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Tues 25 Aug 09 – Episode # 4927

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ” Identity Theft “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 25 Aug 09 – Episode # 4927 ]


Ruby shows Geoff tat school year book pic of her bio dad Grant Bledcoe. She is keen to locate him – but Geoff urges tat she should speck to Charlie bout this. When Ruby isn’t keen on that idea, Geoff say tart its wroing to go behind Charlie’s back like that, but Ruby suggest tat charley shouldn’t be annoyed at ruby keeping a big secret form her since that’s what charley has don to ruby her whole life.

Irene descends the stairs, and suggests tat they should head off to school. After Irene bails to go to work, Ruby's phone rings – its Xavier – and she ignores it.


Xavier tells jai tat he is annoyed tat Ruby isn’t answering his calls, but he then comments tat jai seem far more interested on thing to do with Annie that he does with Xavier. Indeed, jai tell Xavier tat he has a plan to get back tether with Annie.

After Irene enters, ash spoke to Martin. Who is pleased when he hears tat Geoff was at eat dressed for school when Irene lat saw him.

Irene enters tee kitchen, and colleen wonders if Irene is up to coming to work today. Irene insists that she's fine.


after they spoke breifly bout Ross, Ruby wonders if charley has ever wondered what happened to ruby’s bio dad – charlie says tat she’s tried to shut all her memories of THAT man out of her life.

You can se tat Ruby is really ken to/ talk further bout this, despite Charlie not wanting top, but they are Interrupted when Morag aent5rs, Ruby bails – sating that she better head off to school.


Ruby tells Geoff bout how Morag intercepted her chat with Charlie bout Grant. Nearby, Jai & Cxeviuer see them talking. Naturally, Xavier is concerned, esp., when ruby asked jai for help. She then insist at she will talk to Xavier soon.

Nearby., martin speak to Geoff – and tells him things like tat Geoff’s teachers will help him all they can as Geoff catches up on all tee work he’s missed.


Nic enters, and is VERY worried when she sees drops of blood on the floor – esp. when Aden doesn’t respond to her calling pout to hum.


Morag tells Charlie tat Ross seem to have settled in well to0 full time care, Irts at te soiam palce whenere hels been goiung to0 respite care – so many of te sytaff etc are familioer to him. Morag retells Charlie tat the staff has advised tat until Ross truly settles in, she sdholdnblt not stay with him, so moirahg tekll Cahrelei that she is going to spen d tat newxt few weeks in te Bay.


Nic approaches Sid. She tells him bout how she found Aden’s blood but not Aden. He suggest tat she should call the police. Nic is annoyed tat Sid didn't offer her than proverbial shoulder to cry on.


Nic leaves a msg on aden; s phone – asking him to contact her.

Nearby, Ruby asks Jai helped her set up a fake Face book account – so Ruby can [online] be an old school frined of her bio dad’s. Jai doesn’t like this idea – eps. Since Mathew Lyons lied bout her ID to Ruby when they were emailing each other lat year. Ruby tells jai that that’s where she got the idea from. Rub y tell jai tat she will deny tat he had ANY part in this if ruby is busted.

Xavier approaches Ruby, and tries to talk to her but she tells him tat its like he’s harassing her and that he has NO idea what she going through. Ruby storms off.


Geoff tells Irene tat he has a lot of catching up to do. Irene is pleased that there’s none of that on her 1t day back at work.

When Irene goes to serve a customer, colleen tells Geoff how Irene all but bit the head of some marine officers who came to the diner earlier. Irene overhears that – and has a go at colleen for gossiping like that.


Charlie goes off at Ruby for “borrowing” her yearbook, and makes Ruby promise tat these enquiries bout her bio dad will stop NOW. Ruby says that it will – but there’s not a lot of conviction in her voice.


When Ruby trills Geoff bout her chat with Charlie, she comets at she thinks tat Charlie rally like to bury things, but that’s not ruby's way. Ruby does however tell Geoff the same thing she told charley – tat she won’t proceed with her plans bout her dad.

Geoff bails, and moment later, Xavier enter. He is keen for ruby to talk to him bout everything that’s going on – but she insists that she is keen to just have some fun right now.


Geoff & morag are doing a favour for Irene and when they step aboard her trawler, they find someone sleeping on the deck. Morag is even more surprised tat it’s ADEN!!!


Morag tell Nic tat she’s found Aden. When Morag ask Nic to move intro her dad’s old place, Nic reject the suggestion – insisting tat Aden has knocked her back too many time for her to go there again.


Aden enters, and is surprised tat the place is clean & tidy. Morag suggest tat he should eat some of the salad she's made etc. she aloe tell him she is unmoving into this house. When Aden suggest tat he doesn’t need looking after, Morag insist that she is moving in for her own sake [not to nursemaid etc hum]


Ruby tentatively but anxiously opens a Face book type account under the name of Robert Woods, and talk online with Grant [her bio dad]


Nic enters and tells Sid that she's annoyed tat she found out 2nd hand bout what happened to Aden [the blood etc]. Sid tries to comfort Nic – but when she takes that as a sign tat he REALLY like her, Sis backs away, and tells Nic that its not like that tween them. Nic bails – in tears.



Xavier walk in on Geoff helping Ruby pour herself into a tight fitting dress

Angelo’s superior are putting presure on him to “deliver”

Nicole [in a sexy outfit] tells Sid that she can't stop thinking bout him

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: dark blue [white clouds?] thin strap top/dark long pants


Ruby: SBH uniform


Charlie: grey knee length dress /dark cardie


Aden: dark jacket/dark long pants

Colleen: blue [yellow rectangles etc] blouse/hot pink top

Geoff: SBH uniform

Geoff: white t/denim jeans

Irene: red low cut v neck top/white long pants

Jai: SBH uniform

Martin: dark suit/white button up shirt/2 tone blue diag striped tie

Morag: beige top/dark blouse/denim jeans

Nicole: SBH uniform

Ruby: grey t

Sid: dark button up shirt/white t/dark long pants

Xavier: SBH uniform

Xavier: yellow [black arms & hands] t/white shorts

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