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Story title: Surprise!

Type of story: One-shot

Main characters: Geoff/ Nicole and loads of others

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Romance, Love, Suprise!

Spoilers: Nope

Warnings: None i don't think

Summary: Geoff has a surprise for Nicole, A holiday of a lifetime

Sorry, this is so bad, I wirte it a while ago and just forgot to post it, I have another few s well, they are all really bad lol. But i haope you can kind of enjoy it :S

I heard my phone buzz. It was a message from Geoff. “Hey, I have a surprise for you. Pack your suitcase and meet me at the diner! XoG” Wow I love surprises I thought. I hit the reply button, “What is it? Xox Nic

A few minutes later my phone buzzed again, “It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told ya! Just be quick! XoG” Wow I thought, A case? Are we going on a holiday? But we can’t afford it. I started to pack anyway, I was so excited. But I didn’t know where we were going, Should I pack warm stuff or bikinis? I knew I wouldn’t get answer from Geoff so instead I pack everything I thought I could possibly need. I locked the suitcase and made my way to the diner. “Hi” I said as I cautiously walked through the door, My Dad. Geoff and Irene were all standing there staring at me. “What’s going on?” I asked desperate to know.

“You’ll find out soon enough,”

“Please?” I pleaded, but was disappointed when My Dad and Geoff both shot me a No.

“Have you packed?” My dad asked, I pointed towards the suitcase in my hand. “I didn’t know what I needed so I packed everything, Can you please tell me whats going on?”

“Nic it’s a surprise, I promise you will find out shortly. Trust me.” Geoff said in a comforting tone.

“But I suspect were going somewhere? We can’t afford a holiday”

“Its fine Nic, Come on.”


“You’re Dads taking us to the airport.”

“OK, Bye I guess,” I said to Irene

“Goodbye dawl, You’s two have fun.”

“We will thanks Irene,” Geoff gave Irene a hug, “See you soon” he called as we left, As we entered the car park I saw Annie, Ruby and Jai standing by my Dads car. Geoff took the suitcase and placed it into the boot of the car. Annie gave me a hug and told me to have a great time. “I would be having a greater time if I knew what was happening!” I squawked

“Believe me it’ll be amazing!”

“Have fun Nic” Ruby squeezed me tight “Can you tell me the big secret?” I whispered

“No! Nic, It has to be a surprise, Although I really wanna see you when you find out, But you can fill me in when you come home.” Great even my best friend won’t tell me, I tell you if this is all a joke, I’ll scream. Although i really don’t think they would go to all this to pull a prank, Wait is it April fools? I checked my phone for the date, February 18th, Nope not Aprils fools, If it is their really early.

“Right come on you in the car.” Geoff said as he opened the car door, I took my seat in the back, He closed the door, I looked at him “What you aren’t going to sit with me?”

“No, Annie’s coming”

“Oh, Ok” I smiled, Annie opened the other door and climbed in.

“So you excited?” she asked

“Yes, Very, I just can’t flipping wait to find out everything.”

“You’ll love it” She grinned

“I hope so, I would be very disappointed if they got me this excited and it was a trip to Melbourne or Adelaide!” I said almost hopeful

“You think I’d fly you there?” Geoff voice came from the front seat.

I shrugged.

“Were here. Annie said excitedly. We arrived at the airport, I got out of the car and went to the boot to retrieve my suitcase. I saw Geoff’s suitcase in the boot, It was just as big as mine. Maybe thats why he didn’t complain about mine.

“Ok, you two enjoy yourselves. Dad handed Geoff a large envelope, Geoff took it and immediately placed it in his pocket.

“Bye Roman, And thank you.” He shook my Dads hand. He turned to Annie and gave her a hug. “See ya sis.”

“Bye, Come back safe!” She hugged me.

“Bye Dad.” I turned to my Dad. “Don’t even think about touching my room while I’m gone. I know what your like.

“Don’t worry I wouldn’t dare go in there, Might get caught in a black hole.” He laughed

“Whatever,” I said as Geoff turned me around and we walked into the airport. He took me to a seat.

“Now can you tell me what’s going on?”

“Yes, were going on a holiday.”

“Geoff.... We.” He cut me of.

