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Wed 9 Sep 09 – Episode # 4938

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

” The Most UBER UBER UBER Evil Person To EVER Set Foot In Summer Bay “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 9 Sep 09 – Episode # 4938 ]


Morag speaks to Ruby =- both are them hasn’t seen Charlie recently. Ruby tells Morag at she feels [given tee way she was conceived ]tat she is a mistake – but Morag insist at ruby should NEVR think that way.

Ruby’s phone rings – its Xavier. He tells Ruby at he saw Charlie ion tee Bay just minutes ago.


Ruby enters as Angelo & another5 officer are about to check reports of vandalism at tee wharfs. We see one of them open drawer with the stun gun/taser was in – but it’s [obviously] not thar5e – not tat the other officer notices that etc. Ruby tells Angelo tat Xavier saw Charlie and grant in a car together recently. Angelo saw hi8ee will check it out soon.


Grant wakes, but his vision is very hazy – he is tied to a chair tea he is sitting on. Charlie approaches = she “suggests” he should admit [as she presses record on a tape player] what he did to her 16 years ago.


Morag talk to Alf & Geoff bout the very stages of grief, incl depressions tat Aden is on now. She tells Geoff she suggests to Irene maybe work would take Aden’s mind way of this.


Geoff enter amend speaks to Aden bout rte trawler. Aden thinks it’s a TERRBIEL idea. Geoff bails.


Charlie throes water in grant’s face. She then tells him she wills ley him go – when she gets what she wants.


As Ruby talks to Geoff bout Charlie, he comets bout old movie clichés - woman taking a man to a cabin etc and then turning into a vampire etc and killing him. Ruby bails – leaving Geoff perplexed as to what he aid to make her bail so quickly.


Ruby enters – she is looking for Angelo, but one of the other officers tells her Angelo isn’t here. When she is asked, ruby says at it’s not a police mater. Ruby bails,


As Charlie tries to “break” Grant get him top confess], she pushes him over - and is about to do more of the same when Ruby arrives. She “suggest” Charlie should stop – grant is pleased whilst Charlie seem annoyed at ruby is there.


Geoff tells Annie bout his encounter with Aden. Geoff also tells Anne he's not going to try to get Aden out on the trawler with him afghan – as Aden clearly isn't interested.


Grant seems VERY sure of himself when charley tells him she hasn’t been able to get a signed statemate etc form Brooke. Ruby can see teat things are about to boil over, so she insists she need to spec to Charlie ALONE. When they leave the room, grant tries to loosen ropes that bound his hands.


After Alf suggest t6o Aden he should go home, Annie enet6r. She has a go at Aden for way he is behaving, i.e. “do you think belle would what you to be this way?’ Annie bails.


Outside the shed, ruby tries to get Charlie to sees she's gone too far, but charley tells ruby because she cried during/after Grant raped her, he said it wasn’t the 1st time tat he'd made a girl cry LIKE A SOOKY LITTLE KID.

Charlie charges inside – and sage its ken to hit etc grant, but ruby suggest she should calm things – at least til morning. Charlie comets that maybe the truth will see the light pf day morrow.


Geoff exits the bathroom, and thinks he hard something. He then looks in belle’s room, and finds Aden sleeping n her bed. When Geoff talk to Irene bout thins, ahs says Aden’s been doing it [sneaking in, sleeping here, and sneaking out in morn] for a while. Irene sees it as part of Aden’s grieving process.


When Charlie goes to wash her face, ruby tries to unti8e grant, but Charlie see them and waaaaay “suggest” ruby shouldn’t be helping him. Indeed, Charlie gets quite emotional – and starts crying. Grant comments bout how she is cry LIKE A SOOKY LITTLE KID. The look of shock, and realisation, on ruby’s face is PRICELESS. Grant tells Charlie tat if she uses this against him, he’ll have her thrown out of the police force [for being psyche unstable]. Charlie realises its true – but Ruby is now as mad a hell, and WAYS slaps grant across the face. Charlie “suggest” grant should go - and as he does, he says “dolt do anything I wouldn’t do”. Ruby tells Charlie she doesn’t want to believe she is the result of a rape, but ruby is there too hugs Charlie and she slumps to the ground, TOTALLY in tears!!!!!


Ruby has packed her bags – and charley pleased Ruby will be [at leat for a bit] living at Leah's. When ruby insets at pal should know whet grant did, Charlie tells her no one can know - as Charlie will loose her job etc. Charlie is however pleased tat ruby has now seen what a MONSTER her bio dad is.

Charlie makes ruby promise tat this will sty twen them – and although ruby says it will, her response isn’t said with mush conviction. They exit via the back door.



When Romeo, the new boy in town, tells Annie his name, she says “that can’t seriously be your name”

Geoff & Aden clash on trawler – and it looks like Aden gets electrocuted

Tony comes hoe VBERY late – to find that Rachel had arranged etc a candlelit diner!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: violet [embossed flower on bust] knee length dress/brown belt


Charlie: dark jacket/grey singlet top/dark long pants


Irene: blue dressing gown/baby pink l/s PJ top


Aden: grey [dark stripes on sleeves] jacket/dark [white crest] t

Aden: grey singlet

Alf: bone Noah’s button up shirt/dark long pants

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Annie: dark blue [green vert stripes &* white flowers] top/shirts

Geoff: light blue t

Grant: dark brown l/s shirt

Marine Officer: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Morag: mottled grey top/dark long pants

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