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Why Do You Have To Lose Something To Realise How Much You Want It?

Guest tessalove

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Story Title: Why do you have to lose something to realise how much you want it?

Type of story: One-shot

Main Characters: Geoff, Nic, Ruby, Xavier, Kirsty, and a loda of others.

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst,

Does story include spoilers: Nopes

Any warnings: Nopes

Summary: The bus bomb, I don't really want to saay anything else lol, Its a one shot so you can just fond out :P

Hope ya like it :D

Please comment!! :)

The students sat on the bus, Hoping praying that it was all going to be okay. But it wasn’t, they had 30 minutes before the end.

“its all my fault.” Nicole sobbed

“Nic, None of this is your fault.”

“It is, He took my name off, If I hadn’t of slapped him everything would be okay. We wouldn’t be here.”

“Nic, We would have. He’s sick, He’s messed up. Just stay strong Nicole!”

“I don’t want to die!” Ruby cried.

“We’ll be fine, We’ll get out of here.”

“Xavier what if we don’t?”

“Don’t think like that.”

“I love you Xav, I love you!”

“I love you too.” He kissed Ruby’s head.

Geoff, Miles and Annie sat in the hospital waiting on the doctors to finish with Jai. Annie was terrified, she didn’t want him to die.

Miles phone beeped, he expected it to be Kirsty but he surprised to see it was Sally. She sent a message every now and again to let everyone know how she and Cassie were doing.

Annie didn’t even notice Miles phone going. “That was Sally” he said trying to keep the conversation going.

“what? Oh ok.” Annie replied

“What are you reading?”

“Twilight” she replied

“Really? I didn’t think you’d be into that.”

“I’m not. I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about.”

“Oh any good?”

“Not really!” she replied half concentrating.

Mr Bartlett was at the police station. He had gotten worried when the bus still hadn’t showed up back at school. He made his way back to the hospital when he had told Charlie everything. “Any news?” Miles asked Martin as he joined them in the waiting area.

Martin shook his head, “They still aren’t back.”

“Do you think they could have broken down?”

“Well its possible, but i don’t think so. Its fishy.” Martin sat on a seat.”

“Mr Bartlett?” Geoff asked

“Yes Geoff?”

“Do you think i could go out and have a look for the bus. Just to see what’s up?”

“Well Geoff, I don’t recommend it.”

“Please sir. Nicole, Kirsty and everyone is out there.”

“Well, how are you going to get out there?”

“Il walk? Or I can borrow Martha’s car.”

“Ok, Geoff, But take your phone and a radio, I do not want anyone else getting lost out there.”

“Thanks Mr Bartlett.”

“Geoff be careful!” Annie said.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine!” he said reassuringly

He made his back to SummerBay, Just in time to catch Martha leaving the surf club.

“Martha, Can you do me a big favour?”

“Yes, Sure Geoff what is it?”

“Can I borrow your car?”

“Em, What for?”

“Well the bus still hasn’t come back form the trek; it was due back hours ago. I just want to see if everything’s ok.”

“Well, sure! Protective big bro, eh?”

“No, actually Annie’s at the hospital, Jai is sick. They got lost. Which is why the bus was due back early. But Kirsty, Ruby, Xavier and Nicole are still out there with everyone else.”

“Oh I see. Protective ex boyfriend?” She laughed. “I’m staying at my place tonight anyway, so I won’t need the car. But bring it back in one piece?”

“Sure! Thanks Martha!”

Geoff jumped into the car. He drove to the bush. He was thinking about what Martha said. Protective ex boyfriend? It was true, as soon as he heard the bus wasn’t back, he panicked thing that Nic was still out there, What if it had crashed or run off the road? Which is why he driving out there so fast, It was too weird, They would have called or done something.

He parked the car as close as he could get it. And began the long walk to the camp site where the trekkers was staying.

“2 minutes,” Ruby cringed

“I’m so sorry for everything guys.”

“Nicole, Were all in this together.” Kirsty collapsed to the floor.

“Kirsty!” Nicole screamed and threw herself down beside her. Kirsty fell so close to the door, she fell out pulling Nic with her. It didn’t do anything to the bomb. Ruby jumped up followed by Xavier, Ruby stepped outside and helped Nicole to her feet, Kirsty came through. The heard the ticker get louder. “10 seconds” The whole bus yelled.

