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The Reason Behind The Affair

Guest Georgia

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Story title: The Reason behind the Affair

Type of story: One shot

Main characters: Aden, Belle and Nicole

BTTB rating: T-A

Genre: Drama

Spoilers: None at all

Warnings: Drug references

Summary: Sequel to Affair, a one shot I wrote a while ago. What happened to Belle and Aden, and why is he with Nicole? More importantly, if he loves Nicole, his wife, why does he keep sleeping with Belle?

This has been a while coming. I wrote it on my other computer and then moved to a new laptop, so sorry. If you said that you were interested in the sequel, I've PM'd you as well :) The link to Affair is here: Affair

Lying alone in the dingy hotel room, Belle was transported back to the past, back to the times when she was happy and in love, instead of a mistress to the man she had always loved, and always would love.


The drugs had been tearing her apart, inside and out. It had ripped her and Aden apart, and their relationship was struggling. She was struggling. She was trying to get off the pills, but the pull was so strong, and she was weak. Belle needed someone to help her, but Aden was avoiding her calls, and no one else, apart from Nicole, knew the truth. So she did the logical thing, and called Nicole, who came running around. Funnily enough, Aden was with her.

“Aden, you came”, she whispered, her head spinning around and turning everything upside down

“I was with Nicole when you called”, he explained before sitting on the opposite side of the bed, being careful not to touch her

“You can touch me Aden. It’s not like I’m diseased. I’m just suffering through the withdrawals”

Aden didn’t reply and Nicole was the one who touched her, brushing her hair gently off of her sweaty forehead.

“Belle, you will be ok, I promise. You’re being so brave and strong, and you are going to beat this”, Nicole assured the shaking girl lying on the bed.

But the withdrawals weren’t what was killing Belle. She was more afraid because Aden wouldn’t touch her, or look at her in the eyes

“I love you Aden”, she whispered, scared that she had pushed the love of her life too far

“Belle, please stop. You’re embarrassing us”

The us resounded through Belle’s head, echoing off of the walls, and ringing in her ears.

Us, us, us, us, us...

“Us?” Belle asked weakly

“Don’t”, Nicole interrupted, trying to silence Aden, but he wouldn’t listen

“She hurt me, again and again, so she deserves to know the truth. I don’t want her clinging onto false hope”, Aden hissed

“Aden, this isn’t the time. It will hurt her, so just don’t”

“Stop talking about me like I’m not here”, Belle interjected

Nicole looked down and that slight break in eye contact was when Aden decided to spill the news

“You need to get yourself clean Belle, but not for me. I can’t be with you anymore. I can’t trust you anymore.”

The words seemed to jumble in Belle’s head. How could he not love her? She was the best thing that ever happened to him, he had told her so. He had

promised forever, and now he was retracting it. It wasn’t fair. But what was with this mysterious us?

“Aden, stop”, Nicole insisted, “now isn’t the time or the place”

Aden was on a roll though and kept talking. “I don’t love you anymore Belle. I love someone else”

It had all been so quick. He had loved her, and now he didn’t. And that’s when it all clicked. Aden had been with Nicole when the phone call had came in and Nicole had been trying to protect Belle from the news. Nicole knew everything about it and Aden didn’t trust many people...

“Leave”, Belle whispered, the last ounce of strength leaving her body.

Aden stood up and walked to the window, trying to leave the house without anyone noticing.

“Not the window. That’s reserved for Aden Jeffries, the man that I love, and who loves me, not you, the coward who’s dumping me now. You can take the door,” Belle informed him

Nicole was left sitting on the bed, stroking Belle’s head.

“I meant you as well Nicole. I’m not stupid. Aden only trusts a few people and I can fit the pieces together. You’re with Aden now, I get it. But I don’t like it, and I never will, so just leave”

Nicole followed Aden’s lead and left. Belle was alone, fitting the pain of withdrawals, from a drug she hadn’t meant to take in the first place.

How had they gone from the perfect couple, to a car crash that ever slowed down to look at? And how had they gone from that car crash to sleeping together again?


Belle was off the drugs, but Aden hadn’t come around to see her. Nicole and Aden were still together and happy, and everyone seemed to have accepted the new couple.

“Belle,” a voice called, awakening her from the nightmare that seemed to be her life. She turned around and saw Aden standing there.

“What do you want?” she asked, not even bothering to disguise the pain in her eyes and voice

“I need to talk to you”

“Well then talk”

But Aden refused to do it in public, and they walked back to Belle’s house, to the room where Aden had dumped her.

“I want to say goodbye to you”

“Are you leaving Summer Bay?” Belle asked

“No, but I’m going to ask Nicole to marry me, so I wanted to give you the heads up”

The room went silent, except for the ticking of the clock.

“Belle, say something”, Aden insisted

“What am I supposed to say?”

“Congratulations would be nice”

“You are never going to get congratulations from me. You left me when I needed you the most, and moved on with Nicole, who you insisted was like a sister to you”

“It’s been a while Belle, I think you should grow up and act your age”

“Act my age!” Belle exploded. “Get out of my house now”

Aden leaned forward to place a goodbye kiss on Belle’s cheek but she turned away at the last minute, and the kiss brushed against her lips.

It felt right and it made her feel whole again.

Aden leaned forward and kissed her again and again, until the bed where she had been dumped became the place where she had been put back together

The cycle repeated itself again and again. Belle couldn’t turn Aden away because she loved him, more than she loved anyone else. Aden had no reason, except that he could never fully let go of the girl who had helped him get over his abuse.

As Belle lay alone in the dingy hotel room, she realised that the past was haunting her. She realised that although she would always love Aden, but she could never truly be happy with the man that had hurt her so much, and was still hurting her to this day. It was time to take action, so Belle stood up and got her clothes back on, before picking up the bag that she had hidden under the bed before Aden had arrived. It was time for Belle Taylor to leave Summer Bay, because she deserved better than being a mistress, than playing second fiddle.

She was going to take control of her life again.

Let me know what you guys think :D


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