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Type of story: Short/Medium fiction

Main characters: Belle and Aden

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Romance, drama, angst

Does this story include spoilers: No

Any warning: Nope. If there is, I'll warn at the start of each chapter

Summary: The last memory Belle Taylor has is her wedding day, where she stands next to Aden Jeffries and promises a lifetime. But when she wakes up in hospital after an accident, Aden isn’t there holding her hand. She’s forgotten six years of her life, and they may just be the six most important years ever.

Chapter One: Waking Up

The sound of the hospital machines beeping alerted the nurse to the fact that Belle Taylor was awakening from the land of the unconscious.

The nurse quickly called Geoff in from the hallway where he had been waiting for the last three hours.

“What’s wrong?” he asked; worry clouding his voice, and ruling his facial expressions

“Relax”, the nurse assured him, “she’s just waking up and I thought you would want to be here for that”

Geoff nodded his thanks, and sat down next to the bed, sliding his hand into Belle’s, squeezing gently so that she wouldn’t feel alone when she finally

opened her eyes

“Hey darling”, he greeted, when she looked around the room, dazed at her surroundings. “Just relax, you’re fine”

“What are you doing here Geoff?” Belle croaked, “Where’s Aden?”

“Why do you want Aden?” Geoff questioned. Aden and Belle hadn’t talked in four years, after their marriage had imploded after a mere two year union

“Because he’s my husband”, Belle explained, as if she was talking to a two year old

“Belle, what year is it?”

“2009, why? You forgot about that as well as my marriage?”

“Belle, it’s not 2009” Geoff whispered, trying not to scare the fragile girl who was lying in the hospital bed, many different wires connected to her

“Of course it is. Why are we in a hospital Geoff?”

“You were in a car accident. I didn’t think it was serious, you were only unconscious for a few hours”

“I could always tell when you were lying to me Geoff. What aren’t you telling me?” Belle asked, her tone suddenly fierce and aggressive

“It’s not 2009 Belle”, he repeated, still trying to take it slowly

“What year is it then?” Belle asked, still unsure about what Geoff was talking about

“It’s 2015 Belle, and you and Aden aren’t married anymore”

“What do you mean? Aden’s the love of my life. We got married a few weeks ago”

“Belle, you and Aden got married in 2009, and you got divorced in 2011. You got re-married in 2012”

“To who?”

“To me”, he whispered softly, hurting inside that Belle had admitted that Aden was the love of her life

“You and I are married?” Belle yelled, ignoring the throbbing pain that was launching a violent attack against the inside of her head

“We’ve been happy for the last few years Belle. You’re over Aden” Geoff insisted

“Geoff, can you just leave me alone for a minute? I’ve just realised that I’ve forgotten six years of my life. I thought I was still married to Aden, and you just ended that relationship, and announced I’m with you. It’s a lot to take in at one time”, Belle spoke quietly, and Geoff accepted her explanation and left the room, leaving Belle with her thoughts.

“Today, I stand here and pledge my life to you Aden Jeffries, because you are everything I want, all in one. I never want to part with you, and I swear that I will never want anything else. You are the only one who can ever own my heart”

Belle’s wedding vows swirled around her head, mingling with the rest of her thoughts.

I love him. He’s my entire life. I promised forever. How can that have ended? How can I have moved on? Why didn’t he fight, why didn’t we fight? How am I married to Geoff? Why aren’t I with the love of my life?

The tears poured down her face, streams of tears for every thought she had.

She was living in 2009, but the year was 2015. She was married to Aden, but somehow they were divorced, and she was married to Geoff.

What had happened in the last six years, and why couldn’t she remember it?

What had gone wrong?

And that's the first chapter. Let me know what you guys think because I write for enjoyment, but I want to improve.

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Thank you to Elainea, Bec, Taniya, Tele and HeavenForbid, for the reviews. I hope you guys like this chapter as well, and that you keep reviewing :D

Chapter Two: Speaking to Aden

After another three days in the hospital, Belle was finally released. Geoff was there, comforting her and holding her hand, but it felt weird and unnatural.

She still couldn’t remember the last six years, and she felt like she was cheating on Aden, the man that occupied her every thought, and owned her heart.

As soon as she could, Belle left Geoff at Irene’s, where apparently they still lived, which was kind of creepy. A married couple living with their foster mum wasn’t normal.

Belle sprinted round to Roman’s beach house, expecting to see Aden there.

