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Mon 21 Sep 09 – Episode # 4946

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” If It Helps, I Think Your Ruby Likes You More Tham My Ruby Like Me “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon 21 Sep 09 – Episode # 4946 ]


As Ruby Leeds, Marsha, Brendan & Hugo talk, Ruby quickly become aware tat Brendan hasn’t talk to his family bout something important they discussed. Indeed, she says [paraphrase] “haven’t you told them?”


Ruby Buckton talks to Geoff. She is a bit flustered. She comment bout how biog tomorrow is – both with starting her new job and her bio dad is being buried. Ruby seems to be likely tee Geoff is as supportive of her as ever of late.


Ruby & Brendan tell the other that they’ve been talking bout Brendan moving into the share house tat Ruby lives at. Hugo isn’t so keen on the idea – and Brendan doesn't like tat Hugo is like that. Indeed, Brendan grabs a plate from the table and smashed in on tie ground. Ruby ralaise tat things aren’t rally going that well – and reminds Brendan to try a calming technique [cou8ntingt to 50???] that she’s taught him. All think its best of Rub y to bail – so she does.


NEXT DAY, Ruby B & Geoff are talking in the kitchen. Ruby once more comments bout how her bio dad is being buried today.

They both comment on how they will both smell on fish when they fish work today. The both bail.


As Marsha, Xaver, Brendan & Hugo prelate to go out top the farm, Hugo is now more kens on the idea of Brendan hanging out with Ruby. Indeed, he coomet to Marsha tat what Gina dent know, won’t hurt her. Xavier then tells Hugo that Brendan has put up lots of his aftershave = as Ruby will be at the farm today as well.

Xavier comets to Marsha tat he's about to go and meet up with his Ruby before her 1st day at new job.


As Ruby & Xavier walk along, He tells her that they can talk if there's anything going on in her life. Ruby then kinda launches a verbal attack on him – remagnifying Xavier bout everything the IS going on – her bio dad’s death, Charlie ebbing a suspect is his death. They agree to meet up later


Ruby Leeds & Brendan finish making the snadwhiches for lunch togther, whilst Hugo & Marsha talk bout the share house idea. Hugo & Marsha comment on how Hugo will tell Gina [when she phones] bout the share house, as it will be weeks before she gets back form hols and hopefully brand an will have settled in there.


Xavier arrives home – and finds Gina waiting there. She tells hum tat her trip with a disaster, as she & her supposed new man didn't work out etc.


As Geoff & Aden work, Aden notes Geoff is distracted. He suggest tat Geoff should tell Ruby how he feels – or and will hit Geoff in the back of the head.


Xavier talked to Gina bout what’s been going on – and she dent sound happy with this community house idea.


Aden kinda mocks Geoff bout how he is “hitting on” someone else’s g/f. he does also however tell Geoff that he should definitely tell Ruby how he fells.


Xavier doesn't exactly look to happy when Gina suggest they shoud go out to the farm to se Brendan & co. They both bail.


Marshy wonder whether the should all visit the community house, but Hugo is more cautious now – saying that it’s his mum’s call. Spiking of whom, Gina & Xavier arrive.

Gina isn’t ken on the community house idea – insisting tat she knows what's best for Brendan, Ruby hoverer counters this – she wonders if Gina’s decision is “best for you, or best for Brendan?”

Outside, Xavier is trying to calm Brendan down. Xavier comet to Brendan on how maybe its best if he stays where he is, as sometimes it takes all of Brendan’s family to control him., when Brendan comets a drew time tat he loves Ruby, or she loves him, Xavier admits tat, right now, Ruby Leeds like Brendan moor the Ruby Buckton likes Xavier.


Geoff opens the bathroom door – only to discover Ruby B is in there. She quickly shuts tat door on him. She commets tat she got home form work. Ruby [with a towel very muchly wrapt round her] slightly open tat bathroom door and talk to Geoff who is in the corridor. She comets tat the job doesn’t exactly tax you're brain, and when he comments bout how physically intense the job can be, Ruby jokes that he surely he just saw the big muscles tat she now he has.

When Geoff wonder if they should have a celebratory diner for her 1st day, ruby tell him at she already has plans.

Note – this was a kinda awkward, but VERY gorgeous scene, with Ruby smiling in most of it


Marshy tries to convince Gina tat maybe the community house will be good for Brendan, but Gina fiercely tells Marsha tat she HATES parents who shirk their responsibilities under tat guise of “its better for the child”


Ruby B arrives arte sits with Xavier, he tells her bout how Gina is home, and how there’s trouble with the whole Brendan & Ruby L ting. They kiss – and as they do, Geoff enters tree room. As soon as he sees them though, Geoff bails. Monsters later, Brendan bails too - to help Hugo.


Hugo & Xavier arrive and are chatting when Xavier shows Hugo a note that's been left on their door – its sys “Sink It and Die Austin”



Ruby break up with Xavier

Xavier is knocked unconscious – into the water

Hugo & Trey’s dad clash

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: dark [silver unknown motif] t/denim shorts


Ruby Leeds: electric blue [white floral near collar] top/ dark long pants


Marsha: grey [pink ribbon motif] singlet top/denim shorts


Aden: dark grey singlet/ dark long pants

Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt/dark long pants

Brendan: white [green horiz stripes] t

Brendan: yellow shirt/green [pink “fresh juice” t/denim jeans

Geoff: grey singlet

Geoff: grey t/grey [olive green horiz stripes] hoodie/ dark long pants

Geoff: white [dark trim] singlet/ dark long pants

Gina: dark [grey floral] l/s top/ dark long pants

Hugo: white [dark check] shirt/dark singlet/denim jeans

Hugo: white [black upside down tree] t/dark shirt/ dark long pants

Marsha: ivory wide collar top/ dark long pants

Ruby: white [dark floral?] top/ dark long pants

Ruby: white latticed top

Ruby Leeds: dark [white mosaics?] l/s top

Xavier: dark [grey unknown writing] t/denim jeans

Xavier: dark long pants/dark blue [light blue “Monaco GP”] t

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