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Everything, Everyone, Is Gone.

Guest tessalove

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Story Title:Everything, Everyone, is gone.

Type of story: One shot

Main Characters: Nicole, Geoff and others

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama, Sadness, Love

Does story include spoilers: Nope

Any warnings: no, I don't think there i sanything

Summary: Nicole feels alone, No one cares anymore.

Hope ya like it :)

Everything’s gone.

Nicole sat in her room and looked at the one RSVP she had gotten back, it was from Annie, she was probably just being polite as usual, Great looks like I’m cancelling my party, she sighed.

“Nicole” Miles called up the stairs “Dinners ready”

“Ok, I’m coming.” She put the invitation reply under her pillow and went down the stairs.

“So how’s party planning going?”

“Oh, I decided I’m not going to have a party”

“Why? You’ve been looking forward to this for ages”

“Yeah but, I just don’t want to.”

“But Nic it’s your 18th”

“I know, But maybe we can just have a family dinner?”

“If you want” Miles sighed

“Thank you”

Dinner had finished and Nicole went back to her room, Why was it that no one wanted to go to her party? Belle, Aden, Xavier. No one not even Geoff, Yeah he was with Ruby but he could at least come, She just didn’t understand, everyone seemed to hate her.

She pulled out her phone and text the people she had sent invites to, She told them it was just a dinner now and to text back if they could make it. She lay her phone down on the bed beside her, a few minutes later a text came through, it was from Aden, Thank god she thought, he hasn’t forgotten about me, She opened the text and her heart dropped, He couldn’t make it, him and Belle had something on that night, Not even Aden her best friend could make it. That night she received texts from almost everyone saying they couldn’t make it, she wondered if they were just excuses, did they really want to come to her birthday?

She received a card from her mum, A bit early she thought, although mum never really knew the exact date, at least it was only 3 days early, last years was 2 weeks. She opened the card and found $200, huh, mum must have found new man, She threw the card on her bed and put the money in her pocket, then she noticed something, the card was open, and inside said, “Happy 17th Birthday Nic” My mum didn’t even know what age I was! I felt tears form in my eyes, I pushed them back, I wasn’t going to let her get to me.

I decided to go into town, on my own, as Nicole Franklin had no friends. I’d accepted that, but it still hurt, No one in Summer Bay wanted to know me. Hardly anyone talked to me anymore, accept Annie, After everything that had happened to me in the bay, all the friends I had, all the boyfriends or romances, the one person who still had the decency to talk to me was Annie Campbell.

“Nic” I heard my name being called as I stood waiting on the bus, i turned around, It was Annie, I smiled at her


“Where are you going?”

“Just into town, do you want to come?”

“Sorry I can’t, I’m meeting Jai and Xavier” she sighed

“That’s ok, I’m just spending my birthday money from mum” I grinned

“I hope you find something nice” She grinned

“Me too, I gotta go here, I’ll see you later, do you want to come round to mine for a DVD?”

“Sounds good, Have fun” she said as I got on the bus

I made my way to town and made my way around all the shops, I was looking for something to wear on my birthday, I know I wasn’t doing anything, but it still felt nice to get dressed up, Finally I found it, a purple mini dress, it had sequins at the top and it was just perfect, it was on sale as well, $120, Which meant I still had money left. I took it to the registers and paid for it, the checkout sales woman placed it in a bag and I left the store. I went into the supermarket, I felt like a needed some new make-up and maybe a DVD. I got what I needed and paid, it was still early so I decided to stop of at a coffee shop. I was sat outside it was such a lovely day, and I spent it shopping on my own. What a sad life I now lead. Right across the street from the coffee shop was a little shop that had the most gorgeous swimsuits in the window. And next door was an underwear shop; I still had money left, so why not spend it?

I made my across, I entered the shop, the first swimsuit I saw was gorgeous, It was purple, it had a large chunk out if it so that your stomach was on show it was lovely and the colour matched my dress, not that they would ever be worn together. I took it to the register and was surprised when it was only $10. I paid and made my into the underwear shop.