She hammered on the door for a good five minutes, before a shirtless Aden finally answered. Shock filled his eyes, and lust filled hers. God, she had missed him. Before Belle had any idea what she was doing, she had thrown herself at Aden, and pressed her lips up against his.

Stumbling backwards into the house, the pair fell onto the couch, still kissing, until Aden gently pushed her away

“What are you doing Belle? Your married to Geoff”, he hissed at her, before sitting on the chair furthest away from her, as if she had an infectious disease

“Are you married, or seeing anyone?” Belle asked quietly, afraid of the answer but having to ask the question

“No, my girlfriend and I broke up a couple of months ago”, Aden admitted

“I’m sorry” Belle replied, but the joy she was feeling was leaking into her voice, causing Aden to stare at her

“Are you alright Belle?” he questioned

“The weirdest thing happened to me Aden. I woke up in the hospital yesterday, and you weren’t there. Geoff was there, holding my hand and it felt weird, and wrong. And I thought it was 2009, but it’s not. It’s 2015. And I’m not married to you anymore, because we got divorced. And the world of 2015 is scary Aden, and I don’t like it, and I miss you and I want to go back to 2009”, Belle whispered, the pain she had been feeling all pouring out, and tears falling out of her eyes.

Aden sat there looking startled, trying to take in the information, when Belle’s tears turned into sobs that took control of her whole body.

“Relax Belle,” he whispered softly, walking back towards the couch. “Take a deep breath and tell me the problems. There’s something troubling you, apart from the losing six years of your life thing”

“2009 was the year we got married, and that’s the last thing I can remember” Belle sobbed, and it dawned on Aden. She didn’t remember being married to Geoff; she didn’t even remember divorcing Aden.

“Oh god Belle”, he whispered, “I am so sorry”

“We were Aden and Belle. How could we get divorced, how could we end? We were forever. Nothing was supposed to tear us apart. But something did, and I don’t like it. How can I be married to Geoff? He’s like my brother. Geoff and Belle sounds strange”, she rambled, as Aden sat there and stroked her hair.

“Belle, everything will make sense when you get your memory back”, Aden reassured her, tears welling up in his eyes as he witnessed the pain Belle was going through. They may have been divorced, but Aden still had strong feelings for her, even after four years of separation

“I don’t want to get my memory back”, Belle admitted, which caused the sobs to get even louder


“I don’t want to get my memory back”, she repeated, raising her voice over the sounds of her cries.

“Belle, breathe”, he whispered, “Other wise you’re going to start hyperventilating”

The sobs quietened down and Belle relaxed in Aden’s arm. It felt great to hold Belle in his arms again. They were like puzzle pieces; they managed to fit together perfectly

“Now slow down and tell me why you don’t want your memory back”, he whispered, hope bubbling up inside of him

“Because Geoff is like my brother, and I don’t want to be married to him,” she whispered disgust at herself apparent in her tone. “I want to be married to you. I don’t understand why we aren’t married anymore”

“Belle, I guarantee that everything will sort itself out. There were reasons why we got divorced, and when you remember, you’ll realise that you don’t actually love me, you love Geoff”, Aden told her, the hope bubble deflating, but he couldn’t take advantage of her memory loss

Belle took that as her cue to leave. “Thank you Aden for helping me, and I’m sorry about the kiss. It’s just, 2009 me loves you”, she giggled, although the tears were threatening to spill over again

“Anytime Belle”, he told her, before shutting the door after her.

“And for the record, 2015 me loves 2015 you”, he whispered to himself, as the tears he had been holding back spilled over, and he slid down the door, all the pain finally coming out, unaware that on the other side of the door, Belle was doing the exact same thing

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Dedicated to everyone who reviewed the first two chapters. :D

Chapter Three: The First Flashback

“Aden, pick these up off the floor. Just because I’m your wife doesn’t mean I have to pick up your dirty socks”, Belle screamed up the stairs, trying to make herself heard over the sound of the rock music that was blaring from upstairs

“Coming babe, coming”, he yelled back, running down the stairs, almost tripping down a few times, as the large present in his arms obscured the view

“Aden, who on earth is that for?” Belle asked, rushing to help him with the present.

“It’s for you babe”, he whispered, punctuating each word with a gentle kiss to her lips

“For me!” Belle squealed and rushed to the couch, eager to open the present, but tripping over Aden’s gym bag that was dumped in the middle of the living room.

Aden bit down on his lip, trying not to laugh at the sight of his wife lying on the floor, her legs sprawled out uncomfortably, but her arms still cradling the present.

