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Homeward Bound

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Title:Homeward bound

Type of Fiction: Short/Medium (4 parts)


Characters: Nic, Geoff, Annie, And loads of others

Rating: G

Warnings: Nope

Spoilers: Nope

Summary: Nicole left Summer Bay four years ago, Leaving everyone behind, she made a promise, Will she fulfuill it?

As you can probably guess this is a Niff fic! I think I have an obsession! haa

The length keeps changing lol, It was suppse to be a two-shot, but now were at 4! :-), It should be a four-shot, but who knows lol

Hope you enjoy it! :)

Let me know what you think!

“Maybe we just weren’t meant to be”

“But, Nic I love you, we can get through this”

“I don’t think we can, I love you too, but we want different things, I want more than you can give me”

“Please Nicole, You can’t leave”

“I’m sorry I have to”

“We’ve been through so much, why can’t we get through this?”

“I can’t, there’s nothing left here for me anymore”

“I’m here”

“That’s the problem, your here. I don’t want to be here anymore, I want to go to the city, I want to train in fashion and I can’t do that here, I’ll always love you Geoff, but I just can’t be with you, I need to do this”

“I’ll always love you” He said tears trying to escape his eyes “I just don’t understand, I thought we were going well”

“We were” The tears escaped her eyes, they flowers down her cheeks “You will understand Geoff, You can’t right now, maybe you just don’t want to, but you will”

“Will there ever be a chance for us?”

“Yes one day, If were so in love there will be, I promise we’ll meet again”

“I hope we will, I’ll look forward to that day, I love you Nicole Franklin”

“I love you too”

Nicole left that night, It was the last time Geoff had seen her, heard from her in 4 years, he didn’t know how she was, where she was or what she was doing. He could never move on, he tried there was other girls, but no one compared to her. That was a distant memory now.

Geoff had his own apartment in summer bay, he owned the trawler business along with Aden, They owned a car garage as well, He was doing well, Summer Bay was pretty much the same, Most people were still there, Aden, Belle, Annie, Irene, Ruby, Xavier, Jai, and a few new faces.

Everyone was doing well, Annie and Romeo were together, Ruby and Xavier were still going strong, Jai was with Billie and new resident that had moved to the bay not so long ago, Aden and Belle were married, and just found out they were expecting there first child, Geoff he was single, he had all his friends around him, they always tried to set him up with girls, but he always found faults in them. Deep down he still awaited Nicole’s promise.

Nicole lived in a studio apartment on the other side of the world, She had got her dream of becoming a famous designer, She lived in L.A with her model boyfriend Jordan, she got everything she ever wanted, Summer Bay was just a memory at the back of her head. She was living the dream, She designed clothes for a designer store and she even done a bit of modelling, she was rich and beautiful.

She was always out partying on the town, She loved her life.

“Nicole, turn to the side a bit for me, Yep that’s perfect. Gorgeous!” The Photographer commented on every bit of Nic. “And that’s a wrap”


“Darling your magnificent! We got the shots in the first five frames!”


“Oh don’t act surprised you know you amazing!”

“Thanks Mark”

“Your welcome darling! Are you hitting the town at the weekend?”

“Not to sure, I have some designs I want to work on, and I need to start looking about for some Celebs for my photo shoot, I want really famous ones”

“Darling why don’t you do it yourself? Your just as famous as anyone!”

“Only in the states, I want world famous Celebs”

“You’ll be world famous, You have that perfume add, That’s being shown everywhere!”

“Seriously? Will it be shown in Australia?”



“Someone back home you want to see it?”

“Maybe” She giggled, This was the first time she’d thought of home in a long time, the memories came flooding back into her mind, after so many years of trying to kill them, they survived and she remembered every single one in detail

“Nic are you ok?”

“What, oh yeah, I’m fine”

“You look sad”

“Just memories of home”

“Maybe you should visit?”

