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Wed 2 Sep 09 – Episode # 4933

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Oh My God! What Did He Say To You? “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 2 Sep 09 – Episode # 4933 ]


Grant tries to force his way in, but Charlie kick his shin and she is able to shut the door. Ruby hears him call out at she hasn’t heard his side of tee story,. Grant bails – whilst Charlie looks petrified.


Whilst Jody has a go at Sid for not keeping an eye on Indi, Nic tells Indi that she chase after Sid. Indi doesn’t believe her.


Grant enters and ask Leah of a phone number. Whilst she thick he is being a bit forewords, she ends up giving him her phone number – as Grant say he is an old work colleague of Charlie’s. btw, grant, like Ruby when she was at his house, doesn’t tell Leah his rall name.


Charlie teaks to Angelo – committing on how plans to get revenge often backfire [like ruby/s did today]. Angelo hugs Charlie.


Ruby answers the phone – its grant. He wants that to meet – so she can hear his side of the story,. Ruby agrees.


A plastic surgeon tell Indi at that should have no troubles getting her face looking like it did before the table incident. When he suggest at she scan ask Sid any further queries she has, Indi insist she just want to talk to her mum.

Sid enters the room, moments after Jody qucikly exits it. Indi tell him that she didn’t tell Jody bout Sid/Nic – as it would hurt her too much to know he's now chasing after teens.


Grant tells Ruby that when he & Charlie met, he was keen to sleep with her – as all his friends had slept with girls etc. He insist whilst he verbally pressured Charlie, he never physically forced himself on her/ grant also gets ruby thiking when he asks her why did it take so long of charlie too go to the police with rape allegations. Ruby, who grant was calling Lucy throughout this scene, Tells Grant her real name.


Leah arrive home – and when Charlie womanisers where Ruby is, Leah mentions the cop friend of hers Leah met today. Charlie is VERY worried/


Angelo & Charlie are in a police car when they see Ruby & grant. Charlie quickly exists the car and gets in tween ruby & grant. Whilst Charlie takes ruby to the car, Angelo “suggest” that grant should leave and not come back - esp.sinc he impersonated a police officer.


Annie, Dex * jody are by Indi’s bedside. Indi is way blaming Sid for all of this, so Jody says she is taking Indi & Dex back with her to the city. Dex doesn’t like the idea – so Indi “suggest” the she want to speak to Dex alone.


After Charlie, ruby & Angelo enter. Ruby says she is going to keep staying here of the time being. Charlie is surprised when ruby says she is not afraid of grant – after hearing his side of the story. Charlie is in total shock – and sullenly says the line that is my title for this ep.


Indi scan at she didn't want to tell Dex that Sid got together with Nic, but she needs to do it to convince him to go with their mum.

In the corridor, Jody has a go at Sid, wondering if he’ll ever “grow up”, whilst nearby, Dex tell Annie he has to go back to the city – for reason he can’t tell her.

As the ambulance offers wheel Indi out of the hospital, Nic try to talk to her, but Indi refuse to talk to her so called friend.


Angelo comforts Charlie – who is in shock bout who Ruby believes.


Ruby sits with the tearful Annie – who tell her that Dex has left the bay. Ruby hugs her.


Sid talks to a nurse bout a patent – but his mind is clearly on what happened,


Nic is sitting on the stairs. Miles see her, but decides to leave her alone/



Rachel & Andy chat

Marsha tells Aden “its Belle that died [not you]”

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: white [red floral] halter top/dark long pants


Nic: pink [purple floral]low cut halter neck dress


Ruby: blue [white mosaic] maxi dress/brown belt/white lacy crop top


Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Angelo: dark t

Annie: apple green thin strap top/denim knee length skirt

Charlie: blue wide collar top/dark bra/dark long pants

Dex: dark shirt/White [dark “Henley’s"] t/dark long pants

Grant: grey jacket/dark shirt/dark long pants

Jody: Dark blouse/dark long pants

Miles: olive green button up shirt/b+w photo t/denim jeans

Nurse Sue: mauve blouse

Plastic Surgeon: dark jacket/white button up shirt/dark tie

Ruby: grey mid thigh length dress

Sid: blue [dark check] button up shirt/dark long pants

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