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Thurs 17 Sep 09 – Episode # 4944

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Gus The Bear “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 17 Sep 09 – Episode # 4944 ]


Leah can’t believe that Charlie has been suspended form her job. Charlie insists that she will be speaking to Morag bout all this morrow.


Next day, Liam talks to Megan, the real estate agent who led Rachel to finding where Jane had taken Harry to. Liam tells Megan tat he is looking for a residential property nib the bay, with the possibility of starting out a business etc. she is please when he says tat money isn’t an issue.


Charlie & Ang talk bout what’s happened/happening – incl Robert Robertson who is gong to be speaking to Ross today. Morag bluntly ask Ang if he killed Grant – he denies it, but hasn’t got a watertight alibi.


VJ is playing a video game when Leah distracted him. He tells her she just killed him [ruin the game].

Leah then talks to Robert Robertson, who tells her tat she reminds him of a woman that he saw in a painting at a gallery in Athens. Leah is charmed buy this, but when he hears that Robert Robertson is the detective in charge of the Grant murder case, she insists tat Charlie didn’t do this. Robert Robertson then orders a coffee – saying he rally like lots of chocolate on top [which is opposite to what he said to Watson.


Robert talks to Anglo. His comets bout how the original manuscript tat “Picnic at Hanging Rock” had an additional final chapter, where the girls turned into butterflies. Robert says that publishers etc thought it best to not have that chapter in there, and leave ten ultimate whereabouts of the missing girls a mystery. Robert ads tat Angelo’s pers file is like that – someone has taken out some of the chapters etc.

During the scene, Robert also refers to – and picks up his? teddy bear called Gus.


Robert enters, and tells VJ that his name is because his mum wanted him to be like a superhero – with an alliterated name, like Bruce Banner and Peter Peter. Charlie enters the room – and she & Robert bail.


Hugo & Brendan entry surf club – where they find Trey's dad talking to a reporter – bout he can ensure the community is safe for tings like dead bodies. This riles Hugo and Brendan assay that Tray's dad is bad, before the Austin boys go into Noah’s

Hugo & Brendan go past Marsha who is talking to Alf & Romeo. The latter still hasn’t found a job – bout he’s not giiving up. When he bails, you van see Alf & Marsha aren’t too sure what to make of Romeo [over?] confidence.

Tony sees Lima about to enter the gym. He isn’t ken on that, but Liam wants to speak to Aden. When Liam does, he apologises to Aden for distributing belle’s funeral etc. Aden “suggest:” tat Liam should stay away forms him.

Rach enters Noah’s – Harry is in the pram and he is crying. Tony offers to take Harry for the next “run” – in the hope he drifts of to sleep – but Rach insist at she, whilst pretty exhausted, can mange. Rach bails.

Nearby, Liam talks to Megan. They haven’t found anything as yet – and Liam is considering cutting his losses and going back to the city. Megan suggests tat she has more ideas for place to look at.


Megan shows Liam pics etc of an old restaurant nearby, that’s run down now that could be what he’s after.

Liam then task to Romeo, who admits that whilst things aren’t so good on the jobs front at the moment, life’s all about challenges [so Romeo is kinda likely his sitch at the moment].

Note – as I was typing out that scene, I initially type Will [Luke Mitchell's chacer in “h2o: just add water“] instead of Romeo


After Robert enjoys Ross telling him bout some old cases he worked on etc, Robert [with Charlie & Morag near] asks Ross is he killed Grant. Ross denies the accusations. Robert, Cherie & Morag then bail.


Megan is pleased when Liam signs a conducer on the old place that she showed him.

Aden sees Liam – and goes the other way to avide him.


When charley wonder what robert was up to today with Ross, Morag posits out tat Robert appear to be far more interested in Charlie’s reaction [to him accusing Ross] that he was off Ross’s answers.

After Leah gets of the phone, she tells Morag & Charlie tat Robert wants to interview her.


Romeo tells Liam once more that things aren’t so good jobwise – but Lima tells him that there is a job going if Romeo wants it.


Robert questions Leah bout charley on the night of the murder. Leah admits she dint hear Charlie is her room as Charlie is a light sleeper.robert proceeds to both talks bout flowers and a story about a scorpion and the man who tire to save the creature form drowningg,. The scorpion sting that man, but the man once more trey to save the scoropioin – which stung him more powergully. When the man had recovered, and another asked why he tri to save scorpion, the main that just because its in the scorpion's nature to sting, that doesnlt cahneg that its in my nature to save.

This all lead to Robert wonder if Charlie was in uniform, with her revolver on her, when she threatens to kill grant in diner. Whilst Leah say the its not is Charlie’s nature to kill, Robert say tat everyone is capable – under the “right” circumstances.


With VJ playing nearby, Leah apologises to Charlie & Morag for telling Robert what she did Charlie is pleased that Leah told the truth. Morag, hover ever, suggest the no one is to speak to Robert again without Morag present.


Rach enter with still crying Harry. She talks to Tony – and they bail for home together.

Nearby, Robert, who was siting down reading a mag, gets up and begins to walk out. Alf tells Robert that he's left his magazine behind – but Robert says the it’s not his. When Alf ask, Robert says he’s still digging into local history. When Robert has bailed, we se tat mag has was reading is all about Asian flowers.


Liam & Romeo enter, and they both comet on how run son the place is. Liam say at he’s offering Romeo the job of fixing the place up. They agree to drinks a toast – so they term on a tap them se in the building, but they threw tat water out, as it’s not rally appropriate for a toast. When then see them form a camera outside the building – rivalling tat one of the walls has a rather sizable hole in it.



Miles tell Liam to stay away form Nicole

Hugo & Trey's dad clash

Hugo is keen to meet Brendan’s g/f

Jai meets a girl called Phoebe or Fifi

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: white blouse/dark top/dark long pants


Charlie: grey singlet top/dark long pants


Robert Robertson: dark jacket/grey sleeveless jacket/white button up shirt/dark tie/dark long pants


Aden: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t

Alf: power blue button up shirt/bone long pants

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Brendan: red [dark diamonds] t/ khaki shorts

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue long pants

Hugo: light blue [deer motif] t/khaki shorts

Leah: white [gold semi circles on bust] thin strap top

Leah: white long sleeve top

Liam: brown leather jacket/white [brown check] button up shirt/dark long pants

Marsha: dark low cut v neck thin strap knee length dress

Megan [real estate]: orange blouse/dark jacket/dark long pants

Morag: dark jacket/white top/dark long pants

Reporter: dark jacket/white button up shirt/black [white diag stripes] tie

Romeo: white [dark unknown logo on the back] t/dark scarf?/dark long pants

Ross: maroon button up shirt/brown long pants

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t/dark [2 white vert stripes down the side] shorts

Trey's dad : grey jacket/white [dark vert stripes] button up shirt/dark long pants

VJ: orange * white horiz stripes] unknown dark motif] t

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