“What? No, This is my home now, anyway Mark I better get going, Chou!”


“Geoff! Geoff”

“Annie Annie!” He mocked

“No Geoff come here quick” Geoff walked across the room and looked at the TV that Annie was frantically pointing at, His eyes lit up as he saw her, Nicole Franklin on TV. “She’s a model, Nic’s a model”

“Wow, she made it” Geoff said in disbelief

“You dated a model!”

“She wasn’t a model when I dated her”

“She is now though”

“Yeah, I guess she doesn’t keep promises anymore”


“Nothing, I’m heading out, See you later”

“Yeah bye”

“Nic is that you babe?”


“I haven’t seen you in so long!” Jordan placed his arms around her, Nicole squirmed away, it didn’t feel right “Babe what’s wrong?”

“Nothing sorry, I just don’t feel good that’s all”

“Well I can make you feel better” He placed his hands on her waist and tried to kiss her

“Jordan stop it! I just need some sleep” Nicole went to her room, She searched her closet until she finally found her old stuff, all her things from Summer Bay, She needed to see everything again, she found her old Cell phone, she kept it, it had everyone’s numbers in it, She didn’t know why she had the urge to call everyone, she had been her four years and never felt anything! She never wanted to go back until now. Why now?

She turned the cell phone on, surprised it still worked, she got to his number and hit the call button, it went straight to voicemail, and she wasn’t surprised it had been four years. She threw the phone onto her bedside table and grabbed her photo albums. The phone loaded up, there were so many messages on it, Nicole didn’t notice.

She fell asleep with the photo album on her, Jordan didn’t dare wake her, he slept in the spare bedroom, Her phone started to ring at a ridiculously early hour of the morning, she groaned and went to her bag to get it, she looked down in surprise as the phone hadn’t been calling, The she remembered her other phone, she rushed across the room to find the phone was bunged with messages, And o may missed calls, All the same number. She hit the call-back button and waited as it rang.

“Hello?” the voice said

“Oh my gosh! It is you” Nicole quietly screamed down the phone

“Nic? Why did you answer? I thought you got rid of this number! I ring all the time, I really hope you did listen to all the messages”

“Em No, I had it with all my old stuff, I just found it, Why shouldn’t I listen to the messages?”

“Umm, Unless you want to hear my problems from the last few years, Actually you might be there a while, The message bank got full a year or two ago”

“Annie! I miss you” She sighed

“I miss you too”

“Why did you phone?”

“I seen you on TV! I knew you wouldn’t answer but I just wanted to wish you luck and congratulate you, Its pathetic really”

“Thanks Ann....... how is everyone?”

“There Ok”

“How’s Summer Bay?”

“Pretty much the same” She giggled

“And Geoff?” She tired to put the question of for as long as she could, but she needed to know”

“He’s ok, How are you? Are you seeing anyone?”

“I’m doing ok, Yes I’m seeing Jordan? What about you, Still with Jai?”

“Actually no, I’m with Romeo now”

“Romeo?” Nicole laughed

“Yeah, he’s great!”

“How are Mies and Kirsty and the kids?”

“There doing well, Ollie and Sophie are fine, and they just had another little boy, Callum”

“Really? Wow, anything else I should know?”

“Aden and Belle got married, they’re expecting the first child any time now, Ruby and Xavier are engaged, Charlie and Angelo are married with a little girl, Hannah and everyone else is ok, its pretty much the same with a few extra locals”

“Wow, Everyone sounds so happy” Nicole sighed

“Are you not happy?”

“To be honest no, I would give anything to be back there, To be with everyone again”

“Why don’t you come back?”

“No one would want me back”

“I would, And I’m pretty sure everyone else would, Geoff would!”

“What about Geoff is he seeing anyone?”

“No, there’s been a few girls, but never anything serious” Nicole’s heart skipped a beat hearing this, it was probably the best news she’d had in years

“Annie, I should probably go, But I promise I’ll keep in touch”

“Nic, Promise me you’ll think about coming back?”

