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Tues 8 Sep 09 – Episode # 4937

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

” Just Add Cariba, Eka And Craig And We’d Have The Whole Set “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 8 Sep 09 – Episode # 4937 ]

Nic enter toe VPH and Alf comments on how happy she seems, for a change. Nic says she had has a good day.

Hugo talks to Marsha. He is worried ghat the council will delay the vote on his idea to after toe electrons which will tackle place soon. Making things worse is the Trey’s dad will be running for council.

Xavier & Brendan enter – but Brendan cleverly doesn’t like to make hies sandwishiches with multigrain bred – he slaps toe loaf of multi bread of toe counter.

Charlie is in the city. She is siting in a shopping mall not unlike toe one at yabby creek. 2 women, Bonnie & Brooke approaches – and ask to see Charlie’s ID. After she shows them, she wonders bout toe payouts they both rec'd from a company where they AND Grant worked. Bonnie doesn’t want to have to deal with this – so she bails, but Brooke agrees to talk further bout it to Charlie.

Note – Bonnie is played by Amy Beckwith, who played Loren in Blue water High series 3. indeed, now 5 of the 8 main cast members of BWH3 have been or are currently in H&A, playing Ruby, Pat [Ruby’s ex], Brendan, Joey [Charlie’s gal pal] and, now, Bonnie. The actors I refer to in the ep title are Cariba Heine, Eka Darville and Craig Horner.

Ruby enter Rachel’s’ old house. She shows Hugo & co ten newspaper =- with its “toxic wreck” headline. Marsha suggest at Hugo should talk to trey’s dad in language he understands – money. Ruby’s answer her phone when it ring. She tells Xavier [when off phone] she apologise of hot talking top him more lately. Ruby then bails.

Charlie tell broke at she is worried Grant will “get his claw” into ruby. Brooke tells charley tat she must not let him do that – as broke knows at he is a charmer. Indeed, she didn’t kwon tat he has a wife when they were going out. Brooke also tells charley has after a no expense spared diner, Grant raped her!!!!

Nic [on Te phone] books a romantic w/e away fop two. She then makes another call – sand asks [one of toe pal at te hospital] when Sid is having lunch today. Nic looks VERY pulsated with life.

Whilst Charlie talk top Brooke, Tracy [grant wife[ talks top Ruby at toe diner. Tracy is sooooooo on Grants side -= and reminds ruby at there is always 3 side to every story – yours, their and toe truth/. Whilst that’s happening, Charlie is trying to convince broke to come fed – and stop grant from hurting other women, brook tell charley tat although she now finds it hard to trust ANYIONE, she signed a confidentially agreement – and theta she’s already said to mush to Charlie. Brooke bails.

Back in toe bay, ruby enters the beach house. She tells Irene that she's so confused bout everything. Grant arrives and insists to ruby tat Tracy coming here wasn’t his idea. He hops that she calk – but Irene is watching him like a hawker. she also seizes on ruby saying she hasn’t spoke to Charlie yet as a way to get grant to bail, i.e. Irene says that he can talk top ruby again after she’d talked to Charlie.

Hugo speaks to Trey’s dad bout how good Hugo’s new idea will be for everyone – inch trail’s dad bus business. Alf agree with Hugo – but Trey’s dad laughs off their suggestions.

Nearby, Nic approaches Sid. She insist ata she tat KNOWS tat he likes her. Sid says at he’s not interested in her – but shell’s not buying it. Sid suggest they shouldn’t be talking bout this here, and suggest to speck to her later. Btw, the nearby anni see them, talking.

Hugo & Marsha are talking bout how Trey;s dad gets under Hugo’s skin. It doesn’t help when trey’s dad enter Noah’s to talk to the ppl there so they will vote of him at the upcoming council election. Theis seems to rile Marsha & Hugo further.

When they are back at home, Hugo tell the likes of Martha that he is annoyed at the council has decide to delay the decision on his dive idea til; after the election. Hugo, Brendan & xaver bail – top go for a walk.

Sid arrives at VPH and Nic tells him of her palms for them to go way together When he says at he wil tell miles what she; s been up to. She counters by say that she will tell him bout their kiss. Te annoyed Sid bails.

Charley is siting on the beach, kinda inn tears., she then gets a determined look on her face – and starts quickly walking.

Charlie talks to grant at Noah’s. She agrees tat they should do what’s best for Ruby. They then bail.

Soon after, we se them both in car driving along. Charlie then uses a stun gun or taser on Grant !!!!!!!!!!!



Charlie has Grant confined in a darkly lit room !!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Marsha: 2 tone blue maxi dress


Bonnie: white blouse/dark knee skirt


Nic: scarlet top/dark short shorts


Alf: light blue [dark check] shirt/bine long pants

Alf: maroon & white check button up shirt/

Annie: SBH uniform

Brendan: green [yellow “juice” t/dark shorts

Brendan: red t/denim jeans

Brooke: grey cardie/dark top/dark grey knee skirt

Charlie: dark jacket/grey singlet top/dark long opiates

Grant: dark brown l/s shirt

Hugo: black [red bird] t/denim jeans

Hugo: white [black eagle motif] t/dark long pants

Irene: sky blue blouse/dark long pants

Marsha: dark thin strap full length dress

Nic: silver thin strap top/dark long pants

Nicole: SBH uniform

Ruby: SBH uniform

Sid: blue [dark vert stripes] shirt/dark t/dark long pants

Tracy [grant wife]: white wide strap top

Trey’s dad: dark jacket/brown [white check] shirt/dark long opiates

Xavier: blue [light blue surfy motifs] t/white [dark swirl?] shorts

Xavier: dark [yellow "strath Roy blade”} t/bon long pants

Xavier: SBH uniform

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