“You’re lucky that’s not fragile!” Aden called, a tiny burst of laughter escaping from his lip, which earned him a glare in response. The laughter died on his lips because a glaring Belle was not a good sign. He quickly rushed over and lifted her into his arms, carrying her gently to the couch, eliciting more than a few giggles from Belle’s mouth

She was soon settled on Aden’s lap, and tearing off the wrapping paper covering the box, revealing another box

“Aden, this better not be an empty box”, Belle warned, a frown replacing the smile that had been on her face a moment before

“I promise it’s not an empty box”, Aden replied, his eyes rolling at Belle’s scepticism.

Belle kept tearing off wrapping paper, revealing more and more boxes, until she finally had enough. “God Aden, I thought you said it wasn’t an empty present”

“Just one more Belle, one more,” he replied, before ripping the wrapping paper off for his scowling wife, who seemed unable to do it herself

Belle, however, soon snatched back the box, and opened it up, revealing a set of car keys.

“Aden, you better not have given me the keys to my car”, she told him

“Just go outside”. Belle followed his instructions, and a scream soon pierced the air, followed by, “Aden, you bought me a car! I love you, I love you, I love you!”

And that’s when Belle woke up. The snoring from the man beside her startled her. Aden had only ever snored when he was drunk, and it was one of the many things she loved about him.

But she was lying next to Geoff, whose snore sounded like a chainsaw, and it terrified her.

Standing up and walking to the window, the moonlight reflected off a beautiful car that was sitting on the driveway. Remembering what she had just dreamt about, Belle slipped on her dressing gown and walked outside.

The car was a shiny blue, and it was Belle’s dream car. A BMW, with all the extras. She had only ever told Aden about her dream car. She had no idea how he had managed to afford it.

Belle walked around the back of the car, trailing her hand along as she went, stopping in her tracks when she saw the number plate.


It was clearly personalized, and it sped up Belle’s heart beat. When Aden and Belle had gotten engaged, Annie had come up with a nickname for them, and she had made sure that she used it at every given opportunity. Adelle.

If she didn’t love Aden anymore, why hadn’t she changed the number plate when they had gotten divorced? And why hadn’t Geoff made her change it?

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Thank you for the reviews. They made my day :D I didn't think anyone would like this story. Oh and this story will be eleven chapters long :)

Chapter Four: Needing Answers

“Geoff,” Belle called down the stairs. It was early the next morning and she wanted to know about the number plate, among other things. He suddenly appeared right by her elbow, giving her heart rate an unwanted boost.

“Tell me about the car Geoff”, Belle asked him politely but anger was clear in her eyes, as she really wanted to get to the bottom of this

“The doctors told me that I’m not allowed to tell you anything. You have to remember by yourself”, Geoff said quietly, relief flooding across his face when a baby’s cry gave him an excuse to leave the room

A baby’s cry... it sparked something deep inside Belle’s head, something magical, a beautiful memory.


“Push Belle, push”, Aden coached from beside her, his face contorted in pain as his fingers went white from the grip Belle had on his hand

“Why don’t you push?” she screamed, “why do women have to have all the hard jobs?”

Aden bit back a chuckle, knowing it would only make the situation worse if he laughed. “Come on babe, you’re doing a fantastic job. This baby will be here soon, and then the pain won’t matter anymore”

“I need more drugs!” she yelled, which made Aden release the chuckle. Angry Belle hadn’t been seen for a while and it was somewhat comical, but Belle didn’t see it that way

“Get him out!” Belle bellowed, and let go of Aden’s hand. Disappointment flooded Aden’s face and he trudged dejectedly to the door. He knew laughing had been a mistake and now he was paying for it by missing the birth of their first child

“Aden, where are you going?” his wife yelled from the bed, and Aden turned around to see tears flowing out of her eyes. She was in a lot of pain. “I was only joking. Don’t you dare leave me, or I swear that I’ll cut off your thingy so we can never have a baby again”, she threatened, which sent Aden rushing back to her side.

“Belle, this may be the wrong time to tell you, but I think you are the most beautiful women in the world”, Aden whispered softly in her ear

“You’re right. This is the wrong time to tell me. I’m concentrating on having a baby right now”, Belle retorted, but Aden could see her eyes soften up a bit, and she gently placed a kiss on his cheek, sending a tingle through his body.

“We’re having a baby”, he whispered, not wanting the midwife to hear the words that were meant for Belle

“We’re having a baby”, she whispered back, joy etched on her face, overriding all the pain that had been present just a few seconds before. “I love you Mr. Jeffries”

“I love you too Mrs. Taylor-Jeffries”

“It’s just Jeffries. I changed it a few days ago. I wanted to have the same surname as our baby, and the man that captured my heart”, she whispered, and Aden’s eyes filled with tears, which he quickly wiped away.