“I promise, bye Annie” Nicole hung up, and it suddenly hit her, Promise! I never kept my promise! She grabbed her laptop and booked flights for two to go to Summer Bay, The next day, Why she done it she’ll never know, something was drawing her back to Summer Bay, she needed to be there.

“Jordan!” She said loudly

“What babe! What time is it?”

“I dunno, like five or so, I need to tell you something, I’m going home!”


“I’ve booked flights for us to go to Summer Bay!”


“I want to go home! I want you to come with me, and see where I came from”

“You live here now, Why do you want to go back?”

“I have family and friends out there”

“You have family and friends here, I’m your family now”

“But you don’t understand, It’s my home, I want to go back, Are you saying you don’t want to come?”

“I don’t want you to go either”

“But why? Please do this for me?”


“That’s it? You won’t even consider coming?”

“No, and neither will you”

“Excuse me!”

“I don’t want you going there Nic, Everything is here now, You career, me, all your friends”

“What those plastic robots? No! I want my real friends, I don’t know why I didn’t do this long ago”

“I won’t let you, You go and we’ll never be together again”

“I don’t care! The love of my life is back there, I’m keeping my promise! I leave first thing in the morning, I guess this is goodbye”

“Your going now?”

“I guess so, I can’t to be in the same building as you, I thought you were the one, I was wrong, I was really wrong” Nicole collected her suitcase and left, she spent the night at the airport, until she boarded her flight, As she sat on the plane butterflies danced in her stomach. When she lands she’ll be home, she’ll have to deal with everyone, how would they react?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Finally the update!

Ive changed it to a 3-shot fic! LEt me know what you think! :)

She stepped of the plane; She took a deep breath and entered the airport. She waited impatiently for her luggage, inside she was panicking, why did she do this? Everyone is going to hate her, she thought. She collected her luggage and went outside to get a taxi to the bay. She got into the taxi and was on her way, All the memories of her time in the bay came flooding back to her mind.

“Love, You don’t happen to be Nic Frank?”

“Franklin? Yes”

“My daughter loves your designs! She’s a huge fan!”

“Aww thanks”

“Could I get you autograph?”

“Sure, What’s her name?”


“Ok” She wrote out an autograph and started hoking in her bag, “Here give her these to, Its my new perfume, Well samples, but its not in stores or anything yet, she’ll be the first to smell it”

“Thanks so much, she’ll love it, what are you doing back here anyway?”

“I just thought I needed to come home for a while, I missed it I guess”

“But don’t you have the big celebrity lifestyle?”

“I do I guess, but I don’t know I’m getting sick of it, It was good, but I knew it wouldn’t last forever”

“Well good luck with everything!”

“Thanks, I need the luck”


“You could say that, I left without telling anyone, Well I told my boyfriend at the time, It was hard but it was something I needed to do, So I’m really not looking forward to everyone’s reactions, they’ll hate me”

“I’m pretty sure they won’t, they’ll be glad to have you home, Are your parents back there?”

“No, my dad’s in jail, and my mum is a selfish stuck up cow, and to be honest I couldn’t care less where she is!”

“Oh sorry”

“It’s ok”

“Well this is you, Good luck with everything, and thanks for that, Kelly will be stoked!”

“Your welcome, Send her my love, How much is that?”

“That’ll be $25”

“Here you go, keep the change”

“Thanks love, goodbye”


She didn’t know where to go first, she didn’t know who she wanted to see first, she was tired from all the travelling and really couldn’t be bothered seeing anyone, she decided to go home, to see Miles and Kirsty, As she was approaching the house, the butterflies in her stomach were doing summersaults! She knocked on the door and a rather shocked Kirsty answered, she immediately wrapped her arms around Nicole, she hadn’t changed in any way, Nicole peered into the house and seen the kids, they were beautiful.

“Nic! What, what are you doing here?”

