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Fri 18 Sep 09 – Episode # 4945

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” I Got My Wish “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 18 Sep 09 – Episode # 4945 ]

Jai & Miles talk bout Nic for a bit, Inc news tat she is currently at library before, Miles talk to Romeo about his new job. Romeo says stat he has a 2 week trial period. Jia then talk to Romeo – wondering when will help jai with Annie. Romeo is hoping to today, if things go well this morn at new job.

Rach, Tony & Harry are at rach’s old place talk to Brendan, Hugo, Marsha & Xavier. Brendan is constantly reefing to Ruby coming over today, whilst Hugo tell Tony etc tat they hasn’t told Gina bout Brendan & Ruby Leeds.

When Tony & Rach look run of their feet when Harry cries, Hugo offers to him & marsh to look after Harry today. Rach & Tony accept.

Miles & Romeo enter diner – and miles is a tad surprises when Romeo intricacies miles to roomers; new boss, Liam.

Alf clashes with trey’s dad at tee surf club. Trey's dad is handing out flyer – to styop Hugo’s plan to sink that boat for a tourist attraction. Alf wonder how may trees were cut down to produce the flyers the trey’s dad is handing out.

Miles is talk to Liam & Romeo [who is up in tee loft] of Liam’s new place. Miles takes offence to tee suggestions of Romero driving [without a licence] to get more supplies. Whilst Romeo bails on foot, miles offer to lend Liam a hadn – he accptys.

Hugo, his brothers, Marsha & Harry [in pram] are walking near diner when the see/hear trey's sad speaking to a largish audience. Trey''s dad gets on Hugo’s never when he talk bout “bow ins” trying to make quick money in tee bay.

As Mile help Lim at thee new place, Liam say he misses playing muisc with his mates, but not the crazy world of tee music game. Liam assure mile he won’t get Romeo involved in drugs. Lim then tells Miles bout what happened tween he & Nic after Belle’s funeral Miles “suggest’ tat Liam should stay way form Nic. Miles then bails.

Rach & Tony are at diner, and Leah is pleased they are having time together without Harry.

Nearby, Jai talk to9 Romeo bout Annie. Romeo says sat Annie is like Mt Everest, and teeth jai has to build up his skills beefier he tries to get Annie back. Romeo suggests tat h jai should try things out by getting tee phone number of an unknown to us [dark skin, afro like hair] girl siting at toe counter.

Trey's dad continues to talk top toe gathered ppl bout how Hugo’s boat is toxic trouble, but Marsha counters this. She speaks to the crown bout how god this will be for the town – more tourists etc.

At diner, Rach & Tony both look pretty exhausted to lack of sleep, and their chat breily sways into talking bout Harry. They agree top stop that and concentrate on themselves for a bit.

Nearby, Romeo approaches toe 2 girls at counter. He [deliberately] says a stupid pick up line. Jai then come over and suggest tat Romeo should leave the girls alone. Jai intro's himself, and the dark girl say at her name is Phoebe. Romeo [mostly out the dor] gives Jia the thumbs up - which Phoebe amend her blonde friend notice.

Liam & Romeo are at Noah’s when Romeo wonders why things were so tend tween miles 7 Liam. Liam tell romeio bout his pat [drug addict etc]

At diner, Jia scores Phoebe’s phone number, whilst nearby, rach & Tony admit that they arte both missing little Harry like crazy.

At Rachel’s old place, Hugo & co tell Rach & Tony bout how annoying Trey’s dad is being. After Rach etc bail, Hugo is concerned bout Ruby [brendan’s g/f] coming here today.

At the VPh, Romeo tells Miles tat his 1st day work with Liam was good. Romero tells miles he know bout Liam’s past – and is willing to give him we2nd chance.

Jai enters and shows Romeo phone number tat he got of phoebes.

Liam enters and talks to mile. Liam says tat he is hoping for a fresh start and that both he and Romeo are taking a chance ion each other. When Liam wonders, miles tell him Nic isn’t here at the house right no9w.

Brendan is very pleased when Ruby Leeds arrives. Hugo & the other are a tad intrigued when she straight of the bat wonders, on a scale of 1 to 10, how happy they [Hugo and co] are bout Brendan & Ruby’s ship

Note – the ep title refers not to something one of the ppl in the show said, but that I personally got my wish. When I read the Ruby had Downs syndrome, I was hoping Tracie Sammut [who has Downs Syndorme] would be the actress who plays Ruby Leeds, and it IS Tracie who is playing Ruby.



Look like Robert is trying the old divide & conquer plan on Charlie & Angelo

Aden tells Geoff to tell Ruby how he feels

Xavier is knocked out [and into tee water] when he clashes with trey’s dad

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: grey wide strap top


Phoebe: white jacket


Marsha: ivory wide collar top/ dark long pants


Alf: maroon & white check button up shirt/bone long pants

Brendan: grey [blue sleeves] t/ black [yellow “McCoy”] cap

Brendan: yellow shirt/green [pink “fresh juice” t/denim jeans

Hugo: white [black upside down tree] t/dark shirt/ dark long pants

Jai: orange t

Liam: white [brown check] shirt/dark singlet/ dark long pants

Miles: dark shirt/ black [uSA landmarks motifs] t/olive green long pants

Miles: white t/dark long pants

Rachel: dark l/s top/grey knee skirt

Romeo: olive green t/denim jeans

Ruby Leeds: dark [white mosaics?] l/s top

Tony: dark t

Trey’s dad: dark jacket/love green & white shirt/ dark long pants

Xavier: dark long pants/dark blue [light blue “Monaco GP”] t/

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