However, the loving moment was soon over when the midwife butted in and told Belle to push. After a few pushes and a lot of screaming, the midwife walked away with a little baby tucked in her arms, and Aden gently wiped Belle’s hair back off her forehead

“I bet it’s a girl”, she whispered, tired from all the pain but her competitive side clearly coming out

“Well then I bet it’s a boy, seeming as you left me with no other choice”

“You could have bet that it was a hermaphrodite”, Belle giggled

“You want our baby to be a hermaphrodite?” Aden questioned, his eyebrows raised sceptically towards the ceiling

“No, I was just giving you other options”, she whispered, as Aden leaned forward and placed a kiss gently on her smiling lips

And then the midwife butted in. “You have a beautiful little girl”, she announced, and this time Aden let his tears fall. They had a baby.

The midwife put the baby in Belle’s arms, and walked out the room, leaving the Jeffries by themselves.

All was silent as Aden and Belle took in the beauty of their baby, until Belle decided to talk. “I won the bet!” she whispered, not wanting to wake up the unnamed baby that was snuggled in her embrace

Aden just nodded and laughed quietly. “What shall we call her?”

“I was thinking Ella May Jeffries”, Belle whispered, all kidding aside

“Ella May”, he repeated, “I like it”

The memory ended and Belle was still sitting upstairs. A baby had cried earlier, and Geoff had gone to help. Belle rushed to the room, and looked inside.

There was a crib in the middle of the room, and all the necessary equipment around the side, but everyone had left.

Belle walked straight up to the crib, and lifted the blanket softly, so that she wouldn’t wake the peacefully sleeping baby

The baby was dressed in a blue little outfit, and Belle felt curiosity take over her whole body. She gently unbuttoned the outfit, and then drew back in shock.

That definitely wasn’t Ella May Jeffries in the crib. That baby was a little boy, a little boy that she didn’t recognise.

Instead of answering questions, the baby had just raised more.

Who was the little boy that was living in the house with them?

What had happened to Ella?

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This is how lucky you guys are, getting two (maybe even three) updates in one day. But be warned, the next chapter won't be up until Bec tells me when the next chapter of Unbreakable or Fear is coming out... so be scared :)

Chapter Five: The Pain

“Geoff, you need to talk to me”, Belle insisted, as she cornered him in the kitchen

“What do you need?” he asked gently, putting down the tin of Milo that he was holding

“Who is that baby? And where is Ella?” Belle yelled, not caring who she disturbed in her quest for the answers that she so desperately needed

“Belle, I can’t tell you anything, the doctors told me that you have to remember by yourself. It will all come back to you though. I promise”

And that’s when Belle collapsed on the floor, sobs racking her entire body, pain from a memory destroying her from the inside out


The congregation of people were silent, waiting for something or someone. Tears were rolling down cheeks, and many people were dressed in black. A scuffle from the back of the church made everyone turn their head, to see what was ruining the silence and the sombre mood that filled the room.

Belle was walking in, being supported by her husband. She had aged in the last few weeks, aged beyond her years, put through the pain that no mother should ever face

The heads all turned back to the front, not wanting to intrude on the grief, and Belle was grateful. She didn’t want anyone to see just how much pain she was in, because that would make her deal with it all.

The service began as soon as the Jeffries were seated.

“We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of Ella May Jeffries, the beloved daughter of Aden and Belle, and the pride and joy of the whole town,” the priest began, settling into a steady monotone

Sniffles echoed around the room, and Belle had her face buried in Aden’s shirt. She could still remember the day when Ella had been found.

A tornado had hit the bay, and Ella had been the only casualty.

Belle felt it was all her fault. She and Ella had been running to a more sheltered part of the house, when the tree smashed through the window. She should have saved Ella, and taken the force of the tree.

Aden knew that his wife blamed herself, but he didn’t know how to comfort her. He knew it wasn’t her fault, but she wouldn’t listen. If he had boarded up the window like he should have done, then Ella wouldn’t be dead and Belle wouldn’t be in so much pain

“The worst crime in the world is a parent outliving a child”, the priest’s words finally penetrated through Belle’s thoughts, and she looked around.

Everyone was crying, and Aden was breaking her heart. He sat there, whole body facing forward, one hand stroking her hair. There were no tears rolling out of his eyes, but they were filled with desperation and sorrow.

