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Thurs 10 Sep 09 – Episode # 4939

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” We Thought You’d Kill Each Other “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 10 Sep 09 – Episode # 4939 ]


Geoff approaches Irene. He wonders fi she has seen Aden today – she points out tat Aden’s just entered the diner.

Geoff speaks to Aden bout tee trawler, and how things will go today. Both agree to “play it by ear.”


After Geoff & Aden get aboard tat trawler, they accuse each other of running way form things, i.e. Geoff FOM school and Aden form life without Belle etc. Aden isn’t concentring as he fires up the engine – he over revs it and there’s smoke pouring from tee engine.


Tony tries to talk to Rachel. But she is berry busy with the baby etc. Tony is further annoyed when Rachel seem to drop everything [when Andy phones] to help the single dad she’s been friends with lately.


As Aden works on the engine, Geoff suggests tat eye should read et the manual bout how to fix it – but Aden throws at instructions in the water.


Annie tells Ireme at she is missing Ruby since she moved out. Irene suggests at Annie should talk to etc jai, but Annie says that will encourage him too much.


After Geoff gets tat instructions book out of the water, he realises the pages are too soggy etc for him to really rad them. He & Aden verbally clash once more bout what’s going b on.


Liam pulls up his mid 60s Mustang in car park close to the beach. He wonder to the blonde teen male who got a ride with him what the male [named Romeo] is doing on the bay. Romeo say at he is her to look for his brother.

After Romeo gets out often car, he heads for the water. He seem t0o be liking this new to9wn tat he is in.


Rach entry with Sophia [andy daughter] in tow. She apols to Tony for miming lunch with him, and whilst Rach gets something else done, it’s left to Tony to entertain Sophia for a bit.


Romeo approaches marsha but gets nowhere when he tries to “pick her up”.

He then sees annie walking at et water’s edge. A wave that hits her feet makes annie almost fall.

Romeo tells Marsha bout his brother being in the bay – and Romeo is keen to buy a surfboard too.


Martha shows Romeo a poster of someone selling a board. Despite the knock back we got form Martha on the beach, Romeo tries again on Martha, but gets nobler. When Romeo Is gone, Alf comets to Martha bout how fwd Romeo is.


Geoff & Aden continue to clash – incl Geoff telling Aden at he knows bout how Aden sleeps ion belle’s bead at night. This lead to the two psychically coming to blows AND to Aden being electrocuted... He is thrown into the water by the shock.

Geoff fishes Aden out of et water – sand is able to revive him after some very tense moments.


Tony orders some wine for a special diner at he has pollened for tonight, Marsha offers top baby-sit Harry, but all goes south when Rachel rings. She’s going to be at Andy’s for a while tonight.


Geoff & Aden talk bout what happened – incl how Aden was dead for a bit there. They agree to give this new working poaretnhertsheop is rall go from now on.


After romeo orders a coffee form Leah, annie enters. She almost trips again - Romeo commits at she must be that wt [tripping] because she is in his prescnce. Annie is kinda embarrassed, and she can’t believe that Romeo is his actual name.

Romeo asks for directions to the VPH. He then bails.


Rachel arrives [carting Harry]. She sees that Tony had something special planed tonight [romantically set table etc].


Although Annie doesn’t go into details, she tells Irene she just had a weird walk.

Aden & Geoff arrives and Irene is a bit surprise that they seem tartly like mates. Indeed, Irene or Annie commits that they thought Aden & Geoff would kill each other!!! on the boat. Irene or Geoff suggest at Aden should have diner with them – and stay the night. Aden say tat he will, but just this one more night.


Romeo arrives - and tells Miles he is looking for his brother. Miles is surprised tat Romeo say he is talking bout Jai



Miles comments at Jai & Romeo must be brothers, because they are both idiots

Looks like things are getting worse tween Rachel & Tony

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: grey coat/red low cut v neck top/dark long pants


Miles: dark [hot pink “(something) eat brains”] /dark long pants


Irene: violet v neck top/white long pants


Aden: grey [dark stripes on sleeves] jacket/dark [white crest] t/dark long pants

Alf: blue & yellow check button up shirt/

Annie: white thin strap knee length dress

Colleen: white [zebra stripes] blouse/plum top

Geoff: white t/lime green [grey horiz stripes] jacket/dark long pants

Leah: dark [sparkly trim] wide strap knee length dress

Liam: white [red & blue cheek] button up shirt

Marsha: red knee length dress /off white & black halter bikini top

Romeo: dark sleeveless jacket/dark [white unknown motif] t/white [blue waves] shorts

Sophia: apple green long sleeve top/dark long pants

Tony: blue t/denim jeans

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