“We can’t do anything, its going to go off. Everyone run!”

The girls scrambled. They heard the bomb. But they couldn’t stop, they kept running. They ran deep into the bush. They ran out of breath soon and stopped.

“Xavier!” ruby screamed “I thought he was behind me. Ruby fell to the ground. They had no water left she was parched and exhausted. She lay there still, Nicole shook her, but she couldn’t move. “Ruby!” Nic screamed

“Nic, Its ok, its shock” Kirsty reassured her “She’ll come through. We need to rest.”

“How can we rest with a bus load of people over there, Fighting for there lives.”

“Nic. I don’t know what direction it is! We ran too far”

“We can follow the smell, Or the flames when we get close enough.”

“We need to get help first, We’d be better walking out to the road. But for now Ruby needs to rest.”

“But Xavier?”

“He was just behind us. He’s probably just got lost.”

“And everyone else?”

“Nicole, we can’t do anything but get help.”

“Ok, But we can’t rest for long.”

“Just as soon as Rubes comes around”

“Ok.” Nicole bent down and placed a hand on Ruby’s head which immediately made her open her eyes. “Are you ok?”


“He was just behind us, He’ll be fine! He’s probably just took a different direction. Were going to walk to the road and get help.”

“Ok, but what about everyone on the bus?”

“We’ll get them help, we can’t do anything!”

Geoff heard the explosion. He began to run. He saw the flames. What was going on?

He lifted the phone from his pocket and dialled 911. He told the girl on the other end everything, he hung up the phone and continued to run to the sight where the flames where coming from.

As soon as he got their he fell to his knees, all this carnage in front of him. He saw Graham a year 12 boy hanging out of the bus. His eyes were open; he rushed over to check for a pulse but got nothing. He could barely with stand the heat from the flames, but he had too.

He noticed a blonde boy trying to crawl into the bush. “Xavier” He called and rushed over. It was him. He was badly injured. Geoff lifted him and set him in the bush out of the heat. Geoff began to search for students. He only found one more alive Olivia Jacobs. He put her beside Xavier. He continued searching. He looked into one of the bus windows. He could make out a lot of bodies but he couldn’t tell who they were.

“Nicole” he screamed “Ruby!”

Nothing, No one moved all her could hear where the rolling flames. No! He couldn’t lose her! “Nicole!” He screamed louder with a desperate tone in his voice.

All he found was a sparkly pink lipgloss that he knew was Nicoles.

He sunk to the ground, his head in his hands. Tears streamed down his face as he thought of Nicole being one of those on the bus. Her body exploded into pieces. He couldn’t loose her! Not without telling her he loved her. Because he did. He still had feelings for her. That night when she was comforting her when Trey had did all those things to her. He realised then he loved her.

But it was too late. She was gone. “Nicole?” he cried

He heard police sirens, and Charlie ran from the bush. “Geoff?”

“Charlie, I found Xavier and Olivia, But i can’t get inside the bus.”

“Geoff, its ok. The fire teams here. Any sign of Rubes?” Charlie asked

Geoff shook his head, “Or Nic” Charlie’s eyes filled. Geoff walked over and embraced her in hug. “Charlie you shouldn’t be here!”

“I know, But i had to know”

“Come on, I’ll take you back to the bay. I can’t stand being here. And i need to get Xavier and Olivia to the hospital.”

Charlie only nodded. She walked with Geoff and looked back as the fire team turned on there hose. She lifted Olivia to her feet and helped her to the car. Geoff did the same with Xavier.

They arrived at the hospital. They carried the pair in and set them on beds. “Oh my gosh!” Annie rushed over to where Geoff was. “What happened?”

“There was a bomb!”

“Where’s Nic, Ruby?”

Geoff shook his head. “These are the only ones i found. Looks like they jumped out of the bus.”

“Xavier went before Ruby?”

“I guess so.”

“Geoff are you ok?”

“No. Nic’s not here Annie!” Geoff walked out of the hospital. Miles and Martin rushed over the kids as soon as they noticed.

Annie followed Geoff outside. “Geoff wait!” She caught up with him. “Annie i love her, and she’s gone”

“You love her?”

“Yes, I love her.” Annie hugged her brother

“Geoff, its ok. Everything going to be ok.”

“No! Annie it’s not.” Geoff walked off quickly. He went into his room and locked the door behind him.

