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Wed 30 Sep 09 – Episode # 4953

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” 11:19 “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 30 Sep 09 – Episode # 4953 ]


Gina is worried bout being principal, but Marsha does her bet to encourage Gina. The later also hope that Hugo doesn’t tell Xavier the news on tee way home form hospital.


NEXT DAY, Xavier tell Ruby tat he HATES tee idea of Gina being principal – it’s like now she can ground him at home and give him detention at school. When Xavier suus at he wishes he got this around tee time of the incident tat put him in hospital, so he wouldn’t remember it.

Irene comes down tee stairs – and “suggest” tat Ruby & Xavier should bail =- or they’ll be late for school. They bail.


Ruby tells Xavier tat its sooo annoying tat Charlie has been suspended from her job etc, and they should help.


Robert enters and talk to Leah bout their date tonight – when he says at he’s found a great Italian place nearby, she commits at she personally knows the chef there etc. all tee while, Irene notes how happy Leah is.

Colleen talks to Martha & Morag bout how Marsha & trey’s dad should have a debate. She say sat they can't have it at tee bowls club, and Morag can’t believe it when Colleen hadn’t considered holding tee debate at tee surf club [esp. given tat Alf runs the place].

As Morag is about to bail, she encounters Angelo – and gives his a piece of her mind bout tee way tat he’s treated Charlie.


When Gina tells Marin that she is kinda surprised tat he offered him the principal’s position, he tells her at he REALLY liked her honesty in the interbview.

In the corridor, Xavier insult so keen on Ruby’s plan to get Charlie “in the clear” over Grant’s death. When she says that Xavier lies to ppl all the time, he tells her at he does that to gullible ppl like Hugo – not police. Martin & Gina approaches = and Gina “suggest” that Xavier should be setting a good example [and get to class on time]. As they walk to class, Ruby tells Xavier at she HAS to do something to help Charlie.


Ruby & Xavier talk some more bout her plan to help Charlie. Xavier is keen to go over the plan one m9oer time, but Ruby has top get to work. She bails.


Ruby’s supervisor explains some of the safety procedures etc at the market, and he asks Ruby to repeat what he’s just said as he thought at she appear to be distracted. Ruby is able to paraphrase what he did though.


Leah talks to Irene in the kitchen bout Robert. She tells Irene tat all his quirkiness kinda makes him bevery reliable etc.

In the mian area, Gina talks to Xavier bout how he, esp. now, should behave at school.


As Ruby goes about her work, she sees Robert nearby. When she asks her supervisor, he tells her tat Robert is investigating Grant’s death.

Robert approaches Ruby, and comments it’s such a coincidence tat ruby works here. She trills him that she started work her after the murder. Robert asked Ruby bout Xavier. She tells him at he is fine, but has to correct herself - by saying that his memory hasn’t 100% returned. As Robert is about to bail, ruby wonders if he is going to interview her [she's holding a tub full of fish btw] but he says at he just did interview her.

Note: in the middle of all that Ruby sarcastically wonders if he would like her to clap like a seal again – an offer he declines.


Angelo phones Charlie – but she tells him that she doesn’t want to talk to him. After she ends the call, Charlie is in tears.


Xavier is still showing signs of having cold feet bout ruby's plan, but she insists t that HAVE to do this. Ruby’s view is enhanced when Charlie enters ter room, she can see the Charlie has been crying. When ruby asked, Charlie tells her briefly bout Angelo’s call.


Ruby & Xavier enter, and speak to Angelo & Watson. They tell them that they have info from the night of the murder – info that will clear Charlie.


Xavier tells Ruby that that [talk to cops] was easier tat he thought – but he was glad Robert wasn’t there.

Robert then enters tr diner, and he tells Ruby & Xavier he’d like them to come down to the station for further questioning bout their statements. He then phones the station – asking one of the officers to contact Gina & Charlie bout this.

In the Kirsten Leah & Irene are talking bout Leah's date tonight when Robert enters. He tells Leah that something has come up and that they will have to postpone their date. When Leah comet that that is ok [since he is here in town for the murder], Robert comments that he believes t6at he’s here in the Bay for reasons more important than this murder case.


After the likes of Charlie, Marsha &^ Gina arrives, Robert interviews Ruby & Xavier separately. They tell him that they KNOW Charlie couldn't have committed the murder as she was in her room fast asleep on the night of it. They entered her room to “borrow” some money – to buy alcohol before they went to a party, but they chicken out and didn't buy alcohol. They also says that the know tat it was 11.19pm when they were in they room since Xavier, in they dark, knocked over the digital alarm clock Charlie has – an the time was stuck in 11.19. When Robert wonders why it took so long for them to come forward, Xavier esp. cited that he was afraid if they owned up previously that Xavier would be sent away to live with his mum, but now tat she is in they bay, he won’t be sent away.

In they end, Robert tells Ruby that, for now, he “buys” this version of events.

Soon after, when all but Ruby, Robert, Charlie & Angelo have bailed, Robert tells Charlie that her suspension has been lifted. He then hands charley her badge – which appear to having been kept safe [?] by Gus the bar. Just ad Ruby & charley bail, Robert comets that it should be sop much “fun” here now – with both Angelo and Charlie working at the station again!!!!



Annie is dreaming bout Romeo – at different points of the dream, Romeo & Annie are [of course] naked

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Charlie: blue one shoulder top – with dark thin strap top neath/dark long pants


Leah: black [and partly blue] thin strap knee dress


Marsha: orange thin strap knee dress


Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Colleen: black [pink floral] blouse/aqua top

Gina: grey jacket/dark long pants/white [dark mosaic?] top

Gina: grey jacket/white blouse/dark long pants

Irene: white [dark trim] v neck top/dark long pants

Marsha: black satin-like singlet top

Martin: dark suit/white shirt/ maroon [black & white “tears”] tie

Morag: dark l/s top/dark long pants

Robert Robertson: white shirt/dark waistcoat/dark [white diag stripes]tie/dark long pants

Ruby: red [dark company logo] cap/white polo

Ruby: SBH uniform

Ruby: dark [kinda eagle like motif] top/dark long pants

Ruby’s Supervisor: powder blue l/s shirt

Watson: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/ dark blue long pants

Xavier: aqua [white crest] t/denim jeans

Xavier: SBH uniform

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