“Before this child is buried, we call forward anyone who wants to say their last goodbye”

Belle and Aden watched as everyone in the church stood up and made a line. Amanda, Irene, Geoff, Ruby, Annie, Nicole... everyone who had ever met Ella stood up.

She had touched so many people, and she wouldn’t be forgotten.

Belle sat in Geoff’s embrace, the pain from the funeral coming back to her.

“We lost Ella”, she cried, again and again, and Geoff’s heart broke, because he had no way to help her. The only man that could help was Aden.

“I know it doesn’t seem like it Belle, but you will be ok. You’ve gotten through this pain once before, and you’re strong. You can do it a second time, I promise”

“You can’t promise something like that”, Belle exploded, “you have no idea how I’m feeling, so don’t sit there and promise stuff you can’t guarantee”

Geoff nodded his head and pulled Belle into his arms, carrying her back to the bed. It didn’t feel right being held in Geoff’s arms. It felt strange, and her body didn’t seem used to it, and neither did Geoff’s.

When Aden held her, he tightened his grip, and held her close, as if she was a part of him. Geoff held her at a distance, like he was unsure about what he was doing.

Her mind may have forgotten her love for Geoff, but her body was reacting weirdly, and it was scaring her.

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Thank you for the reviews. I'd just like you to know that I don't usually post this fast, but I'm really looking forward to seeing the reactions, so enjoy.

Chapter Six: Divorce

Belle woke up in her own bed, her body stiff from the funny angle she was positioned in. There was a note on the pillow next to her.

Belle, I’ve gone out to buy some milk and bread. Irene is looking after the baby, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Geoff xxx

Belle frowned and through the note to the floor. There was no love written on the note. Why hadn’t Geoff signed the letter with love as well as kisses?

As Belle rolled over, another memory flew to the front of her brain, and she delved in, eager to escape from everything that was confusing her.


“Are you sure you want to do this?” Aden asked Belle for the thousandth time

“We can barely look at each other anymore Aden. You stumble home drunk late at night, and I can barely get up in the morning,” Belle explained, trying to keep her voice casual but not succeeding. It was obvious that Belle was regretting her decision

“We’ve already lost Ella, I can’t lose you as well”, Aden whispered, tears for his lost daughter spilling out of his eyes

“Please Aden; don’t give me a reason to stay. I can’t stay, there are too many memories and too much pain”, she stuttered, tears rolling down her cheeks as well

“But I love you Belle, always have and always will”, Aden admitted. He understood where Belle was coming from but he couldn’t let her go. She was all he had left

“I love you too Aden, but we can’t keep going like this”, she whispered, wanting nothing more than to take back the words that had just spilled out of her mouth, but she couldn’t

“Then sign here”, Aden said, the tears wiped off his face and the emotion gone from his voice

Belle picked up the pen and stared at the divorce papers that were lying on front of her. Was it the right move? Aden was the only one who could help her, the only one that could help her recover from losing Ella, but he couldn’t even help himself right now.

But what if I let him go, she thought to herself, and then he recovers? I’ll be alone, and the only man I’ve ever loved will forget about me, or even worse, hate me.

“Belle, sign the papers, or don’t. Just please don’t make me sit here in pain”, Aden begged, the emotion flooding back into his voice.

Belle picked up the pen that she had dropped sometime in her thought process, and went to sign the papers, hesitating at the last second. “Do you want to sign first?” she asked, as a last delay

“I’ll sign if you sign” Aden reminded her

There were no more options; she couldn’t delay any longer, so with an unsteady hand, she signed the papers, ending the most important thing in her life

Aden followed suit, and then stepped in front of Belle and kissed her gently on the forehead. “I understand”, he whispered

“I love you Aden Jeffries. I’ve loved you since you climbed through my window, and I still love you now. I just can’t do this anymore”, she sobbed, and trying to tell him that there was still hope for them... one day

Aden nodded his head, and Belle could see that he understood, as there was hope and passion reignited in his eyes. “One day”, he whispered, as he left the room, “one day”

Belle sat up with a jolt. They both realised that there was hope for them one day, so why weren’t they back together yet? Why was she married to Geoff, when her heart was screaming for Aden?

Belle sat there, her arms tight around her knees, rocking herself backwards and forwards, trying to solve the puzzle, but to no avail.

