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Fri 4 Sep 09 – Episode # 4935

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Geoff And Gypsy “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 4 Sep 09 – Episode # 4935 ]


Brendan and Xavier enter and see ruby. Ruby is kinda surprised tat Xavier thinks that had broken up just because she hasn’t called him in last few days. She also suggest tat he could have called her. Ruby then nails.


Colleen I talking to Morag bout how ungrateful Aden has been to Morag. Aden enters, and suggests to Morag that he will make her diner to9night. She likes that idea – but both insist to colleen tat she can’t come.


Ruby comments on how Geoff is still working on an assignment that; to be handed in morrow. She then talks to him about her ‘ship with Xavier. Whilst she is hoping her can help her sort out her felling, Geoff incites that only ruby can truly know where her heart lies.

Geoff that tells ruby tat Charlie phoned and wants ruby to call her, Ruby tells geof tat she so mixed up bout this situation with her dad. She does however KLNOW tat through all of this, Geoff‘s been a REALLY good friend.


Whilst Angelo tries to talk to charley bout his state equerries to do with the abalone etc case, he realises at she’s not listening to him. Charley tells Angelo that grant’s return has stirred up felling. She remembers EVERYTIG bout that day he raped her. Charlie is annoyed that Grant seems to be controlling life AGIN – and insist tat she NERVER wants to see him again.


Next day, Geoff is siting at tee table, with tee laptop in font of him when Ruby thank him of their talk lat night. Irene & Ruby are about to bail – bout goof says tat he just has to put tee finessing touches on his assignment. When Ruby & Irene have bailed though, Geoff borings his assignment up ion tee screen - It doesn’t look like he’s even started it.


Brendan is constantly yelling out ruby is pretty, which isn’t helping Xavier’s mood at all – as it sound like Brendan’s got a crush on Xavier’s g/f.


Geoff sits and removes and throws away tee school tie tat he was weaing.

Note – I'm glad they didn’t replicate Gypsy’s “I’m giving up school” moment, i.e. the AWEOME momnet when she deliberately let the wind blow the countless pages of the [her words] rubbish assignment out of her hands.


Marty8in enter and comments to Irene tat he hopes Geoff isn’t too unwell. Irene tell him tat Geoff was totally well when she sawn him this morn.


Irene enters and wonders what’s happing with Geoff. He tell her that he’s giving up school – as evreryting going on right now is just too mush of him.


Xavier tells Ruby bout how Brendan seems to be obsessed by Ruby at tee moment. Xavier also tell her that he is hurt that she feels that she can talk to goof [bout her issues] rather than her b/f.

Xavier mood isn’t helped when ruby’s phone rings, i.e. ruby bails quickly from tee diner when Irene tells her what Geoff has done.


Ruby talk to goof – who tells her that everything in his life is a mess right now. Ruby wonders what Geoff didn’t metion any of this earlier, esp. In light of how good a friend he's been with her. Goof tells ruby she seem to have too mush on her plate, but she insist at she would have made time for him. Indeed, as they hold each other hand, ruby tells Geoff that he's an amazing guy. It then looks as though one of both are thinking bout kissing the other, but ruby [beau of that] bails.


Martin & Irene are worried when Geoff says he doesn’t have any set plans now tat he has quit school.

Geoff then overhears Irene talk to Aden. She says she is keen to get the trawler business going agion, with Aden as skipper. He tells her tat now rally isn’t the right time from that [as far as Aden is concerned].


Angelo tell Charlie that he’s made a big breakthrough in tee case he is working on, but their char is cut short when ruby arrives.

After Angelo bails, Ruby tell charley bout how confuse she is bout what’s happened. Cartel insist there’s noting to be confused about – grant VIOLENTLY forced himself on charley 16 yrs ago, but ruby responds by telling Charlie she wants to talk bout what’s happening tween ruby & Geoff,. When Charley keep on tying to make ruby see her side orf things about grant, ruby bails – because charley isn’t listening to her.


Geoff suggests to Irene tat he can skipper the trawler for her. – insisting tat Aden had no knowledge of tee business previously but he picked it up quickly. Geoff also reminds Irene that he’s not afraid of hard work [given what his grand dad has Geoff & Annie doing when they war ion the fram]. Irene however disagrees with all of that 0- and won’t let Geoff do the trawler thing.


Ruby & Xavier enetr and Brendan hugs ruby. The likes of Xavier * Marsha comet bout how Brendan seem to be obsessed by Ruby.


Geoff is surprise when item tell him tat ruby is having dinner elsewhere tonight - as ruby didn’t tell Geoff this sdepeite their closeness.

Goff is hover please when Irene tells him tat he can work on the twirler – IF he convinces Aden to be it’s skippier.

Later the night, Aden enters via belle’s old bedroom window, he sits ion the bed – looking at a photo of Adelle near him.


Xavier seem to9 be getting a lintel annoyed with Brendan saying ruby is his [brendan’s]\ g/f – but thing are helped when Brendan encourages xavier to kiss ruby. Brendan seems very pleased when they do.

The phone rings – Hugo answers, and can’t believe it that there’s a girl named ruby on phone wanting to talk Brendan. As Brendan taken the phone with him out of the main room, the like of our Ruby, Xavier etc laugh bout the situation.


Angelo talks to Charlie – wondering bout various enquiries she’s made into unsolved attacks on women near where Grant lives. He tells her she can’t use police resources that way – but Charlie vehemently insists tat she will do WAHTVER it takes to bring Grant to justice!!!



Charlie tasers Grant – and tells him she wants him to feel that way that she felt all those years ago

Geoff & Aden clash on the trawler

Liam is back in town – with an old [male] friend of Jai’s

Kirsty kinda angrily tell Miles at she IS going to have the baby

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Charlie: white [dark horiz stripes] one shoulder top – with dark thin strap top beneath/dark long pants


Ruby: SBH uniform


Brendan: green [pink “fresh juice” t/red cap


Aden: grey [black scouts like crest] t

Aden: grey singlet/denim jeans

Angelo: blue [dark blue trim] t

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Brendan: orange & white horiz striped t/denim shorts

Charlie: dark green top

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

Colleen: dark [various colour floral motifs] top

Geoff [white [[unknown dark writing] t

Geoff: SBH uniform

Geoff: white [dark trim] singlet

Hugo: grey [dark horix stripes] t/olive green long pants

Irene: red elbow length sleeves blouse/dark long pants

Marsha: dark thin strap knee dress

Martin: black suit/light blue button up shirt/maroon [black & white “tears”] tie

Morag: brown cardie/off white top/dark long pants

Ruby: red [rows of little white ppl] singlet top/dark ¾ pants

Ruby: white [dark circle & trim] singlet top

Xavier: light blue [dark crest] t

Xavier: SBH uniform

Xavier: white [various color diag stripes] t/dark shorts

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