I picked out a few items, they were very sexy, I couldn’t quite understand why I wanted them, I didn’t have a boyfriend, and no one seemed to be interested but they made me feel good. After that shop I made my way to the bus stop, I had no money left and I felt good, I’d bought quite a lot, but it felt good. Especially because it was my mums money.

“Hey Nic” Kirsty called from the kitchen as I entered the house. “Buy anything nice?”

“Yeah” I removed the dress from the bag and showed it to her

“Wow, that’s gorgeous”

“Thanks, and I just got a new swimsuit and some underwear” I smiled

“Treat yourself?” she giggled

“I sure did, Mums money, why shouldn’t I” She grinned

“Good for you, Are you doing much today?”

“No, Might go for a swim, test out the new cossy”

“Ok, well have fun, I’m just taking Ollie to Colleen’s, and then I’m doing my shift in the diner, so I won’t be home for dinner.”

“Ok, See you later then” I said and climbed the stairs towards my room, I put my new items away, and put my swim suit on. I placed a beach dress over the top and headed out. I got to the beach, it was quiet, I removed the dress and headed for the water.

Nic was unaware of the presence watching her.

Geoff looked down at her, she looked so sad, and he wondered what was hurting her, he wanted nothing more than to go down and wrap his arms around her. But he couldn’t, he had moved on, but he still missed talking to her, ever since she and Ruby had that fight, he hadn’t spoken to her.

She came out of the water, the hurt look still on her beautiful face, she lifted her towel and wiped her face, She sat down on the sand, he noticed her wipe tears from her eyes, she turned her head and saw people make there way down the beach, she stood up and headed back into the water.

She stayed there not knowing that someone was watching her, she cried, No one wanted her, she even felt that Miles and Kirsty thought she was a pain in the ass, there was no need for her, none at all.

After her long swim she went home, she flicked on the TV and went through the music channels. What a life eh? Everyone’s out enjoying themselves with friends and family, and me? I spend my summer alone, longing for someone to join me, Wishing my dad was still here, regretting my past, things I done, people I hurt, I fell apart after my Dad went to jail, I had nothing, no one and all I wanted to do was to be free, but I messed up, I tore families apart I destroyed peoples lives, and now everyone hates me.

That night was the same as every other night, Miles would come home, we would have dinner and I would disappear into my room, I would watch a DVD or listen to music, sometimes Annie would come round, but now even she started to bail on me, she texted and told me she was spending the night with Jai, So once again I was all alone.

The next day, it was the day before my birthday, my dads present arrived, He sent me a card with $300, and a letter, apparently now I own the house, but he still wants me to live with Miles, I opened a small box that came along with it, inside was a necklace, it was hand made, My dad had made this probably in one of the work shops they have you do, it was a piece of silver metal in the shape of an N, it was beautiful, it was a bit out of shape, but it was made for me and only me. I put it around my neck and tears fell down my face.

I went down stairs, Miles looked at me and he immediately noticed I had been crying, sometimes I didn’t even try to hide it.

“Nic are you ok?”

“I’m fine” I said quietly “It’s just dads present, I miss him”

“We all do” Miles approached me, he put his arms around, this was the first time in so long that I had felt affection, sympathy and someone care. “What did he get you?” he asked

“Some money, and this” I held up the necklace, “He made it himself, and he signed the house over”

“So you own Aden and Belle’s house?”

“I guess”

“Are you moving in?”

“No, I’d be invading, its there home, and dad said he’d rather I stay here anyway”

“Its your choice Nic, Your an adult now, no ones going to make you do anything, its your house now”

“I know, but its Aden and Belle’s home, I’m going to go round and tell them, I’ll be back later.”

Nicole made her way around the streets of summer bay, until she got to Aden’s house. She knocked lightly on the door and Belle opened it, “hey” she said “Come in”

“Hey, how are you?”

“I’m ok thank you, What about yourself?”

“I’m ok, Not long now eh?” Nicole said and hinted at Belles bump

“No, 2 weeks or so”

“Are you excited?”

“Very! Aden is as well, he just popped out to get some things for dinner”

“Oh, I guess I’ll just wait” Nic smiled

“What have you been up to?”