“I thought I’d come home”

“I missed you! We all did, Please never do that again!”

“I’m sorry kirst, it was just something I needed to do, I should have told you I was leaving, How’ve you been?”

“Good, We have 3 children now, Ollie you know, And this is Sophie, She said as a young girl approached her, and that over there that’s Callum, he’s 2 months old now”

“There beautiful”

“Thank you, and what about you, what have you been doing with yourself?”

“Em, designing, and modelling and a lot of stuff”

“And you left all that to come back here?”

“I couldn’t cope with it anymore, I needed to come home to get my head down from the sky, I was living the dream, but not once did I stop and think about everything, was selfish, I’m a rich selfish idiot”

“Nic no your not”

“I am, I’d do anything for the money or the attention”

“You can change”

“I’ve started already, Dumped my loser of a boyfriend, and I’m home!” she smiled

“Oh boyfriend eh?”

“Yeah, Jordan, dumb male model, he was also up himself, we meshed really well” she let out a laugh “Where’s Miles?”

“Working” He should be home in a couple of hours

“Is there anywhere I can lay down, I’m exhausted”

“Sure, your old room’s still there, its a bit different, we’ve had a few people stay in it”

“Good old Miles eh?” she laughed and made her way up to the room, it was till pretty much the same, There was a picture of her on the wall, that made tears come to her eyes. She lay down on the bed and fell to sleep almost straight away.

Miles returned a few hours later he kissed Kirsty “What’s with the cases?” he asked and pointed at Nicole’s discarded luggage

“You’ll never guess who’s here!” Kirsty said with a grin

“No way? She’s home?”

“Yeah” She grinned even wider

“Where is she?”

“Lying down, she’s tired from all the flights!”

“Wow, I might just nip up”

“Finding it unbelievable?”

“Just a bit” Miles chuckled lightly

Miles lightly opened the door, he heart sunk when he seen her sleeping peacefully in her old bed, When she went, he felt like he lost his own daughter. He stood there for a few minutes before closing the door and appearing back down the stairs, “It’s weird having her here, I missed her” he confessed

“I know, I think we all did”

“Where are the kids?”

“Ollie’s out playing footie at the back, Sophie’s playing out there too, and Callum is asleep”

“I’ll go see them” Miles made his way outside, Sophie was playing with her dolls on the ground and Ollie was kicking a ball around “Ollie, Pass it” Miles shouted, The boys played football for hours, Kirsty got annoyed sometimes, but what could she do?

A few hours of peaceful sleep and Nic woke, She looked around the room, and got up. She opened the door and walked out to the landing, she had butterflies in her stomach again, she was so nervous to be seeing everyone again, She was worried about the reactions, And she walked into the living room Miles jumped up from the sofa and hugged her tightly.

“I missed you”

“I missed you to”

“Why did you go?”

Nicole pulled away and sat down on the sofa, “I had to, I felt like there was nothing here for me anymore, there was no one, but now I realise everything and everyone is here, and I missed it all, I had the life in LA, Fame, glamour and a big house, and a gorgeous male model for my boyfriend, But it all turned out to be nothing, I don’t need fame and glammer to be happy, and I definitely don’t need Jordan”

“It’s good to have you home”

“It’s good to be home, Although I left everything, I had a big promotion party to go to tomorrow night, My perfume is out in a couple of weeks, Or a few months maybe, I had a new clothing line to promote”

“Wow Nic, Stop you might change your mind about being here!”

“Nothing’ll change my mind! I was thinking off doing the clothing range from here, I have my camera and the clothes, all I need to do is send the photo’s to my publicist”

“Oh a publicist!” Miles mocked

“Yep! But anyway, How has everyone been?”

“Were all good, Obviously you know about the kids, Sophie and Callum, Aden and Belle are expecting a child, it should be here very soon, Charlie and Angelo have a lovely little girl Hannah”

“Everyone has kids! Its so cute, What about everyone else?”