“Belle”, Geoff called up the stairs, over an hour later, “I’m home.” He was expecting a reply, but Belle just sat there, almost catatonic, no tears pouring down her face, and no words coming out of her mouth

“What are you doing?” he asked, breathless from running up the stairs

“Memories”, she choked out, and Geoff’s face immediately transformed. The smile disappeared, and extra wrinkles popped up across his forehead

“Which ones?” he asked hesitantly, as if they could be worse than the loss of Ella

“Divorce”, she whispered, unsure why she was only uttering one word answers

Geoff got up and walked across the room, clearly pacing.

“What?” Belle thought out loud, wondering what Geoff’s problem was

“Does it hurt?” he whispered, pain etched across all of his features

“Yes”, Belle replied, and then the tears surfaced. Geoff sighed, and rushed to embrace her awkwardly, cradling her in his arms

They sat there for hours, until Irene came back; carrying the baby that Belle had no memory of. Geoff bustled around, clearly head over heels in love with the baby.

Belle sat on the bed by herself, wondering why on earth she hadn’t gone back to Aden.

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Thank you guys for the reviews. Not many chapters left until you find out the resolution.. I can't wait :)

Chapter Seven: River of Pain

“Geoff, when did we get married?” Belle questioned as Geoff slid into the bed next to her

“For the last time, I can’t tell you anything”, he insisted, before rolling over so that his back was facing her.

Belle stared up at the ceiling, as Geoff’s snores quickly filled the room. Why wouldn’t he tell her when they got married? It wasn’t as if it would ruin her recovery, she already knew they were married, she just wanted to know when it happened

And then something clicked... the divorce, what happened after the divorce... and the pain started flowing again, like a river


Belle sat on the couch, a shot glass full of tequila in her hand. It had been a while since she and Aden had broken up, six months to be exact, and it still hurt as much, if not more, then the day she had signed the divorce papers.

The bottle of tequila sat in front of her, half empty, as she had been drinking most of the day, trying to escape from the pain. It wasn’t working though. The pain had intensified and her head was pounding on top of it.

Her phone rang beside her and she snapped it up. Aden was flashing across the screen and the ringtone that he had set up himself was ringing loud and clear

“Aden, what is it?” she asked, pretending to be sick of him, but really she missed speaking to him, and he knew that

“I wanted to see you”, he said quietly, not wanting anyone to hear his end of the conversation

“You can come over now if you want. I’m not doing anything”, Belle offered before kicking herself for sounding too eager.

“I’ll be there in ten minutes”, he informed her and hung up the phone

Belle rushed around and tidied up the house, trying to make it look like she hadn’t been lying around all day, drinking until she felt sick

The knock on the door startled Belle, and distracted her from her cleaning process

“Come in Aden”, she called, before swearing when she realised the tequila was still on the table. She frantically shoved it in the kitchen, and then ran back to the living room to greet Aden, who thankfully looked worse than she did. At least she wasn’t the only one struggling

“What did you need to talk to me for Aden?” she asked, after she had overcome the nerves that had been in place since the phone call

“I miss you”, he stated, his voice brimming with sadness

“I miss you too”, she whispered, nowhere near as confident with this admission as Aden was

“I need you back Belle”, he admitted, the confidence he had possessed previously dying down.

“I need you Aden, but I’m still not ready for us”

“What do you mean, not ready? We can get ready together”, he reassured her, trying to make his point of view clear

“Everyone in this town knows that we are going to get back together eventually, but I can’t do that until I’m healed”

“Let me heal you”

“I need someone else to heal me, someone who isn’t going through the same pain”, she whispered, knowing that it wasn’t the best plan but the only one that could help them both

“So you need to date someone else?” Aden asked incredulously, jumping to the most logical conclusion

“No!” she yelled, desperate to make him see her idea, and disgusted at the idea of dating someone else, “I just meant we need to be friends with other people for a while”

Aden nodded his head. “Well, just remember that I love you Mrs. Jeffries”

“I love you too”, she whispered, as Aden left the house, leaving her shattered into more pieces than she thought was possible.

Belle returned to the present, still staring at the ceiling. If she had just wanted to be friends with other people, how had she ended up re-married to someone else?

Why hadn’t Geoff put his foot down, when it became clear she loved Aden?

Why hadn’t Aden stopped the wedding, reminded her of their vows, how they loved each other, how it was destiny for them to be together?

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Thank you for the reviews. This is chapter eight, which means you have to read chapter nine, then chapter ten, then you get the resolution, and everything will be explained :)

Chapter Eight: Friendship


It had been six months since she had last seen Aden, yet she loved him more than ever. She was sitting in the diner opposite Geoff Campbell, who had become a good friend to her, but the pain was still there, and her heart still belonged to Aden.