“Oh not much, Just out shopping, spending my birthday money”

“Oh yeah, it’s your 18th tomorrow?”


“Sorry we couldn’t make it, were going to the city to see mum, I was really looking forward to a night out!”

“Oh don’t worry about it! I cancelled the party, just having a quiet dinner”

“Oh really? Why? I thought you would be all for a big party”

“Well I was, but no one else seemed to be” she sighed

“Oh really? I’m sure there was a few people to go”

“Nope, Annie was the only one said she could go, and Jai of course. Seems I’m not all that popular.” Nicole’s eyes filled up with tears

“Hey, It’s ok. Nic there are plenty of people here who love you! Me, Aden, Annie and this baby will love its aunty Nic!”

“Aunty?” Nicole let the tears flow down her cheeks

“Of course! Your Aden’s best friends, And your a good friend of mine! Look Nicole, this town may be full of selfish people who can’t get over the past, but I can. You may have done some down right stupid things, but you’ve changed.”

“Belle, thank you! Thank you so much, I was beginning to doubt I had any friends left, I’ve lost everything. I would give anything to get it all back”

“Maybe you still can”

“I don’t think so.”

“Just stay positive”

“I’ve never told anyone this, but I lost something, along with everything else, And I cry all the time, I lost the love of my life, and I can never get him back, We don’t even talk anymore, and it kills me”

“I know Nic, I know what it feels like to loose everything, But I’m proof you can get it back, when I went through the drug problem, you were there to help me, and if you ever need me for anything, don’t hesitate to ask, I know what you’ve lost, and who knows maybe one day he’ll come back”

“I don’t think so, But thanks Belle” Nicole gave Belle a hug, as she did Aden opened the door,

“Hi” he said unsure of what had happened

“Hey, Aden there’s something I need to tell you’s, have a seat” Nicole smiled

“Okay....” Aden sat down

“Well, I just thought I’d let you’s know that I own your house” Nicole said awkwardly

“What you own this?” Belle asked

“Yeah, but its cool, I’m not doing anything, I’m still going to live with Miles, but the house is in my name”

“Your dad gave you this house?” Aden asked unbelievably


“He’s lost it” Aden laughed

“Hey! I’m not that irresponsible!”


“Shut it Aden!” Belle glared, then giggled

“Well I just thought I’d let you’s know, you’s can get back to whatever you’s were doing now”

“Nic, why don’t you stay and have dinner with us?” Belle asked

“Oh no, I’m alright”

“Awk, Nic come on! There’s plenty here!”

“Em, Ok thanks”

“It’s almost done, Aden just went and got the naan bread, were having korma! And don’t worry I cooked it” Belle giggled

“I thought so, it smells pretty good” Nicole laughed

They finished dinner and were sat round the table talking, Belle let out a yawn, “Guys I’ll get going”

“Nic, don’t be silly its only 8!”

“I know but your tired, I’ll leave you’s alone”

“You don’t have to” Belle smiled

“I know, but it’s ok, Enjoy the rest of your night”

“Hey Nic, before you go, Happy birthday” Aden handed her a small gift bag

“Thank you” She gave him a hug, and left.

She walked home past the surf club, she decided to go in, instead of sitting in her room another night. She ordered a drink and sat down on the sofa, she lift a small box from the gift bag and opened it, it was a gorgeous pair of earrings, she opened the card, it had a large 18 on it, She opened it and it read, Dear Nic, Have a fab birthday! Love Aden, Belle and bump. X x, she laughed and placed it back into the bag, Alf brought over her drink.

“You alright love?”

“Yeah, I’m fine thanks” she smiled

“That’s good love, You look a lot happier than that last few weeks”

“I am I think”

“That’s great love!”

“Yeah it is”

For the first time in ages Nicole felt genuinely happy, She had gotten the best gift she could have possibly gotten from her dad, and she realised people do still care about her, It was a nice feeling, even if it was just dinner with Aden and Belle, and Alf asking if she was ok, to know people were there and cared if she was ok, that was enough.