“Before you start, Irene and Roman did all this, I didn’t know until yesterday, so it’s pretty much a surprise for me too.”

“Dad? And Irene?” I asked shocked

“Yes, they said we deserve it, we’ve never been away together, and everything that’s been going on the last few years, they just booked it.”

“Where too?” I said at last, I couldn’t control my temptation anymore.

He smiled, “New York. Stopping of at Egypt and London on the way.”

“Oh my gosh, Are you serious? New York city?”


“Shut up, this is...is Amazing!” I said, I was so excited, New York, London, Oh and Egypt, This was going to be the holiday of a lifetime. “How much flying?”

“A lot.” I cringed as Geoff answered. I wasn’t a big fan of planes. And were going to the other side of the world.

“Don’t worry, there’ll be movies and you’ll have me!” He smiled. I’d be fine, I had my iPod and there are plenty of movies on the planes. And not to forget plenty of sleeping to do.

The first flight went by so quickly, we boarded the plane, I sat at the window and watched as we lifted off and burst through the fluffy white clouds. I didn’t even listen to my iPod we sat and chatted, and then I fell asleep. All i remember is getting woken up by a woman speaking down a speaker. “Thank you for flying with us, Have a good trip.” She said.

“Its over, i turned to Geoff, who was fixing his shoes onto his feet.

“Yes he replied, You were out for hours.”

“Oh I’m sorry,”

“Don’t worry, I read my boo for a few hours and then i fell asleep too.” He replied

“Twilight?” I asked slightly amused

“yes. I hate that im reading it! But its interesting, I said i would never read it, And now im nearly finished”

“Oh well.”

“You should read it”

“Me read? And twilight? No way! I’ll wait and get it on DVD; I missed it in the cinema.” I said

“Its a good, read, You just want to watch that guy.”

“No i don’t ! He’s not even good looking! I’d rather watch you” I laughed and kissed him.

We got of the plane and went to collect our luggage. “So Egypt?” I asked


“what are we going to do? Pyramids?”

“Whatever you want.”

“Well I know you’ll want to go site seeing. And I kind of want to see them. You can’t go to Egypt and not get your photo taken with the Pyramids”

“Well how about we get to the hotel first?”


Geoff asked a receptionist at the airport to call for a taxi. We climbed in and Geoff attempted to say the hotel name. Thank goodness he spoke English. And could read.

The trip seems to go pretty fast. We went to the pyramids and the sphinx as soon as we got settled into the hotel, We did only have 3 days after all.

“Wow, look how big they are.”

“I know its unreal being here.”

“ Excuse me? Could you take a photo?” I asked a passer by. I was relieved when he replied “Sure” In an English accent. How embarrassing would it have been if he couldn’t understand me?

I put my arms around Geoff’s waist and he put his around my shoulders, We smiled and he pushed the button on my camera and the flash went. “Thank you” I said as I took the camera, I looked at the picture, We looked so small compared to the background. I grabbed Geoff and planted a kiss on his cheek, I reached my arm out as far as it could go and snapped the picture.

We carried on the day, We went into a little market place. There was a little stall that sold the most beautiful hand made jewellery. “How much is this I asked”

“These 10 gineihs, Those 14.”

“Thank you” I turned to Geoff, “Is that cheap?”

“Nic, its like 2 dollars.”

“Serious?” Wow, 2 dollars, this stuff back in Australia would cost a fortune. “Can I get some?”

“Of course that’s what this trip is about, Enjoying ourselves, And you do that by shopping” He laughed. He pulled out his wallet and handed me a load of money. “You can spend that here, We just to keep some for food and a taxi back to the airport.

“Ok, You sure?”


“Ok!” I smiled “Il get Annie and Ruby something. And Irene, Actually I could just get everyone something here. That way no one gets left out.” I smiled

I looked at the stall there was so much, I picked some things for my self first. I saw the most beautiful necklace. I picked it up and put it in my pile. Then i chose things for everyone back in Summerbay, I tried to think of everyone I needed to get. Annie, Ruby, Irene, Belle, Leah, Charlie, Kirsty, Rachel Martha, and not to forget Colleen, I picked up a few extra things aswell. I have no idea why I’m bringing all of Summerbay a present back from our holiday. But it felt right; it was like a big family. But now i was going to have to look for something for the men too.