“Well Annie and Jai split up, she’s with Romeo now, Ruby and Xavier are still going and Jai is single at the minute, But I think he has his eyes on Laura, She’s just moved here with her family”

“That’s really good, I’m so happy everyone’s happy”

“Geoff’s single” Miles smiled

“Ok, Well that’s ok, How is he?”

“Yeah he’s good; He works with Aden on the Trawler”

“Cool, I might take a walk it’s been so long since I just walked along the beach”

“See you later”

“Bye” she said and excited the house; she walked slowly to the beach, taking in everything, She made it to the beach, the sun was shining down and the sand was hot, she removed her shoes and stepped onto the sand, it caressed her toes, She removed her top and revealed a purple bikini top, she sat down on the sand and lay there still and quiet until something interrupted her, Well someone, a body jumped down almost on top of her and smothered her in a hug.

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Ok this is gonna be a 4-shot now lol, It keeps getting longer! The last part should be hopefull yup sometime this week! It will probably be a shorter chapter!

Hope you enjoy part three!

“Nicole Franklin! If you ever leave again, I will hunt you down and murder you with my own hands!”

“Hey Rubes”

“I missed you! Why are you back? Could have warned me?” ANNIE!!” Ruby yelled

“I missed you to Rubes, I’m back because I missed this place and I realised I made a mistake, And I had a promise to keep”

“ANNIE!” Ruby yelled again “Well I’m glad your back! You didn’t even tell me you were leaving, you just went, Nic you were my best friend and you couldn’t even say goodbye”

“That’s why I couldn’t say goodbye, It would have been to hard, It was the worst thing in the world saying goodbye to Geoff, I couldn’t have said it to everyone, I knew Geoff would, I’m so sorry Rubes, I realised how big of a mistake I made, leaving Summer Bay was the worst thing I ever did”

“Not really, You made it big” Annie Campbell, Will you get you ass over here” Ruby yelled the loudest she possibly could, Annie came walking down the path yelling something back until she saw the blonde girl sitting beside Ruby on the sand, She picked up her pace and raced towards the pair, She jumped on top of Nicole and hugged her tightly

“Thank you” she whispered “I’m glad you came back” She let go of her hug and looked at her “You haven’t changed” She giggled

“I see you have, you’re stunning”

“Thank you” Annie blushed

“What have you guys been up to?”

“I’m engaged!” Ruby squeed as he held her left hand up to Nic’s face

“Aww congrats”

“Thank you, Oh and Annie’s nearly there! Romeo just has to find his guts and pop the question”

“Shut up Rubes, he’ll d it when he’s ready” She smiled

“You guys seem so happy!”

“We are, what about you aren’t you happy?”

“I suppose, I mean I have everything I always wanted but, it doesn’t feel right, I don’t know if I want to go back to it all”

“You’re going to give up your dream?”

“I could design from here, but I don’t want my superstar lifestyle anymore, I want to walk down the street, in my trackies and not end up in the magazines being called a tramp! Or go to the beach in my bikini and not be called too think or too fat!”

“Well we’ll always have you, you’ll never be too fat or too think or too trampy for us”

“Thanks, would you’s like to do me a favour?” Nicole grinned

“Sure, what is it?”

“Well, I have my new clothing line coming out, and I need some models, I have woman’s swimwear, A kids line and guys swimwear and a few women’s evening wear, Some hot dresses”

“Are you serious?” Ruby squealed “I can be a model?”

“If you want, I’m gonna need a few! And a few males too”

“Well, me and Annie will do it, I’m sure Aden will model for you, he loves himself, and Charlie will do it! Well I’ll make her! And Hannah can do the kids stuff, and then you have Ollie and Sophie!”

“Geoff and Xavier will do the guy’s stuff as well I’m sure”

“Yeah thanks guys, I’ll have to do it soon to get it to my publicist”

“The sooner the better! I want to call myself a model!” Ruby smiled widely

“I’ll phone Jane tomorrow and see when she need’s the shots, I have the range and camera with me”

“have you seen Aden and Belle yet?”

