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Fri 28 Aug 09 – Episode # 4930

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Kindred Spirits “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 28 Aug 09 – Episode # 4930 ]


Leah approaches Miles who tells her that he; clashed with Kirsty bout what Leah saw. Miles saucy at he has no idea what to do next, and Leah doesn’t have any idea wither. She bails.


Annie & Dex kiss – but she quickly back away. She tells Dex tat she doesn’t want to hurt Jia like that [having him find out tat she is with someone else]. Dex comment on how it’s funny that he doe have a g/f, but it’s a situation with a catch.


Jai tells Xavier bout a coooool website that he is creating to show Annie what she mean to him [after Dex did that whole photo album ting]. Jai adds tat he has arranged for a keying to be engraved with tee name of the website.

Kirsty enters tee room, as she comments that she heard voices. When she bails, Jai comment to Xavier that he is worried bout Kirsty/Miles.


Rachel is on edge – warmongering if Tony has checked if all tee windows etc are locked [given what's happened]. Tony is keen for the 2of them to REALLTY time to9gther, but Rachel insist taht she isn’t feeling sexy and doesn’t have toy time “mess about” whilst Harry is sleeping -as there so munch to do [she is folding the washing etc].


NEXT DAY, Leah is in tee kitchen when Kirsty enters. They clash BIG time over Leah going straight to Niles [rather that talking to Kirsty 1st] bout what Leah saw. Kirsty then storms off.


Jai talk to alf bout his concerns but Alf assures jai that Miles & Kirsty will sort thing out. When Alf is gone, Jai go to put sonneting in tee bin – and finds a the packaging of a pregnancy test.


Leah talks to Rach [who has Harry in her arms]. Leah tells Rach bout her clash with Kirsty, ebriose talk turns to tee mother’s group that Rach is going to today. Rach is worried, but Leah insist at Rach is a good mum.


Jai arrive and talk to Annie bout finding the preg test. He says that it’s definitely Kristy’s [and n t Nic’s] as it was bought at the uni. Annie suggests tat jai should talk to Kirsty bout this.

When jai is keen, Dex comes out of hiding – and hugs Annie.


There’s a bunch of mothers [and their bubs] there already when Rach enters. Laura [who appears to be the leader of the groups] intro's herself to Rachel – but Laura violent seem that keen when Rachel; insists that Andy [who has a baby and a 5-ish yo called Sophie with him] should be allowed to be the mother’s group too.


Tony talks to Alf bout how he and Rach aren’t really close right now. All the same, Alf wonders if Tony can help with training the rugby team. Tony tentatively agrees.


Rach & Laura clash bout a certain point on how you should raise your child, worthy Rach [being the Dr that she is] taking a pro med stance versus a more holistic approach that Laura suggest.

Andy realise tat Sophia has wandered off out of the room. He bails to find her [and initially forgetting to take the pram containing his other child[ with him.


Jia is keen to talk to Kirsty bout what’s going on – and as they do, miles arrive. He is shocked when he hears them talk bout a pregnancy test.

Whilst Jai is VERY pleased with the news, things aren't so good tween miles & Kirsty. When jai has bails, Kirsty tells mile stat she found out yesterday and was really shocked, which is why she was talking to her uni friend when Leah saw them. Kirsty tells miles tat this has come at the wrong time. She thought tat it washpool be good to have another child in a few years time – but not now when she seem to have sorted her life out. Kirsty bails – to go pick up Oly.


As the mother’s group bail, Laura tell them all the next group is at her place net week. When everyone else is gone, Andy & Rachel comment on how they both fel like they are in the same boat, i.e. they feel like they are the worst parents in the world.


Jai tells Xavier at he is about to go pick up that engar5ved keying – which is esp., good as Annie is the ionly thing good is his life rigjht now.

Nearby, Andy & Rachel; are talking. Andy is worried that Sophie has wondered off once more, but Leah moments later brings Sophist out of the kitchen are with her. Rachel’s phone rings =- she tell stony the mother’s group is finished for the day.


Kirsty tell Miles that this [regency] is freaking her out. She wonders if Kirsty/Miles will last – esp. when miles jumped to conclusions that she was cheating on him with Justin. Kirsty also tells Mils tat she’s not sure if she wants this baby.


Rach & Andy are chatting when Tony enter. After Andy and his kids bail, Tony tells Rach bout the rugby thing. She nsooooooo isn’t keen on that – as it will mean he’s away from home more. Tony esp. feels flustered that nothing he seems to be doing is fight.


Jai approach the back patio with THAT engraved keying in hand. He is VERY shocked when he sees Annie & Dex kissing. Annie sees Jai – and looks kinda ashamed!!



Grant [Ruby’s bio father] is in the Bay – Charlie is SOOOOOOO not happy

Indi sees Nic & Sid kissing

looks like a drunk or drugged Indi collapses

Miles tells Kristy “it’s my babe too”

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Sophie: baby pink [various colour butterflies] t/dark shorts


Rachel: violet wide strap maxi dress


Annie: orange knee dress


Alf: maroon & white shirt/wide brim hat/bine long pants

Andy: grey long sleeves [yellow bird on tee back] top

Annie: dark [orange & blue floral] wide strap top

Dex: white button up shirt/dark [dark symbols] t/

Harry: white jump suit/white “I am teddy, good little friends” beanie

Jai: white [grey horiz stripes] hoddie/denim jeans

Jai: white [various closured rays coming out of several suns] t/grey hoddie

Kirsty: dark [white lace trim] v neck knee dress

Kirsty: yellow & orange etc [very hippie like] low cut v neck knee length dress -with dark top & dark long pants beneath

Laura: red v neck long sleeve top/dark [blue floral?] full length skirt

Leah: dark [white trim & crest] v neck top/dark long pants

Leah: multi colour [pink, blue, white & black] singlet top/denim jeans

Miles: dark but9on up shirt//black [uSA landmarks] t/dark long pants

Miles: apple green button up shirt/white [dark unknown motif] t/dark shorts

Rachel: white * black horiz stripes] simglet top/dark long pants

Tony: green t/denim jeans

Tony: blue t/denim jeans

Xavier: dark blue [light blue “Monaco GP”] t

Xavier: light blue [dark crest] t

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