I handed the lady all of the things i wanted, “All of these?” She questioned

“Yes please” I smiled. “Ok, 476 gineihs please” she said. I counted out the money and handed it over to her. That was so great, that was only about $50, or so back home. And I got loads of necklaces, bracelets and ankle bracelet, basically for the whole bay.

“Did you get what you wanted?”

“Yep!” I smiled; I opened a few of the packages and showed him the beautiful Jewellery.

“I got a few things for Cassie aswell its her birthday soon. She’ll love these.”

“Since when are you and Cassie best friends?”

“Were not but when she comes to visit with Sally, We talk and hang out a lot. She’s so lovely and Summer is so cute. I got her a little bracelet.”

“Nic, You really have changed since you first came to the bay.”

“I know” I smiled to myself.

The rest of our time in Egypt seemed to fly in. We didn’t do much. Just lazed about. Our hotel did mud baths and had a swimming pool so we spent most of time there. We went back to the market the next day again, and I got all of the men a hand made wallet thing. I got my Dad one and I got him some necklace thing, I think he’ll like it.

I got Aden something similar, it was manly looking or I thought so atleast.

The time came for us to go to the airport. We got a taxi to the airport. We awaited the plane for and hour or so before boarding.

“Is this flight just as long?” I asked,

“Pretty much” Geoff said

“Great!” I groaned, Geoff placed his arm around my shoulders.

“You’ll be fine!” He said in a sweet voice. I reached into my pocket and took out my iPod. I held an earphone up and Geoff took it. I hit the shuffle button and we began to listen.

“Don’t you want to keep you battery?”

I reached into my bag and pick up another iPod, “I stole Dads, Synced it with mine the last school trip. Never gave it back to him, And i have my charger” I laughed

“Nic Is that the one Roman asked you about a few months ago,”

“Erm, Yep, But to be fair i did think i lost it.” And i was telling the truth, I found it not so long ago.

We arrived in Heathrow airport. We only had two days in London. It kinda sucked, But it meant we got to New York sooner.

We left the terminal and took the shuttle bus into Central London. We placed our suitcases on the shelves at the front of the bus. The Driver was very amused with my bright pink suitcase that matched my belt. He was also a little amused with our Australian accents. As we asked for our tickets i hear him trying to copy it a little bit. It was kind of weird, I wondered if he was making fun of us.

“You had to use the pink one?”

“Yeah its the biggest!”

“Isn’t the purple one the same size?” he asked me.

“No, it doesn’t have the pocket thing in the lid bit. I used that for my underwear.

“Ok, Nic, I’ll not argue, I know im going to lose.” And he was right, I always win! I smiled to myself.

We got to Central London and Geoff found our hotel. We checked in and the lady showed us to our room. It was lovely, it had a huge bath and a flat screen TV. It was a five star hotel all right.

“Do you wanna go for a walk?” Geoff asked me

“Yeah, i held out my hand and walked to the door.”

We walked along all the busy streets. They were so crowded. There were so many besigner shops, but i didn’t want to go in. Geoff was shocked, But i had been travelling a lot and I couldn’t be annoyed.

We went back to the hotel and ordered room service, We flicked on the TV while we waited for it to arrive, Something called Coronation Street was on. It was like a soap opera. They all sounded so strange, It was good to watch though. When i was over i flicked the channel and found another soap sort of similar. Eastenders i think. Geoff was laughing at how interested i was getting. Our food arrived and we ate it, It was so good. I got banoffee pie for desert.

“Im going to have a bath” I said

“Can i join you?” Geoff said cheekily.

“If you want. I put out and inviting hand and dragged im into the bathroom, Kissing him along the way, I ran the bath and added lots of bubbles. We climbed in, it was so relaxing. Just what i needed, Afterall i had another Nine or so hours of flying to do tomorrow.

We lay in the bath for a long time, We kissed and he splashed bubbles in my face, i returned the favour, and we had a great night. It was time to get out. I climbed out and grabbed a robe and put it around myself. Geoff did the same.

We Sat on the bed and looked at the DVDs that were left for us, “Oh pursuit of happyness?”

