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Mon 05 Oct 09 – Episode # 4956

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " People Smuggling "

[ Screened in Australia on Mon 05 Oct 09 – Episode # 4956 ]


After they;ve clearly slept together, Liam wonder if this is that start or the end of the 'ship. they are seem from afar by Kirsty.


Nic enters, and when Miles comments tat she has sand on her face, she says tat she went for a swim.

after Nic goes upstairs, Kirsty enters - and tells Miles tat she knows tat Nic & Liam slept together on the beach.


Angelo talks to Charlie bout why he is in the bay. he insist that he can;lt truly tell her 0 as it will endanger his mission.


Whilst Miles isn't so sure that Kirsty saw what she thought she saw [Nic & Lima], they both agree tat confronting Nic bout this isn't the best idea at this stage.


Ruby & Geoff are in her bedroom, joking bout some old pics of Ruby & Charlie [form when Ruby was 5 yo], Ruby also commit at she;ls sen pics of Geoff when he was that young too. they are laugh so mush that Irene suggest that quiet down and get sleep. Irene also comment tat Xavier phoned earlier.

when Irene is gone, Ruby tells Geoff that she can't sleep - as soon as she shuts her eyes, she starts thinking bout all that is going on. Geoff holds her hand before he bails to go to bed. Ruby then kinda excitedly jumps on her bed.


Next day, Angelo tell Charlie tat he never thought he;pd has a relationship here in the bay when he returned, whilst charlie tells Angelo tat she knows [despite the logic of the undercover work] that she;sll always wonder bout things. when Angelo tries sto talk further,. charlie suggest that they've both got work to do.


Xavier talk to Ruby, and he;s clearly concerned bout recent events - but she "suggest" tat that shouldn't be talking bout the alibi they gave charlie. when Xavier is keen to find out bout a chat tat Ruby had with Geoff last night, she suggest tat they should head to the beach. they bail.

Kirsty meanwhile sees Liam playing pool - with a number of girls.


Kirsty "suggest" to Mils tat he rally should;ld speak to Nic bout Lima, and he says ta he will. however, when Nick enters enter room, he doesn't - and merely tells her not to overdo things with her studies etc.


Angelo approaches Charlie - insisting that they need to talk, she is keen - but gets a radio calls form Watson bout some break ins. charlie bails.


Geoff is leaving as Ruby & Xavier enter. Ruby & Xavier have an uneasy chat before she bails to go to work.

Miles enetrs and see Nic. she tells him that she couldn't rally study at home. he wonders if she is going to be hanging out with anyo9ne today - she says she isn't


Xavier tell geoff to stay away from Ruby,. Geoff insist that nothing has happened tween he & ruby - and Xavier wants it to stay that way.


Liam & Nic encounter each other. they agree to have dinner tonight - at the VPH as Kirst & Miles won't have home.


that night, Liam has cooked Nic a great meal - but Nic insists that food isnlt that way to her heart. Liam looks like he is going to bail - but he kisses Nic instead.


Angelo tells Charlie that he had to agree to some conditions to be granted his freedom after what hap pended with jack. he tells Charlie that he is in the Bay to bust an illegal people smuggling racket.


Ruby's been in there - and comment to geoff tat she is pleased tat she doesn't smell of fish anymore. she is keen to talk - but he says ta he is tired and is going to bed. when ruby wonders what's;s happeing, Geoff insist that there's nothing going on.


Nic & the just putting his shirt back on Liam are busted when Kirsty, Mile & Oly enter the house at that monet. After Lima bails, Miles insists to Nic that they need to talk - but she say ta she is tired and goes upstairs.


Angelo tell Charlie tat he thinks ta Lou was murderer because he saw something he shouldn't have. angelo tell Charlie that he canlt tell her mush more - but he can tell her that Hugo is belives to be involved in the ppl smuggling.



Marsha challenge Trey's dad to a debate – but seem shocked when he agrees

Colleen shows Marsha some of her rival’s’ latest campaign materiel – pics of Marsha pole dancing!!!

Charlie thinks the Robert is bluffing [that he knows Ruby & Xavier are lying]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: royal blue [yellow on bust] low cut v neck thin strap top/dark jacket/dark long pants/dark headband [with silver broach on it]


Ruby: dark blue [dark unknown motif] mid thigh length dress


Miles: purple button up shirt/ white [full moon on dark background] t//brown long pants


Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Charlie [when young]: dark top/dark hat

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue long pants

Geoff: dark long pants

Geoff: white singlet/light blue [white “Rip Curl” logo] shorts

Irene: white [dark vert stripes] PJs

Kirsty: dark [brown floral] long sleeve top

Kirsty: dark long sleeve top/red thin strap top/dark long pants

Liam: white [red & blue check] button up shirt/dark long pants

Liam: white [brown check] button up shirt/white [rock star] t/dark long pants

Miles: apple green button up shirt/white [dark rockband?] t/dark shorts

Nicole: scarlet top/dark long pants

Oliver: red [dark “racing”] t

Ruby: [when young]: white t/wide brim hat

Ruby: white [red & yellow floral] knee length dress

Ruby: white [various colour splotches] mid thigh length dress

Ruby [when young] blue school uniform dress

Xavier: red [grey “fresh jive”] t/dark [blue diamonds] shorts

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