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Mon 28 Sep 09 – Episode # 4951

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Balance “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon 28 Sep 09 – Episode # 4951 ]


As Romeo begins tee teach the class how to surf, he calls Annie over to him – to demonstrate what he’ll be teaching the calls. He kinda mosks Annie of having enough trouble standing upright on land [she’s almost tripped over twice near him], and Annie doesn’t her own situation by tripping over the surf board at she’ll be using.


Marsha shows Hugo another note they’ve received – which threaten them if they go ahead with sinking the yacht. Marsha is ken to retaliate – but Hugo surges at they shouldn’t stoop to tee level of Trey’s dad and his reporters.


As the surfing lesson continues, Romeo uses Annie to demonstrate ho to duck dive a wave [all of that is taken place on tee beach btw]. He has a go at Annie because of her posture/balance. When he asks, he denies liking/wanting to get bask together with Jai.

Nearby, Miles talk to Kirsty. He suggests, with a new baby on the way, they should get married. Kirsty isn’t so ken on the idea.

Bask to romeo & co. tee surfing lesson’s just ended, and as Romoe talks to Trey’s dad , the latter comments on how [possible over] confident Romeo is. When their chat is over, romeo talk to Annie -0 who tell him tat she ISNLT coming back for more surf lessons with him EVER.


Marsha clash with Trey’s dad – accusing him of getting other ppl to fight his battles. He comets tat that Is rich coming from Marsha =- since she seem to be fighting Hugo’s battle for him. When marsh suggest treys dad should “suggest” for hi supporters to stop harrying Hugo, marsha isn’t pleased when treys dad say at he can’t go against the will of the people.


After Miles, Kirst, Jai & Romeo chat for a bit, Jai & Romeo move way from the other 2. When Jai asks, Romeo suggests a things went well with Annie today.


As Annie does the dishes, she breaks a glass or two, and Irene wonders what’s happening. Annie insists at she’s not going back to surf lessons – Irene says that it’s not surprising that Annie’s not a natural at it [given her farm background].


After Marsha tells Hugo bout her clash with trays dad, she ;s not ken on Hugo’s suggestion tat he is going to put an end to all of thins by selling the yacht he planed to sink.


NEXT DAY, Trey’s dad speak to several customers bout his policies for the upcoming electron. When he hands Kirsty some of his policy info, she rips it up a throws it in the bin, he suggest she should have put it in the recycle bin though.

Nearby, Jai & Romeo talk bout thri plan for Annie. Jai thinks that maybe the poetry plan is too simple – but Romeo insists at those [simple] plans at the best.


Annie opens her locker and sees et poem that has left there anonymously. She is clearly touched by the poem, and jai sees this for nearby.


Marsha answers the phone – and tells whoever it is tat there haves been a mistake, i.e. that Hugo’s boat isn’t for sale.

Moments after she gets of the phone, a brick [with one of Trey’s dad flyers on it] is hurled through the window. Marsha is shocked.


Hugo enters ter station and hugs Marsha. When he asked, marsh say at she's already given her statement to the police. When Hugo comets at as soon as the boat is off his hands, this will be over, Marsah goe to tell him bout te phon cal, but she syas ta she tell him whatver she was going to later.


Irene notes tat Annie seem more up beat today, and commits that its hard to keep track of anise’s mood. This is esp. the case as Annie has decided to forge ahead with the surf classes.


Miles talks to Alf bout getting married to Kirsty. Alf insists at miles should give Kirsty more time etc – after all kirst has been through.


Jai tells Romeo about anise’s reaction to the poem. Jai suggest at he should make his move now, but Romeo insist at that timing isn’t right.


Romeo is about to start the surf class when Annie arrives. He is so surprised the she is there tat he trips over a surfboard that is layimng on the sand. Annie takes great pleasure on commenting that she isn’t the only one who is a klutz.


Miles wonders if Kirsty has thought bout his suggestion [bout them getting married]. She has – and she doesn’t want to get married.

Later, Hugo & Marsha enter, they see trey’s dad – and they clash. Indeed, Marsha tells trey’s dad that she is going to run against him in the council election!!!!



Aden is worried bout Nic getting close to Liam

Martin has a go at Miles for not being bake to control Nic

Hugo tell Martha he has skeletons in his closet [so to speak]

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Marsha: blue & white [pink floral] low cut v neck knee dress


Annie: dark [blue diag stripe on each leg] wetsuit


Miles: purple [dark stripes] shirt/white [dark maze like motif] t/dark long pants


Alf: orange [green check] shirt/bone long pants/wide brim hat

Annie SBH uniform

Annie: dark singlet top/baby pink long pants

Hugo: dark [brown leaf] t/khaki long pants

Hugo: light blue [blue lion] t

Irene: dark [small off white circles?] top

Irene: black [white floral?] elbow length sleeves top

Jai: SBH uniform

Jai: blue [hot pink triangles] t

Kristy: blue-grey wide collar [dark large circle] top

Kirsty: dark elbow sleeves [white floral?] top/dark long pants

Marsha: off white blouse/denim jeans

Miles: bone shirt/ black [with black & white photo of a reasonably old looking man] t//dark long pants

Romeo: dark [blue trim] wetsuit

Romeo: dark t

Romeo: white [green unknown logo] t/white [dark swirls] shorts

Trey’s dad: dark suit/ white [dark vert stripes] shirt

Trey's dad: yellow & red lifeguard polo/red shorts

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