The next day was her birthday, she text Aden and thanked him for the present, she got up early and went for a swim, she came back and was getting ready for dinner, she was looking forward to this, Miles, Kirsty, Jai, Annie, Ollie and Alf were all coming. She placed her dress on and stepped into her shoes, She walked down stairs were Miles and Kirsty had started making the dinner, suddenly let out a cry of pain and buckled over. “Baby time” She screamed

“Jai phone for an ambulance” Miles called as he rushed to Kirsty’s side. Jai did as he was told and a few minutes later the paramedics were there and Kirsty was loaded into the ambulance, Annie and Jai followed them to the hospital, Nicole watched all this and didn’t say a word, when they’d all left she returned to her room and got changed, she put on a tracksuit, Why make the effort? She thought.

She walked back down stairs, Alf was in the kitchen “You alright love?” he asked, that’s all he seemed to say to me now a days!

“Yeah, I’m fine! Any news?”

“None yet love, I’ll let you know if I hear anything”

“Ok, I’m going to head out”

“Do you want anything to eat?”

“No thanks”

“See you later love” he called as I left the house, I made my way to the beach, I seemed to spend all my time here, I sand on the sand dunes and looked out to see, It was beginning to get dark, and cold. I can’t believe the baby decided to come on my birthday! I wasn’t being selfish, it was just another confirmation that I wasn’t important, Of course it wasn’t anyone’s fault, Its was just sad. I couldn’t even have a birthday dinner. I sat on the beach for a long time watching the waves come in and out. It was peaceful, I just wanted to stay here forever, and No one would miss me I’m sure. It was freezing, I brought my knee’s up to my chest, I began to shiver, but I didn’t care, So what if I froze to death, who would care?

I remained there for hours, I switched my phone off, I didn’t want to be disturbed, I looked out at the rocks, I could just throw myself of one. End it all.

I sat there contemplating my next move, when I felt something being put round my shoulders, a jacket, I looked up, “You looked cold” he said, I didn’t respond, I just looked down, I was still pitying myself. “Are you ok?” he asked, I merely nodded, “Nic?” I looked up again, I didn’t want to speak, I didn’t think I would have the energy. “Nicole?” he asked again, this time looking into my eyes, they filled with tears and I looked to the ground once more. He sat down beside me, he placed his arm around me, I shrugged it off along with the jacket. “You shouldn’t be here” Words finally came from my mouth.

“Why not?”

“Because, I want to be alone, You haven’t talked to me in months, why start now?”

“I want to, You looked broken”

“Maybe I am, What do you care?”

“I care about you?”

“No you don’t. No one does.”

“I do, I always have” A warm feeling came over me, I was no longer shivering, I looked up straight into his eyes again, he pulled the jacket back up and it covered my shoulders once more.


“Because I do, Your a good person Nicole”

“Well, your the only one that cares Geoff, No one else gives a damn about me, I could freeze to death out here, or I could throw myself of that cliff, and no one would look twice, Poor princess Nic, didn’t get what she wanted.”

“Nicole, You can’t talk like that”

“Can’t I? Its not as if anyone ever listens”

“I’m listening, For as long as you need me, I’ll be listening”

“What if I said I need you forever?”

“Then I’ll be here forever”

“You shouldn’t care about me, I treated you so badly, I caused you so much trouble.”

“You were hurting, You were a wreck”

“I still shouldn’t have done some of those things”

“Its all in the past”

“I bet Ruby wouldn’t say that”

“It doesn’t matter what she says”

“It does Geoff, she’s your girlfriend, she won’t want you out here with me, I don’t want to destroy you guys, you don’t deserve that. Here go” She handed him his jacket

He placed his hand on her cheek and stroked it lightly, Once again she found his eyes, he leaned forward, he placed his lips lightly on top of hers, he pulled away a bit, “Ruby’s not my girlfriend, we weren’t working, I always loved you” As he said the words she felt his breath on her lips. Once again there lips met, He held her close as tears fell down her cheeks, This time happy tears, Nicole Franklin finally felt happy, her life was back, Maybe not everyone, but she only needed on person, Geoff Campbell, And she had him.

Let me know what you think :)


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