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Tues 29 Sep 09 – Episode # 4952

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” TOTAL Honesty “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 29 Sep 09 – Episode # 4952 ]


Its the day after the events of 4951, and Hugo is trying to get Marsha to comprehend what i bag task it is to run for council, but Marsha is sooo ken to stand up to trey's dad that she does not care bout those sort of logistics at the monet.

Gina enters ta room, wondering if the outfit she;s chose for her job interview looks tight. both Marsha & Hugo Say that it is, but Gina decides to change.


Nic arrives late to cshool - and martin has a go at her [esp. since she is school captain], when Nic goer to class, martin has a go at Miles for not keeping Nic in line.


Morag, like Hugo, really tries to tell Marsha bout how big a job this is - run for council, but any loss of resolve tat Marsha might have had is forgiven when Treyls dad kinda mocks her when he enters the room. Marsha insists tat she won't be pushed around.


after a clas ends, Miles talks to Nic. she insist at she will try harder etc at school - stating with the double study period ta she now has.

Gina approach Martin - wondering bout the jhob interview she has today. he suggest at she should com back in a little whiles as he has had to postpone ta interview for a bit.


Nic enters,. she sees Liam there and wonder bout his eye. alto ugh Liam tries to get out of telling her, he eventually tells her that Aden had a "chat" to him.


Marsha talk to Aden bout some of the local issues - and she;s not to keen that he seam to like some of Trey's dad's ideas. it get to te point whee Hugo "suggest:" to Marsha ta she should back off.

when they speak to colleen, its clear ta she is a big supporter of Marsha's decision to run, but Marsha wondered why Hugo seems to be not so keen on this. he tell her that he has to bail - and ta ht they will talk later. Hugo bails.


with Aden watching them for afar, Nic talk to Liam - incl how she waaaaaaaaaaay chased after Sid.


Nic talks to Miles - telling him tat the break she just had was refreshing.

Miles then talk to Martin - who is very stressed bout everything going on at the moment at tee school, [HSC coming up etc].


Aden talk to Nic bout Liam. he is worried bout her, but Nic insist that, even if this [talking to etc Liam] is a mistake, its hers to make.


Before her interview begins, Gina tell Mils tat she;s done a teaching refresher course recently. Martin then calls her into his office.


when Marsha wonder why Hugo is so not keen on her run for council, he tells her the he has a skeleton in his closet. he had been drinking ta night tat his girlfriend died. Hugo tell Marsha ta although he was never charged, this has always hung over his head.


during Gina's interview, she constantly talks herself down - even when martin comments that she was Principal[al at a country school, she says ta it was becasue of was the "last man standing" and she was terrible at it [being Principal] for about Te 12st 6 months. when Marin comment bout her negativity, Gina insists on telling it like it is - as students' futures are at stake.


Hugo is worried tat Treyls dad will dredge up what happened with Hugo's g/f, but Marsha reminds Hugo that Trey's dad's family hasn't got the bet record either of late [thank of Trey]. Marsha also tell Hugo bout her pole dancing past - which he has NO problems with. indeed, they muchly kiss.


Gina tells to colleen - and tell her bout the interview [how it didn't go so well]. Gina than tell Hugo & marsha at Xavier can come home form hospital either today or morrow. after Gina bails, Collen gladly accepts Marsha's proposal for Collen to be her campaign manager.


Nic enter and speak to Liam. she was worried when he sent her a text message recently. Lima is please ta Nic just came running like that. the nearby Aden sees them talking - he's clearly still worried.


Martin talks to Miles - telling him that Gina's interview certainly didn't go as he expected it to.


Gina tell Marsha & Hugo tat her interview didn't go well. she ads that Xavier will like that she;s not working at his school.

Martin arrives and tell Gina that he;d like her to take over form him. Gina is a tad surprised tat he is giving her a teaching position at the school. she is even more surprised when he says at he is offering her the position not of a teacher but as acting PRINCIPAL !!!!!!!



Leah tells Irene that she feel so at ease when she is talkig to Robert Robertson

Looks like Ruby B's plan to outfox Robert doesn't work

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Gina : purple [green wavy trim] blouse/dark long pants


Nic : baby pink [purple floral?] halter neck full length dress


Marsha : black satin-like singlet top


Aden : dark singlet/red, blue & white shorts

Aden : dark t

Colleen : red [dark floral?] l/s top/white [dark floral?] full legth skirt

Gina : grey jacket/white blouse/dark long pnats

Hugo : blue t/olive green shorts

Liam : white [blue check] shirt/dark long pants

Martha: silver night gown [with dark silver lining]

Martin : dark suit/white shirt/dark [yellow diag stripes] tie

Miles : dark shirt/green t/dark long pants

Morag dark blouse

Nic : SBH uniform

Trey's dad : grary jacket/white [dark vert stripes] shirt/dark long pants

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