“No, I haven’t seen anyone except Miles and Kirsty and the kids, and you guy’s obviously, I’m just taking in the Bay at the minute, I’ll see everyone later, and I might head to the diner”

“Well I guess we’ll get out of your hair and leave you to it, We’ll catch you later?” Ruby said

“Sure, I’ll text you, actually I don’t have your numbers” the girls put their numbers into Nicole’s phone and left her to be alone on the beach. She sat looking all around her once more, She stood up took of her shorts and headed into the sea, The water was so good, It was warm and the sun shone down on her as she swam, She stopped and let her body float to the surface of the water and lay like that for what seemed like forever. A surf board passing her by made her snap out of her trance.

She looked at the man on the surf board, at first she thought it was Geoff and panicked but after a closer look she saw it wasn’t, but they were very familiar to her ex.

“Can I help you?” The boy asked as he approached her dragging his board behind her.

“Oh no sorry, I thought you were someone else”

“I’m Romeo” he said keeping himself afloat

“Annie’s boyfriend?”

“That would be me, yes”

“I’m Nic”

“Geoff’s ex?”

“Yeah” she said awkwardly

“I’ve heard quite a bit about you, Annie talks a lot about you, You made an impression on her, before you well, left”

“She does?”

“Yep, are you back for a holiday?”

“Em, no for good I think, well for now, It depends what happens”

“What do you mean what happens?”

“I don’t really know, I did just leave out of the blue, People might not be happy to see me”

“Ann will, I think”

“Oh she is! I bumped into her and Rubes earlier”

“Well, Is that a good thing? I’m sure everyone else will be happy your home, I’m happy to meet you” he smiled

“Thanks, I hope so. I better get going, I’ll maybe catch you later? Somewhere that’s not the sea?” she giggled

“Yeah sure, Bye”

“Bye” she said as she swam back to the golden sand.

She returned to the spot she sat at before, She lay her towel out and sat down onto it. She watched many people pass, until she recognised on person, Belle, She didn’t know what to do, “Miss Jefferies?” She called out, Belle turned her head and looked around the beach, she turned back to where she was previously looking, “Belle!” She shouted again standing up, she walked towards her and Belle stared



“Oh gosh! Hi, I didn’t even notice you! I’m sorry, I never expected to see you”

“It’s ok, I see you’ve changed?” She smiled and looked towards her bump “You’ve definitely put on weight! She laughed

“Oi! I’m still very much skinny! When this one comes I’ll be back to my beach bod” She laughed

“Congratulations, You and Aden will make great parents”

“How do you know it’s Aden’s?”

“Come on Belle, You’d never have a child with anyone else, Dear love the poor thing! Aden as a father!”

“Well let’s just say Zac Efron asks me to have his baby, I wouldn’t turn him down”

“Your just the same aren’t you!”

“Pretty much, just bigger” She grinned “How’s you love life?”

“Down the toilet at the minute”

“Aren’t you dating that Jordan guy? Quite the hottie”

“Quite the asshole! I was but realised he’s a tool! How do you know about him anyway?”

“I may have looked you up on the internet!” She looked down awkwardly

“Ha! Belle! Wouldn’t be like you. I’m still looking for Mr Right!”

“Maybe you found him?”


“Oh so your saying you have found him?”

“No, I’m not saying that, I’m just saying it’s possible I met him a while ago and let him go, My life doesn’t seem to go well! I mess everything up”

“Nic go get him!”


“Come on we both know who it is, go get him”

“Aden? Hmm... I suppose I did always like him!” She laughed

“I wouldn’t! It’s not a good idea to try and take a heavily pregnant hormonal girls man!” She laughed

“Joking! How is Aden? I’ll need to go see him”

“He’s good, working away on the trawler; He’s dead excited about this one!”

