.


We see Jai putting something in Annie’s locker.

Ruby tells to Xavier bout ho9w annoyed she is that her version of events had been queried by Ross etc.

Annie opens her locker =- and is clearly very happy with the latest poem. Indeed, Ruby asks Annie if she is blushing upon reading it. Annie denies it though.


Robert Robertson enters and teals Leah that he will be doing the cooking with they go on their date. He tells her that he was [supposedly] a chef in a restaurant in Paris, and he wonders why ppl would want to eat eels [or in other word, Robert Robertson was being typically Robert Robertson],


MORAG shows Hugo, Colleen & Marsha the newspapers – that comment on the non family freriendly-ness of Marsha ;s campaign posters. Marsha insist tat this isn’t going to rattle her.

Hugo wonders to Morag whether Ruby is working at tee fish markets today – as he is ken to speck to her bout THAT alibi. Morag tells Hugo that if it is a story, then Ruby is being very consistent etc bout it. Hugo bails.


With Jai watching them fum the other end of tee corridor, Annie & Ruby talked bout tee poems Annie is getting. When its suggested that its could be Romeo, Annie comments at maybe Romeo’s usual over the top behaviour is an act – with a shy guy in there somewhere.

Jai approaches Ruby & Annie and wonders what they are talking so seriously about, but naturally they don’t tell him.

After Ruby & Annie walk away arm in arm, they talk bout the poem. Ruby suggests tat Annie should flirt like ether’s no timeworn at her surf lesson today. Annie isn't keen on te idea.


Jai talk to Romeo 0- suggesting that he should make his moves [reveal to Annie tat its been jai who is sending her the poems], but Romeo insists that timing isn’t right. Jai seem annoyed by this.


After Romeo instructs the members of the surf class to take their boards into the water, Annie aproach him – san tells him at he is REALLY hot. When he wonders what she meant, Annie basks down – saying tat it was not a how sexy he is type comment. They both head foe the water.


Hugo approaches Ruby – suggesting tat she should come clean/tell the truth. He insist at he knows at Xavier would do anything for Ruby, san he doesn’t deserve to get into trouble because of that devotion. Hugo walks away.


Xavier antes and sees Robert. Robert insist at he can tell the Xavier is lying bout the alibi, and then he comet bout maybe that Xavier is saying that alibi because he [Xavier] killed grant. Robert also suggests to Xavier that, if pushed, Runby will choose to porotect Cahreli over Xavuer. Robert bails.


When the surf class is over, Annie talk to Romeo. She’s ken to finds out if he's the one sending her the poems, but he denies it. She bails, and its clear Romeo is frustrated.


Robert arrives – and when he commit ed bout Leah having a police escort of their date, she tell him she previously went out with a policeman [before she came to the bay]. Robert tell Leah they are about to go on a surprising date, but he allays Leah [mock] fears, when he agrees that they won’t be going bungie jumping. They bail.


Ruby cuts her hand – just like she did in her dream a few eps ago.


Romeo is writing something when Miles & Jai entry the room. When Miles ask, Romeo says tat it’s a lesson plan for is next surf class. Jai &* Miles bail – to fix some issue with van 6.


Leah is very pleased etc when she sees tat Robert has arranged of them to have a picnic on the beach. As they talk, Robert tells her tat he got the benz when he went diving in the past, and that he hates flying.

Talk turns to fave movies – rom coms to be precise. Leah is a little sceptical when Robert tells her his fave rom com is “Casablanca” – but he says its just like the old saying bout beauty being in the eye of the beholder. When Leah wonder how she can maths all of that, Robert say says that she already has [just by being on a date with him, I’m guessing he means etc].


Xavier enters and sees ruby’s hand is bandaged. She tells him she cut it at work. Xavier is worried bout Robert, but Ruby insists they just have ton keep to their story and there’s noting ppl can do. They hold hands – whish seem to reassure Ruby that Xavier is stroll with the plan.


Robert tell Leah tat it’s literally a Greek tragedy tat no man has ever “thrown himself” at Leah.


Annie is raeading the poem she got today when Romeo sits with her – just as he does so, she hides the poem.

After they chat she a bit, Romeo bails – but not beefer handing Annie another proem – that she seem quite “touched” by.



Rachel tells Tony tat she thinks it best that she goes back to work

Jai begins to realise that Romeo is keen on Annie

Jai & Annie are offered a prestigious sounding scholarship

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: elec blue halter neck maxi dress


Robert Robertson: dark suit/white [dark vert stripes] button up shirt/dark waistcoat/silver tie


Romeo: apple green [white unknown logo] t/dark long pants


Annie: SBH uniform

Annie: red [yellow mosaics?] top/denim shorts

Annie: dark [blue diag stripe on each leg] wetsuit

Colleen: red top

Hugo: dark [red & white check] button up shirt/red t/khaki shorts

Jai: grey t/white [park streetscape?] hoodie

Jai: SBH uniform

Leah: royal blue wide strap top/dark long pants

Marsha: white singlet/dark long pants

Miles: brown button up shirt/ blue [white “sierra Liuminere”] t//denim jeans

Morag: dark long sleeve top

Robert Robertson: dark suit/white button up shirt/dark waistcoat/dark tie

Romeo: black [dark blue on sleeves] long sleeve wetsuit

Ross: powder blue long sleeve button up shirt/brown long pants

Ruby: black & white daig stripes top/dark long pants

Ruby: red cap/white polo/dark long pants/white boots

Ruby: SBH uniform

Xavier: blue [white “Sioux Indian Oil”] t/denim jeans

Xavier: light blue t/white [dark swirls?] shorts

Xavier: SBH uniform

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