“fine!” Geoff groaned. I loved this movie, it always made me cry. I opened the DVD player and placed the disc in. It began to play. We sat and watched the movie i snuggled into Geoff, When it had finished i heard him turn of the TV, I was sleepy. I don’t remember much after that.

The next morning Geoff woke me up. “Come on princess, Time to go” he said

“Do we have to?” I said grouchily

“Yes! Do you wanna go to New York?”

“Yes! I jumped out of bed and started tog et dressed.

We made our way down to the lobby and checked out. We hopped on the shuttle bus outside. I was surprised to the same driver. “Yous back again, Flip me that suitcase is bright, You’d need your sunnys! Is that florescent pink?” he said in an Aussie accent, A bad one might i add.

“No its sexy pink.” I said as i placed in the baggage area.

We arrived at the airport we lifted our luggage “Have a good flight mate.” The driver said in his Australian accent, I wonder does he do that wit all his passengers, I think some of them would get offended.

We went to the desk and checked i our luggage. We headed up to the departure lounge to get something to eat before out flight,

We looked at the screen, Our flight was ready to board. We boarded the plane. Once we had taken off i took out my iPod and put one ear in my ear and the other in Geoff’s. “Nic, You really do have some crap on this, I mean Paris Hilton? Come on.”

“Hey, i like that song, And there is stuff that you like, Nickelback? And you do like Rhianna. Or is that just her look?” i laughed

“Ok, Fine i suppose some songs are listenable”

“I do have Barbie girl somewhere one here.”

“Nic please!”

“ Fine, Bore!” i said. But he couldn’t stop steps, I really do have a weird taste in music. I mean steps? There so old, Not to mention kiddie. But oh well i love em!

I didn’t sleep the whole flight, I just listened to my iPod, and we played a few games, On the screen on the chair. It was fun. I took some random photo’s aswell. The old self taken ones that cut out half of your face. But there were a few good ones.

“Ten minutes to landing” a voice came over the speaker.

“Wow, Look” i pointed out of the window, You could see the New York skyline. I grabbed my camera and began taking pictures, It was so huge, I could see the statue of liberty. I took a few more photos before putting my camera away and getting ready to get off.

“New York city” I shouted as we departed the airport. “Wow!”

I couldn’t wait to explore everything. Our hotel was only ten minutes form the airport so we walked. When we got there it was huge, It had loads of flags outside, I noticed and Australian one, It was good to see something that reminded me of home.

We checked in, We headed tour room, I got changed quickly, We didn’t even bother unpacking. I just wanted to get out onto the streets of New York.

We walked about for a bit, then we found Central park, We took a walk around it, It was so beautiful. I was getting hungry, and i noticed Geoff was as everytime someone passed him with a corndog or some form of food he drooled. “Do you want to get dinner?” I asked

“Yes!” He said “I’m stared.” We found a restaurant called Ruby Tuesdays. It sold typical American food. It was nice, We sat their for a while. Taking everything in. I couldn’t believe i was in New York, And with Geoff, I loved him so much.

The next few days were filled with shopping, I found a little store that sold designer handbags really cheap. I got quite a lot, I got one for Ruby and Annie.

That night Geoff took me to the statue of liberty, We went right to the top.

We looked out over the view, I got my camera out again, he grabbed the camera from my hand and took some snaps of me, i posed in front of the view, I took the camera and placed it in front of us and took a couple of pictures.

I turned and looked at the view. As i turned back round Geoff dropped to his knees, My heart started to beat fast, “Nicole, Will you marry me?” He asked so silently and sweetly. Tears formed in my eyes, my lips kicked into a little smile. “Yes” I managed to let escape, I was speechless, This was such a surprise. I couldn’t believe it! I was engaged, To the most romantic, hot, And thoughtful guy in the world.

“I love you!” I muttered. He through his arms around me and swung me round.

“I love you too!”

“Geoff, your the best thing thats ever happened to me.” I smiled

“I couldn’t think off anyone i would rather spend the rest of my life with than you!”

“Im totally in love with you, And i so can’t wait to be Mrs Cmpbell!”

“I can’t wait to tell people your my wife.”

“I cant wait to get back to the hotel room” I laughed.

“Me neither!” He pulled me and held my had as we walked back to the hotel room.

It was definitely the best holiday, I’d ever been on. Nicole Franklin x x


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