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Tues 1 Sept 09 – Episode # 4932

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Lucy Marsden "

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 1 Sept 09 – Episode # 4932 ]


Sid is quite worried bout what's happened, and although Nic keeps on saying at she loves him, etc, he insists that there's an appropraire time & place for everything [and Nic being after Sid right now is wrong]. Sid "suggest" tat Nic should go home – so she bails.


The in tears Indi tries to get Alf to serve her alcohol, but he doesn't. When he suggest she should go home of talk to Nic, she tells him at those are the lat 2 palaces in the 2orld at she would want to be right now. Indi bails.


Geoff is trying to study but is getting nowbere so he decides yo head for bed. Before he doe so, he wonder to Ruby [who is working on the computer] if she is ken to go to the beach worth him morrow. She say at she's going to visit her grand dad morrow [she initially said her dad, but that corrected herself]. When Geoff is out of room, ruby looks at the documents she'd printed – looks like faked references, for a Lucy Marsden, of some kind.


Charlie tells Leah tat she hoping to invite ruby over for lunch tomorrow. Charlie hopes tat ruby really lets Charlie be ruby's mum one day – as charley has mostly always felt maternal towards ruby.


Sid goes off at Dex when he get home an hour late, Dex tells him at Indi was supposed to pass on from Dex bout whare he'd be tonight – but Sid tell him that Indi is not home yet. Sid asks Dex where he thinks Indi might have gone.


Indi enters room that he several teenaged etc boys in it. She is intro'd to the group and then tells them that but what she's seen [sid & Nic]. One of the boys, who have dreadlocks, offers her a joint - she doesn't knock it back.


Nic enters. Alf is still awake – and he tells her from the way Indi was talking earlier, he thinks that Indi & Nic had a fight. After Alf go to bed, Nic rings Sid – there's no word on Indi's whereabouts as yet.


Indi is sleeping on a couch when the boy who nitro's her to the other suggest she shouldn't be sleeping on the couch. After she stands up and start to walk, she loosed balance =- and smashes through a glass table as she falls.

Indi's face has lots of bust on it and the boy is able to wake her. When he say he is taking her to hospital, she says she don't want to go there.


NEXT DAY, Sid makes several; calls – there's no sign of Indi at any of her friends house. Nurse Julie approaches =- reminding Sid there are several patient who need to be discharged. He is a little abrupt with her – but insists he will get to it shortly.

Nearby, 2 boys dump Indi in one of the corridor and Run. Nurse Julie tries to stop them, but they bail too quickly. Julie calls out t6op Sid for help. They take Indi to a treatment room.


Charlie enters and spokes to Geoff. She seems surprised Ruby head to the city to see Ross today.


A wide eyed but determined Ruby arrives at the door and is greeted by grant's wife. Ruby tells the women tat her name is Lucy are tat she is looking of babysitting work – as Lucy [ruby] is new to the are]. Grant's wife tells "Lucy" tat her timing is prefect – as there regular babysitter just started her HSC.


Charlie is concerted tat ruby didn't want Geoff going with her. She searches through the rubbish bin - finds ruby's fake reference discards AND Grant;s street address. Charlie is REALLY worried bout Ruby.


Dex talks to Nic – herl's still no sign of Indi. Dex's hone rings – Its Sid, telling him bout Indi being in hospital. Nic isn't ken on going to the hospital – but Dex insists she does, they bail.


"Lucy" notes that Grant's wife seems to be a little time poor, so when Grant's wife says she needs to have a shower [before a BBQ at t6e in laws today], the wife says that the tome she is in shower can be a trial period for "Lucy'. We see Grant's 2 [pre 10 yo] kids running bout the place a few times btw. Not long after his wife goes to have that however, Grant arrives home. Ruby looks stunned as she sees her bio dad for the 1st time in person.


Indi wakes and when Nurse Julie says she will get Sid to come a look at Indi, Indi is adamant she doesn't want to see him. Indeed, Indi tell Julie tat she KNOWS that she can refuse his attempts to see her. Indi also insist she wants her mum.


Ruby & grant are talking when his wife comes back into the room. Ruby the lauuches into a verbal attack – bout how Ruby is the result of Grant raping Charlie. Grant's wife is lived at Ruby = and throws her out of the house.

As Ruby walks away in tears, Charlie [in her car] sees her. Ruby, as she gets in the car, tells charley tat shells done a silly thing. All the while, Grant is watching them from behind a tree.


Sid wants to see Indi, but Nurse Julie insist tat he can't because of Indi's wishes. Dex & Nic arrives, and Dex goes in to se Indi. He wants Nic is there too – but Julie insists its one at a time.

As Dex is by Ind's bedside, Nic tells Sid that she is keen to tell Indi at this is ALL Nick's fault. However, she always used their chart to try to get close to Sid – but her rebuffs her.

Jody, Indi's mum, arrives. She is keen to see Indi, but is told that Indi can only have 1 visitor art a time and that Dex is in ter already.


After they enter, Ruby promises Charlie tat she won't do something like that [try to see Grant] again. They hug – and ruby thinks charley for rescuing her like she did.

There's a knock at door. Charley tell ruby its bound to be Angelo – but whet she opens the back door, its GRANT !!!!!



Charlie & Ruby are only JUST able to stop Grant form entering Leah;s house

Indi MUCHLY hates Nic

Looks like Charlie is appalled that Ruby seems to believe Grant over her

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nic: pink [purple floral]low cut halter neck dress


Ruby: blue [white mosaic] maxi dress/brown belt/white lacy crop top


Charlie: ivory l/s night shirt - with white thin strap top neath/white shorts


Alf: bone Noah's button up shirt/dark long pants

Charlie: blue wide collar top/dark bra/dark long pants

Charlie: yellow singlet top/dark shorts

Dex: dark grey jacket/dark shirt/dark long pants

Dex: dark shirt/White [dark "henley's"] t/dark long pants

Geoff: denim jeans

Geoff: white singlet/denim jeans

Grant: grey jacket/dark shirt/dark long pants

Grant's daughter: pink top/brown long pants

Grant's son: grey [dark stripes * white crest] t/dark [blue squares etc] shorts

Grant's wife: blue thin strap knee dress

Grant's wife: yellow top/denim jeans

Indi: grey l/s top [with white floral trim at bottom]/dark long pants

Indi's friend: violet l/s top/denim jeans/grey cap

Jody Walker: dark blouse

Leah: white [blue floral] nightgown/blue top

Nice: dark halter neck mid thigh dress/off white coat

Nurse Julie: mauve [work] blouse

Ruby: dark [red floral] blouse

Sid: dark [dark Nike logo on green background] t/dark shorts

Sid: dark l/s shirt/dark long pants

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