“Aww, that’s good!”

“Yeah it is, Nic you changed the subject well there, Go get your man!”

“I can’t, I haven’t seen him yet, what do I do rock up on the door step and yell surprise? I haven’t seen you in like what 4 years? But I want you back!”

“Hell yeah! Take chances!”

“I’ll see!”

“We’ll have no seeing! Do it, for yourself! You deserve him, And he deserves you, He never found anyone else after you left, He had a few flings but never anything as good as you”

“I’m scared”

“I have an idea, Meet me later at the harbour, About 7?”


“Make sure you come! I’ll see you later!”

“I will, bye”

Nicole made her way back to Miles and Kirsty, She didn’t feel like going anywhere else, Right now she wanted to be home. She sat on the sofa and played with the kids, she held Callum for a while. “Kirsty, he’s gorgeous! He really looks like Miles!”

“I know, When he was born he didn’t look like anyone, but over the past few months he’s become so much like Mile’s, It’s scary sometimes” Kirsty laughed

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Here's the final part! :)

Enjoy, Let me know what you think! :)

Nicole kept her word and met Belle at the harbour as she was approaching, someone grabbed her from behind and hugged her so tightly she could barely breathe “Aden! Can’t breathe!” she laughed

“Sorry Princess” he laughed

“Where’s Belle?”

“Working on her amazing plan! I’m here to get you to your part!”

“And what exactly is my part? She asked

“You’ll see” He grinned, “Come on” he grabbed her hand and took her down the harbour “Jump in” he pointed towards a boat and hopped in himself

She stood outside “Why? Where are we going?”

“Nic come on! You’ll see! Trust me!”

“Fine” she said and Aden helped her into the boat, He started the engine and the soft roaring started and the boat began to move at a quick pace. “Can you please tell me where were going? Or what this big plan is?”

“You’ll find out in about 3 minutes” Aden said and turned his attention back to controlling the boat

“What’s all the stuff?” She asked indicating to the boxes on the boat

“Nic! I said you’ll find out soon!”

“Fine, fine!” She huffed “I just don’t want this to go wrong, or me to make a foul out of myself”

“You won’t”

“And how do you know? I haven’t seen Geoff in 3 years or more, I just left him, He probably hates me”

“He doesn’t, He loves you! He loves you so much!”

“If this goes badly, I’ll kill you and Taylor!”

“I give you permission! Although don’t touch Belle, I’ll haunt you if you lay a finger on her!” he laughed

“Don’t worry, she scares me, She could kick my but” she laughed

“I know, that’s why I love her” He grinned

They got pulled up and Jackson Island “Oh god!”


“Everything goes badly when were here! I sad I’d never be back here after last time!”

“Nicole chill! Everything’s gonna be okay! Me and Belle are doing this, and were going to be here as well, nothing will go wrong!”

“How can you be sure? I nearly died on this Island! Twice!” she almost screamed

“You’ll be fine, Look Belle will be here in half an hour, we need to get this place ready”

“How is she even getting Geoff here?”

“She told him I was stranded, and she needed someone with a boat license”

“he’s going to freak out!”

“Probably, but he’ll be fine once he’s here, Belle and me will be just up there!” he pointed towards a secluded bit of the Island”

“Fouling around n doubt?”

“If you mean......then yes” he laughed

“God you two haven’t changed one bit!”

“Nope! Now hurry up, open them boxes and start setting up” She opened a box, she found a picnic blanket and layed it out, putting stones on each corner, she layed out the bits of food that had been prepared, it wasn’t much just some strawberries covered with chocolate and some sweets and chocolate. She pulled out two bottled of wine “Geoff doesn’t drink!”

“They aren’t for you! You’ll find some sparkling grape juice in there!” he laughed, he attempted to take the wine from her but she wouldn’t let go

“I’ll just have this one” she said and handed him the other bottle of wine

“Belle’s going to kill you!”