“So Belle, what have you been up to?” Geoff asked. It was always the first thing he said, every single time he saw her, and it was sweet, even if it was a bit predictable

“Nothing really, I cleaned my room and worked on my photo album. I’m looking for another job”, I said quietly, not meeting Geoff’s eyes because he could always read between the lines. I was scared about what he would see when he looked in my eyes today: love, pain and heartbreak all mingling together.

“Belle, you don’t have to lie to me”, Geoff reminded

“I miss him alright Geoff. I’m trying to heal myself so I can go back to Aden and it’s taking a long time because I can’t recover from losing a daughter” I whispered, not wanting people to know how I was really feeling

Geoff nodded his head, obviously understanding that I was in a lot of pain, pain that no one could comprehend

“Belle, I understand that this isn’t my place to but in, but it’s been six months, and Aden is the only one that can help you. Life is too short to sit here missing him, so you need to tell him how you feel”, Geoff spoke quickly, as if afraid that Belle would bite his head off, but she didn’t.

Instead she jumped to her feet, and rushed to see Aden, realizing that Geoff was right.

She hammered on the door and it swung open.

“Aden, it’s been long enough. Life is too short, I can’t live without you anymore”, she whispered, while staring deeply into Aden’s eyes, trying to read the emotion he was feeling

“Come in”, he replied and shut the door behind her. “What do you want us to do about us Belle?” he questioned

“I love you Aden Jeffries, and I want to be with you in any way that I can”, she told him, passion clear in her eyes

“I thought you’d never come back to me”, Aden admitted, before burying his head in his hands, trying to come to terms with everything that Belle was saying

“Aden, I’ll start all over again if I have to”, she whispered, hoping that he felt the same way

“We don’t have to start again Belle. I want to be with you again. Marry me”, came the muffled response from in his hands

“No, I need us to start again. We need to date, and re-create the magic Aden” she admitted, praying that she hadn’t pushed him too far

“I understand”, he told her, walking towards her, love clear in his eyes

Belle rushed into his arms and kissed him, ecstatic that everything was finally fitting together.


It was hours later before Belle glanced at her watch, and gasped when she saw that it was four in the afternoon.

“God Aden, I better go. I’ve been here for hours”

“You don’t have to leave. You can stay tonight if you want”, Aden informed her, trying to make her stay

“I don’t want to rush it Aden. Just remember that I love you and I don’t want to lose you ever again”

“I love you too Mrs. Jeffries,” he told her, before kissing her softly on the forehead. Belle smiled and walked home, happier that she had been in a long time

If she and Aden had been giving their relationship another shot, why was she married to Geoff? How could things have turned out so badly?

There was still something missing, some key that was just out of her grasp, and she would do anything to get that key.

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Thank you for the reviews guys. I've really enjoyed writing this, and I'm loving posting it. Enjoy this chapter ... only chapter ten to go, and then chapter 11.. the resolution

Chapter Nine: Engagement and Wedding


“Marry me Belle Jeffries”, the man kneeling in front of her asked.

Tears filled Belle’s eyes, and she had no idea if they were tears of happiness or of pain. Geoff looked up at her expectantly and Belle knew that she had to say yes.

“Yes”, she whispered, but deep down she knew that she wasn’t doing the right thing... she didn’t love Geoff like she did Aden.

Belle stopped cooking the dinner as the short flashback sent pain shooting through her body. There was a gap between her memories, something vital that she was missing, something that would explain everything.

The memory that would explain the jump between loving Aden and becoming engaged to Geoff was in front of her, teasing her, but she couldn’t reach out her hand and grab onto it.

As Belle tried to figure out the first memory, a second one hit her.


“We are gathered here today to witness the union of Geoff Campbell and Belle Jeffries,” the priest began, as the small crowd looked on with joy.

Belle was the only one who didn’t look happy. She was lost in the memories of her first wedding, her perfect wedding on the beach. This wedding was in a

church, and it didn’t suit her at all. Her dress was too long and itchy, and it hung off her body instead of clinging to it. Everything about this wedding screamed Geoff, not Geoff and Belle.

It was soon time for the vows, and it snatched Belle out of her daydreams.

Geoff recited a poem, and then read a long speech. Belle went for the simple vows of till death do us part.

“I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride”

It was a simple kiss, no passion, just his lips against yours. It doesn’t make you weak in the knees like when Aden kisses you. You don’t go speechless, or struggle to breathe. It’s just a peck, like a mother pecking her grown up son. Not like a husband and a wife.

