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Thurs 1 Oct 09 – Episode # 4954

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Intriguing Dreams … And A Mother’s Worst Nightmare “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 1 Oct 09 – Episode # 4954 ]


Annie runs towards someone who is facing tee water. She calls out wondering who it is. Romeo insists that she should know who it is – considering this is her dream. He adds similar comets when he takes all his clothes off before going of a swim. Romeo also “suggests” tat Annie shouldn’t stare at him.


Annie wakes – and looks at her clock. It’s just after 2am.


Charlie enters and Robert tells her that they’ll be one more officer joining them on this stake out./ Angelo enters the room from tee office. The trio bail – bout not before Robert takes Gus the bear with him.


Harry is crying and Rachel is trying to0 get him to stop hen Tony enters the room. He suggest at she should get some rest, but she counters by saying tat he has work tomorrow. Tony tells Rach that so does she – full time mothering. Rach has a go at Tony form leaving Harry’s toys lying about – but he counter that by saying that it was Rach who did that.


Robert, Angelo, Charlie & Gus are in an unmarked police car. Robert points out at the soil found on Grant’s shoe makes this place [markets] most likely tat place he was killed. Robert basks this up but seeing the police also found Grant’s [damaged] mobile here.

Grant also revels there a surveillance cameras witching Gus!!!! Robert gets out of the car – and Angelo comments on how Robert knows everything they’ve said to each other in the station etcc.


Ruby & Geoff are walking along before they stop and Geoff puts his hands on ruby’s [face] cheeks and tells her he knows at this is complicated situation but they’ve got to sort it out. Ruby tells Geoff that will talk later – shell’s got to get to work. She sees walks ashy, she sees Xavier further up the beach.


Wed the see Ruby – having what looks like an uneasy sleep.


Ruby is working as her teak to Xavier. He says she should concentrates on what she is doing. Ruby tat cuts her hand accidentally.


Ruby wakes – her hands is sore.


Annie tells Ruby that she’s been having weird dream. Jai & Xavier walk – talking how Annie seems to be “taken” by the love poems she is getting.

Annie is then talking to Romeo – with pool table tween them. Romeo comets on how he keeps appearing in Annie’s dream and that perhaps she should get dressed. Annie looks down – and quickly crosses her arms over her chest, upon realising she is indeed naked.


Annie wakes – its 2.45am now, she goes downstairs and sees Ruby is awake as well. Ruby tells Annie that he hand is sore, and they speculate it’s because Ruby isn’t used to this kinda of physical labour tat is involved in her new job.

Ruby then compare her situation – going tween the heat of the day into the cold freezers at work to Annie’s strangeness – and her felling for Romeo. Annie then tells Ruby tat she’s been dreaming bout Romeo – and Ruby insists they aren’t going back to bed til Annie tells her ALL about it.


Harry’s still crying and Rachel is still trying to nurse him to sleep when Tony ere-setrs the room. Rach is in tears when she tells Tony tat tings shouldn’t be this hard – and that how can she expect to look after a baby when she can’t look after herself, i.e. Rach tell Tony she’s not changed her clothes in days or washed her hair.

Tony insist at Rachel should get some sleep. She kinda compromises – she agrees to big tat bassinette into the lounge room – whilst she sleeps ion the couch.


Robert suggests tat Gus is Angelo as Gus asks Charlie various questions bout whirl’s happened recently. Robert says it’s a ‘ship counselling technique. Charlie admits at right now she doesn't trust Angelo – and Robert comments that trust is indeed all in ‘ships.


Its 3.15am, and Tony is in bedroom. He phones soemone – asking them to help [esp. since Rach is finally asleep].

Soon after, T9obny is in the lounge with Leah who appears to be breastfeeding Harry. Rach enters ter room – and she seems annoyed tat Leah is here. She straight awry takes Harry into her arms. Rach seem annoyed that Tony gave Harry some paracetamol – and comments that he spoke to Leah because she’s the prefect mum. Leigh insists tat it was her idea to come over here – and both Leah & Tony are on edge when Rach takes Harry out of the room.


With Robert out of the car, Angelo & Charlie are talking - incl Charlie saying that she DOES trust Angelo. Robert then shows her more pics of Angelo with the girls in the city – but ion these pics, he is showing them his police ID.


Rachel has a go at Tony of airing their problems in public, but he insists at it was only Leah be spoke to etc. Tony then returns fire – insisting tat Rach cant be this controlling, and this stressed at him all the time. Rachel insist at she will try. It doesn't help though when she says at that that will be morrow – as Harry is almost asleep as she wants to be by his side till he does. Rachel heads of the bedroom.


Angelo tells Charlie that he couldn’t tell her bout why he was in the city because its part of an undercover investigation – whish is the reason at he is in the bay now. Charlie insists the professional side of her can see his point, but her emotional side joist knows tat Angelo isn’t telling her ebery8ithing.

Robert gets back in the car – and wonders if either of them is going too confess to killing grant. When neither does, he suggest they call it a night, but as they are about to drive off, they see several pal of Asian descent [incl a young girl]. Te Asians run – and evade Angelo and co.


It’s a bright sunny day, and Leah talks to Rach & Tony. She is a little surprises when they say at they’ve left Harry at home by himself. Tony suggets to Rachel tat she should wake up.


In the darkened bedroom, Tony wakes Rachel – and wonders wher harry is. After Rach moves, they both are SHOCKED tat Rach had been ON TOP of Harry!!!!!!



Rach is WAY stressed bout what's happening with Harry

Aden tells Geoff to “not be a skirt and ask her out”

Colleen “suggest” to Liam to not causae any trouble

Sounds like whilst Kirsty is now keen t marry Miles, he’s had a change of heart

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: aqua singlet top/dark long pants


Annie: pink [purple crest like motif wide strap knee dress


Rachel: red singlet top/dark long pants


“Clint eastwood”: dark shirt

Angelo: light blue l/s shirt/dark sleeveless jumper/dark long pants

Annie: dark singlet top/baby pink long pants

Annie: white thin strap knee dress

Asian girl: dark l/s top

Charlie: dark l/s top/dark long pants.

Geoff: white [dark numbers] t

Harry: blue [white trim] beanie

Jai: white [dark mosaic?] t/dark [blue & red patches] shorts

Leah: baby pink jacket/dark long pants

Leah: yellow wide strap top/dark long pants

Rachel: grey l/s [dark tropical motifs]top/dark long pants

Robert: dark l/s [white & red rockband? Motif] l/s top

Romeo: dark singlet/red white check shirt/dark long pants

Ruby: purple & white [dark floral] knee dress

Ruby: red [dark company logo] cap/white polo

Ruby: white singlet/brown floral PJ long pants

Tony: blue t/denim jeans

Tony: brown l/s top/dark long pants

Xavier: yellow [red & blue “welcome to Waves” and various fruit motifs] t/white [dark splotches] shorts

Xavier: white [dark unknown motif] t/dark shorts

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