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Thurs 27 Aug 09 – Episode # 4929

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” I’d Want To Know “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 27 Aug 09 – Episode # 4929 ]


Angelo is talking to Gibsy who has just had a wire put on him. Angelo tells Gibsy to stick to tee script when he talks to Hugo, and he assure Gibsy that the police will be nearby if there’s any trouble.


Xavier tells tee likes of Marsha tat he REALLY doesn’t like that Ruby amend Geoff are so close now. All [incl Gina I think] are surprises when tee new man in Gina's life, Ted, arrives.


Kristy & miles are talking – they comet bout how they are annoyed tat they didn't keno it was Nicks birthday. Leah approaches – and notices tat Kirsty has eaten barely any of her meal. Kirsty sua at she’s not hungry before she bails. Miles comment to Leah tat Kirsty seem to very hot & cold.


When Angelo visits Charlie, she tells him tat she is REALLY glad tat she opened up to him bout things [like Ruby being her daughter]. Angelo then bails to go back to tee case he is working on.


When they ask, Gina tells Marsha and co that she met Ted at the refresher course for teaching that she is doing. Gina doesn’t like it when Ted appears to be putting pressure on her to tell ppl about something that they have planned.

Rachel, Tony & Harry arrive, and Hugo [after getting a txt msg] bails soon after.


Gibsy talk to Hugo [with Angelo &* another officer listening in a van nearby]. Gibsy wonders if Hugo can help him with quick passage to south East Asia. Hugo says that he has no idea what Gibsy in talk bout.

In tee van, Angelo & co are worried tat that cant hear anything , so Angelo exist ten van and sees Hugo’s 4WD driving away.


Angelo comet to his regular police partner tat their bosses won't like what's happened. He instructs tat other officer to keep an eye out for Gibsy & Hugo.


Angelo tells Charlie tat things don’t go so well tis morn [but he doesn’t go into details]. Angelo is suirprised when Hugo enters the kiths [where Angelo & charley are] form being in tee longue room. Hugo has a box of things tea belong to Xavier. Before Hugo bails, he suggests to Angelo tat he should keep an eye on Gibsy - the whole looking g to flee the country ting].


Harry is crying, which Brendan really doesn't like. Rachel head out for a wlk. After she bails, the like of Xavier & Tony are a little surprised when Ted or Gin mentons tat Ted is ken to take Gina way on a holiday for a few weeks.


With Oly nearby, Miles talk to Alf bout Kirsty being up & down lately. Alf suggest tat miles has got to expert it – as Kirsty hasn’t really lived a normal life [being on ter in like she was]. Mile is keen to talk top Kirsty bout all of this.


Hugo enters as the rest of them [Ted, Gina, Brendan] are about to have lunch. Ted raises a toast to family.


Kirsty is in tears as she talks in a car with uni friend Justin. She wonders “how will I tell him?”, and Justin suggest that she should tell Miles before it become to late. Kirsty see miles & Oly in the distance. She ducks down and suggests Justin should drive off. As he does, Leah sees her in the car with Justin.


Leah tell Rachel she saw - and Rachel tells Leah tat she’d want Leah to tell her if Leah saw Tony with a woman [like the kirsty, Justin sitch].

After rach bails, miles enters and wonder if her could do up a hamper for he & Kirsty. Leah says she can't [not enough staff]] but then she rally worries Miles when she is kinda spiking in riddles by Kirsty. He “suggests” that she should tell him what's going on.


Angelo asks Charlie questions bout Hugo being over her earlier, i.e. when/where etc they encounter each other this morn before he came over to collect xaxvuer's tings. Charley tries all of can to de0-stres Angelo – by kissing him several times on the neck etc.


The like of Hugo & Marsha are not taking no for an answer – they’ll look after Brendan whilst Gina has time away [a month] with Ted. Even Brendan is fan of the plan.


Kirsty tell Miles that she has something to tell him. He says that he kwows bout her & Justin – and when she hears tat its was her who dobbed on her, Kirsty insist at her did tat because she want to get back together with miles. Miles & Kirsty have a BIG verbal fight before miles bails. Kirsty is very upset bout what’s happened.


Ted & Gina bails, and when they are gone, Xavier wonders if it was such a god idea after all for her to go. Marsh & Hugo think it is. Marsha wonders where Hugo was earlier – he says that he had business stuff to deal wioth.


Angelo is pleased to see Gibsy in one piece [without any injuries etc] enter the room. Gibsy says that Hugo offers him a lift, and that he didn't know the wire he filed. Angelo is ken for Gibsy to do the wire thing again, but Gibsy insist on getting his lawyer involved before anything further happens.


Kirsty is holding back tears, as she opened her bag. She removes a pregnancy test – and we can se that the home test reveals that she is PREGNANT!!!



Look like things are tense tween Rachel and Tony

Kirsty clashes with Leah

Kirsty tell Miles that she doesn’t know if she wants to have this baby

Annie urges Dex to keep their ‘ship a secret

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Marsha: violet thin strap knee length dress


Rachel: violet wide strap maxi dress


Charlie: dark [white unknown motifs] knee length dress


Alf: brown polo shirt/khaki long pants/cream wide brim hat

Angelo: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants/police cap

Brendan: white [orange & yellow horiz stripes] t/dark shorts

Charlie: red [white lining] sports singlet top/black [2 red vert stripes] track pants

Don Gibson: dark green button up shirt

Gina: dark [violet rectangle collar] top/dark long pants

Harry: light blue beanie

Hugo: maroon [white check] button up shirt/dark t/olive green long pants

Justin [uni]: dark shirt

Kirsty: yellow & orange etc [very hippie like] low cut v neck knee length dress -with dark top & dark long pants beneath

Leah: dark singlet top/dark grey knee length skirt

Marine officer: dark blue police button up shirt & matching long pants

Miles: apple green button up shirt/white [dark unknown motif] t/dark shorts

Oliver: Spiderman like long sleeve top/dark blue hat/white [blue swirls?] shorts

Ted: mustard jacket/blue button up shirt/white t/dark long pants

Tony: blue t/denim jeans

Xavier: light blue [dark crest] t

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