“How much further?” Ruby groaned

“It’s not long to the road.” Kirsty told her

“Good I’m tired!”

“We all are. But we need to keep going!”

“I know. I’m sorry!”

Nicole was quiet, she didn’t say much. She couldn’t stop thinking of everyone back on the bus. If they could have been saved. If they were alive.

“Nic, You ok?”

“No, not really. I wonder how many are alive back there.”

“Don’t think like that Nicole!”

“I can’t help it.”

Charlie left the hospital and got into her car, She had to go back up there. She couldn’t just sit and wait. She needed to see Ruby. She needed to know.

She drove along the road, just as she did, Nic, Ruby and Kirsty. Walked from the bush.

“Oh my god! Charlie!” Ruby screamed, she ran out to the road, She stepped onto it just enough for Charlie to see her.

Charlie looked the frantic waving at the side of the road, she saw her, She immediately stopped. She jumped out of the car. “Ruby?” She screamed, she ran towards her.”

“Charlie!” Ruby tightly hugged her sister.

“I thought you were.....” Charlie couldn’t continue.

“We were already off the bus when it exploded, we got a head start.”

“I’m Glad you did, I didn’t want to loose you!”

“Can’t get rid of me that easily” Ruby joked “Charlie? Xavier?” Ruby asked cautiously

“He’s ok! He’s at the hospital ruby sighed.

“Thank god”

“Are you’s ok?” Charlie asked and looked at Nicole and Kirsty.

“Yeah! Just some cuts and bruises.”

“Nic?” Charlie asked concerned at how quiet Nicole was.

Um, Yeah I’m ok”

“Ok. We better get you guys back.” They all climbed into the car. “You don’t know how relieved I am. Charlie hugged her sister again.

“Charlie its ok!”

“Rubes I could have lost you!”

They drove back to SummerBay. “I’m taking you’s to the hospital to get checked out first.” Charlie told them.

“Ok, Is Miles there?”

“Yeah, he’s with Annie and Martin. Jai still hasn’t come round yet.”

“Oh, whats wrong wit him?” Kirsty asked worried

“He was shot, it’s just a graze. He and Xavier were messing with guns on the farm. I think he’s going to be ok.”

They arrived at the hospital. As they walked through the door, Annie ran towards them, she threw her arms around them. “How?”

“We got out first, Kirsty fell out to be honest and we helped her, Then Mr Palmer told us to run. So we did. Is Xavier ok?””

“Wow! Yeah he’s in there” Ruby rushed towards the room Annie had pointed out.

“Nic? Are you ok?” Miles asked as he approached her.

“what, Oh im ok!”

“you don’t seem ok, Do you want to see a doctor?”

“No, I’m just in shock. But I’ll be ok. I promise.”

“Ok, But just tell me if you feel sick or have any pains.”

“i will”

“Nicole?” Annie asked


“Have you seen Geoff?”

“No! Why?”

“Well he went out there when he heard you’s weren’t back. He was the first to find the wreck, And he couldn’t find you. He thinks your dead. He’s in a bad state.”

“Where is he?” she asked quickly

“I think he went back to the house. I don’t know he just ran off.”

“Ok, Miles can i go see Geoff?”

“Sure. Be careful”

“Thanks” She rushed out the door

She got to Irene’s house. There seemed to be no one home. Until she heard a bang from Geoff’s bedroom.

She didn’t know what to do. Does she just go in? She approached the door, and turned the handle. But it didn’t open. Apparently he’d gotten a lock.

“Go away!” A saddened voice came from the room. She knocked.

“I said go away” he shouted angrily.”

“Geoff, please!” she said sweetly.

The handle turned and Geoff appeared his eyes were red, he’d been crying. He didn’t say anything, he just stared at her, he grabbed her and hugged her closely. She returned the hug. He put his hand on her head and stroked her hair.

“I thought I’d lost you” he said quietly.

“For hours, i thought i was going to loose everything. All i could think about was not seeing you again. Not seeing Dad or anyone.”

“How are you here?”

“We ran. We got of the bus and ran.”

“I’m glad you did.”

“Me too” She smiled. He put his hand on her face. He kissed her. She kissed him back. He brought her into his room and locked the door behind them. “I love you. I don’t want anything to stop us being together anymore. I realised how much i love you and i want to be with you. I had to loose you to figure that out”

“I love you too.” She smiled as he kissed her passionately and lay her down on the bed.


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