At the reception, the man with the microphone announces you. “And for the first dance, I present Mr. Campbell, and his wife, Mrs. Jeffries”

Belle had kept Aden’s surname. She had screamed and cried when Geoff had suggested changing it, until he had eventually regretted asking.

They danced, slowly. Belle didn’t rest her head on his shoulder, they didn’t talk. It was uncomfortable and awkward dancing with Geoff. It brought back

memories of her reception with Aden, the best time of her life, dancing the night away, stopping to kiss every time someone tapped on their glass. Geoff and her didn’t even kiss once... no matter how many times the glasses were tapped

Belle didn’t even notice when the memory had stopped. She stayed in the kitchen, aggressively cutting the carrots, as the wedding song played in her head.

Belle had never wanted to get divorced. She believed that marriage was forever, a sacred union between two people who couldn’t live without each other.

How had she gone from that person, to the woman who gets a divorce, then gets back together with her ex, to getting married to someone she doesn’t love?

And what was the one memory that would unlock it, and why couldn’t she remember it?

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Amz, thank you for the review :) This chapter is for you, and I hope it lives up to the expectations.

Chapter Ten: Baby Makes Three


“Belle, I’ve been thinking, and I think it might be time for us to have a baby”, Geoff told Belle quietly, not wanting to freak her out


“Because when you’re married, a baby is the next step”, he explained, trying to make her understand his point of view

“But I’ve already had a baby”, Belle told him

“But it’s not all about you Belle”, Geoff interrupted

“I didn’t say that, but seeming as I’m the one who has to carry the baby, I get a say in it too Geoffrey, and I don’t know if I can go through it all again”

“It’s not like this baby will die too Belle”, he reminded her, but it was the wrong thing to say

“How dare you?” she screamed, “don’t you ever talk about Ella like that again. She was my family, and I lost her, and now you use her as a reason why we should have another baby. What kind of person are you?”

“I didn’t mean it like that Belle. It’s just I love you and I want us to have a baby together”, he explained, trying to get back in her good books

“I’m sorry for over reacting”, she whispered, “if you want to have a baby, we can have a baby, but on one condition”

“Anything Belle, anything”

“It can’t be my baby. We can adopt a baby, or become foster parents, but I can’t carry another baby”

Geoff nodded his head, and clasped onto her hand, “If that’s what it takes Belle, if that’s what it takes”

“Do you want to call the adoption agency and put our names on the list?” she asked, trying to get involved in this process but her heart wasn’t in it

“I’ll do that tomorrow. Tonight, I’m going to cook you a home-made meal and we are going to have a nice night in”, he told her, his voice full of joy

Belle nodded her head, and sat on the couch, while Geoff bustled around the kitchen, trying to cook her favourite meal.


It was later that night when Belle sat down for the meal. It was a simple fry-up, as Geoff didn’t exactly have top culinary skills

“Are you serious about this Belle?” he asked, before she had even taken a mouthful of dinner

“If this is what will make you happy, then yes”, she whispered, and Geoff took the hint, dropping the topic and settling in for the meal.

The conversation was stilted, but Geoff didn’t seem to notice. He was too excited about the fact they were adopting to notice that Belle had tears in her eyes, and pain written all over her face.

Belle sat quietly in the living room. That explained the baby upstairs. It obviously was the baby they adopted... and the name was on the tip of her tongue. It also explained why she didn’t remember it. Her body didn’t have any ties to the little boy.

“Geoff, we adopted the baby didn’t we?” she questioned, as soon as he walked into the room

“Yes, you didn’t want your own baby, but I still wanted a child. His parents died in an explosion, and the adoption agency thought we would be the perfect carers”

“So the little boy upstairs... we are his adoptive parents?” Belle asked, making sure that she had got her facts straight.

“Yes”, Geoff reassured her, love clearly etched on his face

“Geoff, I don’t understand. I remember marrying Aden and having Ella. I remember losing Ella and divorcing Aden. I remember becoming friends with

you, and then telling Aden how I felt... then everything jumps, and we’re getting engaged, and married and adopting. I’m missing something”, she cried, trying to make Geoff tell her. “I need to know Geoff. I’ve remembered everything, except that. I need to know”

“Sit down Belle, and I’ll explain everything”, he whispered, and pulled her down next to him.

“It all started in 2009...”

The next chapter will be the conclusion, and you will find out everything. I think it’s a bit of a twist, but let’s see what you guys think.

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