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Fri 11 Sep 09 – Episode # 4940

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Issues Resolved .... Maybe ??? "

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 11 Sep 09 – Episode # 4940 ]

Jai enters the room and he & Romeo tell Miles they were at same foster home etc. Miles comments taht5 the are related because they are both idiots. Jai wonder if Romeo can stay for dinner, and romeo solves that dilemma when he alerts miles to something burn on the stove. miles invite him m to diner - and turn off/.down stove.

Rach apols to tony for not being home for Te diner ta ht he prepared, but after she say that, the phone rings. despite Harry cry, rach agree to go over to Andy;s and help him. tony is left holding te baby, litterally,m whilst Rach bails.

After Romeo comment Te the bay is full of hotties, Jai tells him tat he;'s been with 1 girl whilst here, but they've split.

in the House, kirsty isn't so keen on having Romeo stay here - as they';re liking after a few kids already. Romeo, however, charms her after he enters te room, she agrees that he can stay.

Sid is in surf club. he gets a text from Nic wonder where he is. he then sees her in Noah;'s, but she not see him. Jai & romeo enter Noah's. romeo almost cant believe tat Nic lives at the VPH too. Nic bails - and romeo furtrher comment bout how te bay is the bet place in the world.

at beach house, Irene notes tat Annie is very distracted. Annie comets bout how she is kinda annoyed tat Dex had to leave Town like that [although, you get feeling the her feelings fpo Romeo might have somatic to do with her distractions].

next day, Sid is at diner. he gets 2 two messages form Nic pretty close to each other. Irene try to talk to him bout Annie & Dex, but Sid is distracted esp. buy the 2nd text.

Miles is ken to talk bout the baby [telling ppl about Th bay] with kirsty, but she isn't soo keen.

Rach is talk to Andy with Sophia & harry nearby. Sophia spills something8iuhnbg so whilst Rach & Alf help Sophia, Andy holds Harry. Tony see this as he enter Noah's. he isn't impressed - but doesn't enter and confront - he bails instead.

Jai & Romeo at talking at they play pool. jai suggest ta the girl that romeo seem most interseted in since he arrives in the bay is prob a tourist.

Rach gets a phonecall fom Tony. when off phonne, she tell Nic that she has to go home, but she will try to make it back here as quick as possible. rach [with Harry]bails.

Sid enter te VPH. he is ken yto speak to mile, but ten phone rungs. when off, Miles tells Sid they've got big problems with te amnesties block. Sid agree to talk later.

Jai is talk to romeo at diner. he tells Romeo that Annie is different to other girls. Annie picks that moment to enter - and Romeo almost can't be live tat the girl he likes is Jai's ex.

Rach & Tony have a MASSIVE clash bout how ther've not been connected since Harry's;ls birth. Rach insist at she s;s not going to turn her back on her frind Andy, but when she go to bail, tony inist tat Harry stay her., he's kinda shocked when Rach bails [leaving Harry with Tony].

Annie talk to Romeo & Jai. Romeo Say that school relay isn't his ti8things, and when jaui go over to order drinks, Annie almost can't be live it when Romeo uses the word perky [as its very 60s]. jaoi then rtns - having order drinks.

nearby,. Rach is talking to Andy. as she doe so, Leah collides with customer =- and a plate smash to the ground. whilst others flinch, Rach realise that Sophia didn't. Rach tell andy tat she thanks she knows Whit is up[ with Sophia.

at VPH, miles is ken to tell ppl bout the pregnancy, bit kirsty disagrees - esp. with Romeo here.

meanwhile, on back pation., Romeo tells Jai that he will help jai get back together with Annie.

Rach tells Andy bout Sophia's heariing issues. she comments on how it6s easy to miss - given Andy's circumstances. Rach tell Andy at she will arrange an appointment with a hearing specialist. as Rach go to bail, Andy tell Rach ta she is an amazing friend. Rach bails.

Rach enetr the hunter house. she apols to tony bout recenmt evnets., she also tells him ta she didn't want to burden him with her problem,s. she also tell him bout Sophia;'s hearing issue - and ho she won't let Andy lean on Rach as mush. they both agree to spend more time together from now on. when harry, Tony is pleased when Rach suggest tat he can tend to te bub. when Tony leave the room, Rach looks kinda still uneasy bout evertyyinhg.

Nic dives into Sid's pool. he can't believe tat she is in te ther when he arrive home, adn suggest ta she should get out. Annie sees them talking p[doesn't her the i take it], so it looks as tough something is going on when [despite Sid order her out of te pool[], Nic keeps on swimming when he go to get her a towel.



looks like Grant is back in town

someone is murdered

ther's a new male detective in town

Miles & Sid clash - Sid falls into his pool as they clash

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nic : black [white dimonds] halter neck way low cut 1 piece swimsuit


Rachel : royal blue top/white coat/dark long pants


Irene: violet v neck top/white long pants


ALf : white p[dark check] shirt/boine long pants

Andy : grey l/s top/dark long pants

Annie : yellow knee dress

Annie: white thin strap knee length dress

Harry : dark [dasrk dots?] beanie

Harry : white beanie

Irene : red l/s blouse

Jai : white [grey squares] jacket/white t/dark long pnats

Jai : whiyte [grey squares] t

Kirsty : dark l/s top

Kirsty: yellow & orange etc [very hippie like] shirt/dark longb pants

Leah : dark thin strap top

Miles: dark [hot pink “(something) eat brains”] /dark long pants

Miles: purpke button up shirt/white [white “republic” logo & sparkplug motif on circular red. blue & yellow background]/dark long pants

Nic : ivory knee dress

Rachel: grey coat/red low cut v neck top/dark long pants

Romeo : white [green wavy stripes] t

Romeo: dark sleeveless jacket/dark [white unknown motif] t/white [blue waves] shorts

Sid : dark [white sleeves] t/dark shorts

Sid : dark l/s shirt/dark long pants

Sid : dark sporets t/dark long pants

Sophia : apple green [paik & white uimonwn motifs] top

Tony : blue t/denims

Tony: black [yellow Puma] t\dark long pants

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