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Wed 16 Sep 09 – Episode # 4943

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” You Naked Weirdo “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 16 Sep 09 – Episode # 4943 ]

Note – due to various facto9rs, this ep guide is less detailed than normal.

At the crime scene, Angelo talk to alf, who says at he saw no one else around when he found tee body. Several officers, incl Watson, are at eth scene too [which is cordoned off with police tape]. Charlie arrives – and when Angelo wonders, she says at she hasn't been told the ID of tee victim. When Charlie lips up part of the trap covering the body, she is shocked tat it’s GRANT.

Meanwhile, Red is on her bed in tears. Geoff enters the room and wonder what’s up. She tells his tat she had a weird dream – whereas she and Charlie were sisters again, but they weren’t [ruby’s words]. Geoff counters this by saying tat he's just6 had a dream where he is doing his boat exam =- and realises that, way out at sea, tat he is naked. Ruby laughs, and calls Geoff a naked weirdo [hence my ep title].

At the police station, Angelo ^& Charlie wonder to each other if the other did this. Both deny it – but both know tat they don’t have an alibi [charley in bed alone, Angelo on patrol alone]. Charlie tells Angelo tat she is going to bail – to tell ruby.

At beach house, Charlie tells ruby what’s happened. Ruby is shocked, and Charlie isn’t happy tat ruby has told Xavier AND Geoff bout charley kidnapping etc grant. Irene descends starts, and wonders what is happening. Charley tells her ruby will tell Irene. Charley bails.

At the station, Angelo & Charlie talk once more. Angelo agree at he will tell his superiors bout his clash with grant mealie today, whilst he also suggest charley should tell her bosses bout the grant kidnap.

Next day, Robert Roberson enters VPH and intro himself to Alf. He tells Alf tat his {RR} name is because his mum wanted to always wanted ppl to remember her son [or sometime ice that]. Robert is ken to rent a van – but baulks at 13 & 19 [unlucky numbers] but is totally ok with #4. Robert wonder to Alf who the best person to spec to bout local history is.

Ruby enters Rachel’s old place. She talks to Marsha, who tells her the Austin boys are vesting their mum. They then talk bout grant – ruby admits she is sorry for his kids a7 his wife but tat she is also VERY glad tat he is dead!!!!!

Ruby also blames herself for all of this – if she hadn’t tracked grant down, he wouldn’t have come to the bay and be murdered [stabbed several times] like this.

Irene & Colleen are talking in diner kitchen, inch colleen telling Irene bout how charley threatened to kill grant recently.

When Irene goes into the main area, Robert ask to spec to Colleen, but not before he gives Irene a differnt story bout hies name - something bout a divorce settlement. [Note – Robert maybe as nutty as many many peanut factories but I like his quirkiness].

Charlie, Angelo & Watson are at the crime scene, and they aren't impressed when Robert entered the condoned off area. He quickly makes them ware at he is a detective form ET city – who is charge of this murder investigation.

At the beach house, Aden & Geoff had life jackets on, as Aden tries to get Geoff all proficient with al, the skills tat he will nee to pass in his boat/marine test morrow, ie that are using veges etc as the gauges on the boat. Things aren’t exactly going well – as Aden can tell that Geoff mind is on ruby and her problems.

At the station, Robert tells Charlei & Angelo tehat he’s ghoing to dop up a rather short list of supecrts. Indeed, when wato9sn gives him the info that grant’s time of death was 10pm lat night, Robert asks Charlie where she was at theta time.

As Robert interviews Charlie, he makes a point to Watson bout who he doesn’t like chocolate on his coffee [like the one she’s just handed him]. Robert grills Charlie – wondering if she kill grant. He also sopeacuialted tat it was RUBY who did this./ when Charley demands a lawyer be precent if rort continues like this, he say at she can go. Robert tell charlie to send in her b/f. when charlie is gone, and Angelo enters the room, Robert wonder to Angelo what it feels like to kill a person – who’s not a cop.

Irene walk it on Aden & Geoff are they disagree ion the best way to go about this “letl;s pretend tee lounge room is a boat” thing. Indeed, Irene suggest at are behaving like idiots and suggest at if they don't sort it out, she'll find other ppl to work on her boat. She also does not like at using her food to do this.

At counter at police station, Charley & ruby are talking. Ruby say at she has told Xavier and tat he will keep his mouth shut. Robert enters ter room, and asks Ruby to raise botjh her arms to point to the ceiling, then point them fwd. ruby is slightly bewildered when he ask her to clop her hands 3 times!!! After she does so, she sua that ruby is free to go. Charley then wonder to Robert bout that list of suspects of his, and he tells her at Charlie is still mushily in his top 5.

Alf is now teaching Geoff to do the whole clitoral the boat this, but that are using jars instead of food for the boat gauges etc. when they are done [Geoff seem to be doing very well now][, Irene thanks Alf dor helping.

Ruby eneter and she tells Irene at she is hog to like down. Geoff is pleased to se ruby, which Aden notes – indeed, the latter has a cheeky grin on his face and mocks Geoff by air kissing him.

After Robert get of the phone with Grant’s wife, he talks to Angelo. Robert concurs with Angelo tat Angelo won’t be stood done by his superiors. However, when charley enter the room, Roberts “ask” her to hand in her badge and gun, as she is suspended from duty til the inverstigation is OVER. His ads that Charlie is the #1 suspect!!!



Robert Robertson questions Ross bout Grant’s murder

Aden tells Liam to stay away form him

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Irene: white [dark bow * trim] top


Marsha: black [red & blue floral?] halter maxi dress


Aden: dark [green & yellow circle like logo –with “[\something] New York” on it] t/dark long pants


Alf: blue & yellow check button up shirt/bone long pants

Alf: orange [blue check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants/cap

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue long pants/cap

Colleen: sky blue [dark & white dots] top

Geoff: grey singlet

Geoff: grey t/denims

Grant: dark suit/white button up shirt

Irene: white [grey vert stripes] PJs

Robert Robertson: dark blue [light blue vert stripes]/dark t/dark long pants

Robert Robertson: dark suit/grey sleeveless jacket/white shirt

Ruby: dark [wavy grey stripes] top – with blue top neath/darkly long pants

Ruby: white singlet top/brown floral PJ long pants

Watson: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue long pants/cap

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