“She’s not going to drink both! In fact she won’t drink any! She’s pregnant Aden!”

“Oh yeah, Well then you can have it! Just pass me the beers!” He grinned

“I’m keeping a couple! If this goes badly I’m going to need all the alcohol I can get!”

“The beers are mine! Since when did you drink beer?”

“I don’t! But it’s alcohol right?”

“Fine! Two!”

“Aden there’s twelve here!”

“I’ll go to AA meeting after ok?” he laughed

“We can go together!”

“Nic will you stop panicking?”

“I can’t! I just know this is gonna go awfully!”

“You’re such a worry! What happened to you? You used to be so spontaneous and not care about anything!”

“If your referring to the times we slept together Aden will you just say that” She laughed “I know I did, but I grew up and changed”

“Well maybe you need to grow down?”


“Will you hurry up! They’re gonna be here soon!”

What else is there?”

“There’s an IPod and speakers there, Stick that on” She lifted it and did as Aden said, “Right now just the lights”

“Ok! Is that it?” she asked as she set up all the lights around the blanket

“Yep! Just hide, There they are” Aden said as he pointed towards the boat, Nicole ran out of sight just a bit away, she stood there butterflies in her stomach, waiting and hoping everything would be okay

Geoff and Belle stepped of the boat “Are you serious? You pretended to be stranded just to have a picnic on the Island? Aden!” Geoff groaned

“Chill Bible boy” Aden smirked “This is your date!”

“You planned a picnic for us?” he aid with a confused sulk on his face

“Not for us, Although I’d be some catch right?” he grinned


“Come out!” he shouted, he waited for a while and no one appeared, “Yo!” he shouted again

“Aden, if this is some sort of joke I’m going home”

“It’s not! Apparently your date is a bit shy!”

“I don’t want a date Aden! I’m sorry, I’m sure she’s lovely, but not right now!” Geoff said and turned to walk away

“Geoff wait please?” Nicole finally appeared

Geoff heard he voice and hope took over him, he didn’t want to turn around, what if it wasn’t her? Slowly he turned around and saw her, “Nic?”

“Hi” she said awkwardly “I’m sorry!”

He just stood and stared at her, “I think this is our queue Aden said, he grabbed hold of Belle’s hand and they went to were he had layed the blanket

“Geoff?” she asked after he hadn’t said anything

“I’m sorry” He said “it’s just, your here”

“Geoff, Please give me a chance! I’m so sorry, but I made you a promise, and I don’t want to break it!”

“I remember, but I thought you forgot”

“I never forgot about you, I always thought about you, I always wanted to come back or call you, but I couldn’t, I knew it would be to hard to go back”

“So why are you here?”

“I came home, I missed this place, I missed everyone, I missed you”

“Are you here for good or are you going to leave again?”

“I’m here for as long as I’m wanted”

“And how long is that?”

“I don’t know, It depends who wants me here”

“If I wanted you here, Would that be enough to keep you here?”

“I don’t know do you want me here?” She eased towards him until they were standing no more than a centimetre apart; he bent his head down and placed his lips on top of hers, They broke apart.

“Is that enough reason to stay?” he asked

“Um, I don’t know! I’d be giving up a lot, my career, my money, my fame!” she giggled “But I’d give up the world for you”

“For the record I never stopped loving you! Not once, I always thought about you, No one ever came close!”

“I love you” she said and wrapped her arms around his neck, He placed her down on the blanket and lay beside her so close he could feel her heart beat

“I love you too” he said, Once again he placed his lips on hers, there kiss grew and grew in passion. “I missed your lips”

“I missed your everything”

“Aww look, they made up!” Belle said as she poked her head up

They both sent glares her way and she went back down

“I guess we owe them a thank you!” Nicole said

“Nah, We could have done it on our own” he laughed, he placed his hand in her hair and the other on her back and locked lips with her again. It was perfect.


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